This week in gaming provides a high-level overview of important video game activities that took place this week in history.  This section covers activities such as video game releases, hardware releases, video games in pop culture, founding of development studios, the birth and death of key video game creators and much more.

Events That Took Place On March 26th
26 Years AgoDoomSega Saturn1997
25 Years AgoTekken 3 (Japan)PlayStation1998
25 Years AgoThe House of the Dead (Japan)Sega Saturn1998
19 Years AgoNintendo GameCubeMetal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Europe)GameCube2004
10 Years AgoBioShock InfinitePlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Events That Took Place On March 27th
41 Years AgoPac-Man FeverPeaked at #9
Billboard Hot 100
25 Years AgoDead or AlivePlayStation1998
20 Years AgoSoulCalibur II (Japan)GameCube
PlayStation 2
12 Years AgoNintendo 3DSConsole Launch2011
Events That Took Place On March 28th
27 Years AgoMortal Kombat IISega Saturn1996
21 Years AgoKingdom Hearts (Japan)PlayStation 22002
20 Years AgoGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy Advance (Europe)Console Launch2003
17 Years AgoKingdom Hearts IIPlayStation 22006
Events That Took Place On March 29th
27 Years AgoSnatcher Saturn BoxSnatcher (Japan)Sega Saturn1996
25 Years AgoParasite Eve Japanese BoxParasite Eve (Japan)PlayStation1998
16 Years AgoMetal Slug: AnthologyPlayStation 22007
Events That Took Place On March 30th
33 Years AgoRygar BoxRygar (Europe)Nintendo Entertainment System1990
27 Years AgoResident Evil BoxResident EvilPlayStation1996
23 Years AgoDead or Alive 2 (Japan)PlayStation 22000
19 Years AgoResident Evil Outbreak BoxResident Evil: OutbreakPlayStation 22004
Events That Took Place On March 31st
34 Years AgoOperation Wolf Famicom BoxOperation Wolf (Japan)Famicom1989
26 Years AgoBlast Corps BoxBlast CorpsNintendo 641997
8 Years AgoAxiom Verge PS4 BoxAxiom VergePlayStation 42015
Events That Took Place On April 1st
47 Years AgoTroy BakerBirth of Troy BakerVoice Actor1976
31 Years AgoWondermega (Japan)Console Launch1992
29 Years AgoMonster World IV (Japan)Genesis1994
28 Years AgoDaytona USA (Japan)Saturn1995
25 Years Ago1080° SnowboardingNintendo 641998