This week in gaming provides a high-level overview of important video game activities that took place this week in history.  This section covers activities such as video game releases, hardware releases, video games in pop culture, founding of development studios, the birth and death of key video game creators and much more.

Events That Took Place On August 7th
35 Years AgoRad Racer Japanese BoxRad Racer (Japan)Famicom1987
30 Years AgoSnatcher PC Engine CD ROM Pilot Disk BoxSnatcher: The Pilot DiskPC Engine Super CD-ROM²1992
25 Years AgoMetal Slug PlayStation BoxMetal SlugPlayStation1997
Events That Took Place On August 8th
39 Years AgoUniversal City Studios vs. Nintendo LawsuitDecision In Favour of Nintendo1983
29 Years AgoTop Gear 2 SNES BoxTop Gear 2Super Nintendo1993
16 Years AgoDead Rising BoxDead RisingXbox 3602006
9 Years AgoSteamWorld DigNintendo 3DS2013
Events That Took Place On August 9th
32 Years AgoSuper Monaco GP Mega Drive Japanese BoxSuper Monaco GP (Japan)Mega Drive1990
31 Years AgoCastlevania II Belmont's Revenge BoxCastlevania II: Belmont's RevengeGame Boy1991
31 Years AgoOutRun (Japan)Mega Drive1991
26 Years AgoHarvest Moon (Japan)Super Famicom1996
22 Years AgoSeamanDreamcast2000
Events That Took Place On August 10th
88 Years AgoHiroshi IkedaBirth of Hiroshi IkedaProducer1934
28 Years AgoBreath of Fire BoxBreath of FireSuper Nintendo1994
23 Years AgoMario Golf (Japan)Game Boy Color1999
Events That Took Place On August 11th
57 Years AgoShinji MikamiBirth of Shinji MikamiDirector
31 Years AgoThe Simpsons Arcade Game Cabinet leftsideThe Simpsons Arcade Game (Japan)Arcade1991
27 Years AgoChrono TriggerSuper Nintendo1995
24 Years AgoWWF War ZoneNintendo 641998
22 Years AgoPaper Mario (Japan)Nintendo 642000
9 Years AgoMario & Luigi - Dream Team BoxMario & Luigi: Dream Team3DS2013
Events That Took Place On August 12th
34 Years AgoFamicom Wars BoxFamicom Wars (Japan)Famicom1988
34 Years AgoThe Adventures of Bayou Billy (Japan)Famicom1988
8 Years AgoP.T. BoxP.T.PlayStation 42014
Events That Took Place On August 13th
61 Years AgoKoji KondoBirth of Kōji KondōComposer1961
18 Years AgoDoom 3 (Europe)PC2004
9 Years AgoPayday 2PlayStation 3
Xbox 360