Fifth Generation


The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is a fifth-generation home video game console designed by “The 3DO Company” and manufactured by various companies such as Panasonic, GoldStar and Sanyo. The system was the first fifth-generation console to launch on the market and quickly became commonly referred to as just the 3DO.

Virtual Boy

The Virtual Boy is a Fifth-Generation portable video game console designed and manufactured by Nintendo. Released on July 21, 1995 in Japan the system became Nintendo’s first venture into the virtual reality video game market. Though the console did not simulate a true virtual reality environment the system was the first console capable of displaying native stereoscopic “3D” graphics. Even though the system did not provide a true virtual reality experience it did however provide a form of virtual reality by isolating a player in a border free game environment. Nintendo chose to market the unit as the Virtual Boy by combining the terms virtual reality and Game Boy in hopes to capitalize on the excitement of the concept of virtual reality and the massively successful handheld.

Nomad Feature Image


The Nomad is a fifth-generation handheld video game console designed and manufactured by Sega. Released exclusively in North America in October 1995 the console was inspired by a semi-portable handheld game console that was exclusively released in Japan.