Tengen was a video game developer and publishing company owned by Atari. The company was established on December 21, 1987 as a subsidiary of Atari Games. The company is best known for circumventing the Nintendo Entertainment System’s lockout chipset and publishing unlicensed games for the Nintendo Entertainment System without the consent of Nintendo.


MercurySteam is an independent video game developer located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain. The studio was founded in 2002 by Enric Alvarez and has became best known for developing the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy as well as for their recent involvement in the development of 2D Metroid games.

Inti Creates Feature Image

Inti Creates

Inti Creates is an independent Japanese video game developer that was founded in 1996 by former Capcom employees. After spending several years developing unique original concepts, the development studio established a partnership with their former employer to develop the Mega Man Zero series. The small development studio became known for the Mega Man Zero and Mega ZX series before shifting focus to concentrate on creating their own intellectual properties.


Activision Publish, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products for various consoles, handheld platforms and the PC. Activision’s roots go back to the late 1970’s while four of their founders worked for Atari.