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Video Power Logo2Video Power was a television show that was co-produced by Bohbot Entertainment and Saban Entertainment. The show aired for two seasons from 1990 until 1992 and changed formats between seasons.

The first season of Video Power consisted of both a live-action segment that covered video games news, reviews, tips, and a cartoon segment called “The Power Team” that was produced by Acclaim Entertainment. The show was hosted by Johnny Arcade who covered the live-action segments of the show. Johnny Arcade would open the show by skateboarding onto the set and providing an introduction. The show would start off by typically covering a review of a featured video game before moving into the cartoon segment.

Video Power - The Power Team
The Power Team

The main feature of the show was a 15-minute cartoon called “The Power Team” covering the adventure of a team of heroes from different Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy games that were published by Acclaim. The five-video game characters that were featured in the cartoon segment were Max Force, a policeman from NARC, Kuros, the knight from Wizards and Warriors, Tyrone, a basketball player from Arch Rivals, Kwirk, a tomato from Kwirk and Bigfoot, a monster truck from Bigfoot. The heroes would face off against Mr. Big and his thugs, Joe Rockhead and Dr. Spike Rush from the NARC video game, while some episodes included Malkil from Wizards and Warriors joining forces with the NARC villains.

Johnny Arcade
Host, Johnny Arcade
Video Power Logo
CategoryTelevision -Game Show
Production CompanySaban Entertainment
Acclaim Entertainment
Bohbot Communications
DistributorDIC Entertainment
Bohbot Entertainment
Seasons2 Seasons
Episodes33 (Season 1)
50 (Season 2)
83 Total Episodes
HostsStivi Paskoski (Aka -Johnny Arcade)
Announcer / NarratorTerry Lee Torok

Another live action segment covered by the host Johnny Arcade would bookend the cartoon segment to wrap up the episode. The last segment known as “The Power Edge” provided hints and tips on popular games for gamers that were having trouble achieving certain task in games.

A total of 33 episodes were aired during the first season of the show but only 26 episodes of “The Power Team” were produced. As a result, some episodes of “The Power Team” would be aired more than once with unique live segments bookending the cartoon segment. Due to lackluster ratings the show was heavily revamped in Season 2 with the formatting of the show changing completely.

Kaufman Astoria Studio
Kaufman Astoria Studio

The second season of the show began airing in the fall of 1991 after undergoing a major overhaul. The new format of the show took on the form of a game show where kids got to show off their video game skills by competing against each other. Johnny Arcade remained the host of the show and was joined by a co-host named Terry Lee Torok as well as an in-house band led by Steve Treccase.

The show was taped in New York City at the famous Kaufman Astoria Studios, a historic movie studio located in the Astoria section of Queens. The studio was built in 1921 and was originally constructed for motion picture companies to have a facility close to the Broadway theater district. During the time of the taping of Video Power the studio was also being used to tape such shows as Sesame Street, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and The Cosby Show.

Terry Lee Torok and Steve Trekas
Terry Lee Torok and Steve Trekas

The new format of the show would kick off with Terry Lee Torok introducing Steve Treccase and host Johnny Arcade. Johnny Arcade would start the show with the “Video Power Edge” segment which was one of the only things that was retained from the original format of the first season of the show. After covering the tips and hints found in the “Video Power Edge” segment the show moved into a four round game show.

The first round known as “Johnny on the Spot” had Torok go into the studio audience to search for four contestants to ask Johnny video game related questions. Each contestant would ask Johnny one question and if they were able to stump him by the question then they would win a prize. After each contestant had a chance to ask Johnny a question, they would move from their seats in the audience to join Johnny on stage to compete in playing video games in the round known as “Power Play”.

The four players face off in an elimination round, where they were typically given 2 minutes and 2 seconds to play a preselected video game. At the end of the allotted time the two players with the highest score would advance to the next round. The two remaining players were provided a “Power Vest” and a “Power Helmet’ to wear which were covered with Velcro. Johnny Arcade would then proceed to ask the contestants video game trivia questions. The players were given the chance to buzz in to try and answer the questions correctly to obtain points.

Video Power Contestants

Three questions were worth 10-points each, with one of the questions being an audio clip where the players had to identify the game based on the it’s in game music. The fourth question was with 20-points and mid-season a fifth question was added as a bonus where the contestants could win a video game if they were able to identify a game from a short video clip.

The two players would face off in one last round of “Power Play”, this time they were only provided 1 minute and 1 second to play try and obtain the highest score possible on the preselected video game. Whoever earned the highest score would receive 50 points for winning the round. The points over the last two rounds were calculated to determine the “Video Power Challenge” winner. If the score was tied, the person who had the highest score in the first “Power Play” round was declared the winner.

Terry Lee TorokThe winning contestant would move on to the prize round where they were given 41 seconds (originally 30 seconds) to run through the “Power Mall”, a maze filled with video games with Velcro strips taped to the back of the game box. The contestant would run through the maze grabbing video games along the way and sticking them to their “Power Vest” and “Power Helmet”. When the contestants reached the end of the maze, they would exit the maze through a giant tube slide. The contestants would keep all of the games that were stuck to their “Power Vest” and “Power Helmet” after completing the maze, if they were able to locate the “secret game” that was in the maze they would bring home a bonus prize.

The winner of each daily taping during the week would come back on Friday to face off against each other to declare a weekly winner. The winner of this episode won a larger prize such as a Neo-Geo video game console. The winners of the weekly competitions, along with wild card winners got to play in an ultimate tournament held on a special week. The winner of the ultimate tournament won a trophy, a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood and a $10,000 scholarship.

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Video Power Episodes from Season 1 & Season 2

Stivi PaskoskiStivi PaskoskiHost83 Episodes
Terry Lee TorokTerry Lee TorokCo-host50 Episodes
Steve TreccaseSteve TreccaseMusician50 Episodes
Allen BohbotAllen BohbotCo-creator
Executive Producer
83 Episodes
Haim SabanHaim SabanCo-creator83 Episodes
Shuki LevyShuki LevyCo-creator83 Episodes
Profile PlaceholderWinston RichardsCo-creator83 Episodes
Michael DonovanMichael DonovanVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes
Profile PlaceholderLee JeffreyVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes
Terry KlassenTerry KlassenVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes
Jason MichasJason MichasVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes
Richard NewmanRichard NewmanVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes
Remember the TitansJohn NovakVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes
Dale WilsonDale WilsonVoice Actor (The Power Team)26 Episodes

EpisodeSeasonAir DateName
1S01E01October 1, 1990Yes We Have No Tomatoes
2S01E02October 2, 1990Treasure of Bangladar
3S01E03October 3, 1990Hooray for Hollyweird
4S01E04October 4, 1990New Gang in Town
5S01E05October 5, 1990Burnt Rubber
6S01E06October 8, 1990Speedway Assault
7S01E07October 9, 1990Turf Wars
8S01E08October 10, 1990Big Footenstein
9S01E09October 11, 1990It Came to Millburg
10S01E10October 12, 1990Pull the Plug
11S01E11October 15, 1990Deaf Ears
12S01E12October 16, 1990Back to the Game World
13S01E13October 17, 1990Tunnel Radish
14S01E14October 18, 1990Rigged Deal
15S01E15October 19, 1990Criss Cross Double Cross
16S01E16October 22, 1990The Day Johnny Stayed at School
17S01E17October 23, 1990Train Game
18S01E18October 24, 1990Video Virus
19S01E19October 25, 1990A Man and His Belt
20S01E20October 26, 1990Slice & Dice
21S01E21October 29, 1990The Bride of Mr. Big
22S01E22October 30, 1990Who's Game World is This Anyway?
23S01E23October 31, 1990Ski Patrol
24S01E24November 1, 1990The Greatest Heist of All
25S01E25November 2, 1990The Golden Joystick
26S01E26November 5, 1990Bums
27S01E27November 6, 1990Episode 27 - Yes We Have No Tomatoes
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
28S01E28November 7, 1990Episode 28 - Treasure of Bangladar
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
29S01E29November 8, 1990Episode 29 - Hooray for Hollyweird
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
30S01E30November 9, 1990Episode 28 - New Gang in Town
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
31S01E31November 12, 1990Episode 28 - Burnt Rubber
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
32S01E32November 13, 1990Episode 28 - Speedway Assault
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
33S01E33November 14, 1990Episode 28 - Turf Wars
(Rerun cartoon segment with new video game tips and tricks)
34S02E01September 11, 1991Episode 34
35S02E02September 12, 1991Episode 35
36S02E03September 13, 1991Episode 36
37S02E04September 16, 1991Episode 37
38S02E05September 17, 1991Episode 38
39S02E06September 18, 1991Episode 39
40S02E07September 19, 1991Episode 40
41S02E08September 20, 1991Episode 41
42S02E09September 23, 1991Episode 42
43S02E10September 24, 1991Episode 43
44S02E11September 25, 1991Episode 44
45S02E12September 26, 1991Episode 45
46S02E13September 27, 1991Episode 46
47S02E14September 30, 1991Episode 47
48S02E15October 1, 1991Episode 48
49S02E16October 2, 1991Episode 49
50S02E17October 3, 1991Episode 50
51S02E18October 4, 1991Episode 51
52S02E19October 7, 1991Episode 52
53S02E20October 8, 1991Episode 53
54S02E21October 9, 1991Episode 54
55S02E22October 10, 1991Episode 55
56S02E23October 11, 1991Episode 56
57S02E24October 14, 1991Episode 57
58S02E25October 15, 1991Episode 58
59S02E26October 16, 1991Episode 59
60S02E27August 4, 1992Episode 60
61S02E28August 5, 1992Episode 61
62S02E29August 6, 1992Episode 62
63S02E30August 9, 1992Episode 63
64S02E31August 10, 1992Episode 64
65S02E32August 11, 1992Episode 65
66S02E33August 12, 1992Episode 66
67S02E34August 13, 1992Episode 67
68S02E35August 14, 1992Episode 68
69S02E36August 17, 1992Episode 69
70S02E37August 18, 1992Episode 70
71S02E38August 19, 1992Episode 71
72S02E39August 20, 1992Episode 72
73S02E40August 21, 1992Episode 73
74S02E41August 24, 1992Episode 74
75S02E42August 25, 1992Episode 75
76S02E43August 26, 1992Episode 76
77S02E44August 27, 1992Episode 77
78S02E45August 28, 1992Episode 78
79S02E46August 31, 1992Episode 79
80S02E47September 1, 1992Episode 80
81S02E48September 2, 1992Episode 81
82S02E49September 3, 1992Episode 82
83S02E50September 4, 1992Episode 83