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The Legend Of Zelda Animated Series

The Legend of Zelda Animated Series Feature ImageThe Legend of Zelda animated series is a 13-episode television series that aired as part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! from September 8, 1989 until December 1, 1989.   The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! consisted of live-action segments starring Lou Albano as Mario and Danny Wells as Luigi intermixed with animated stories following the adventure of the Super Mario Bros.  

The show aired 5 days a week beginning on September 4, 1989 with 4 days a week dedicated to the Super Mario Bros.   The fifth episode every week which aired on Friday’s still included the live-action segments of Mario and Luigi, but the animation portion was dedicated to The Legend of Zelda.

The show was based on the video game series of the same name taking most of its references from the original game which launched in 1987 however did incorporate some elements from the sequel Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.  The premise of the show follows the adventures of Link and Princess Zelda as they defend the kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon.

Ganon has in his possession the Triforce of Power, one of three Triforces that if combined grant god like powers.  Most episodes consist of Ganon and his minions trying to capture the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda in a quest to conquer Hyrule.  Ganon’s focus is solely on obtaining the Triforce of Wisdom and the third Triforce the Triforce of Courage is not mentioned in the series.

The show was produced by DIC Enterprises and distributed by Viacom Enterprises in association with Nintendo of America.  The show’s original run was not part of any particular network’s lineup but sold as a first-run syndication receiving reruns on multiple networks until September 6, 1991 when The Family Channel picked up the series.   The show continued to air as part of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! reruns solely on the Family Channel until August 26, 1994.

Captain N with Zelda VHS FrontBoth the Link and Princess Zelda characters were incorporated into several episodes of Captain N: The Game Master.  They made their debut on September 29, 1990 in the third episode of season 2 when Princess Zelda contacts Captain N for help.  Episodes of the show were released on VHS by Kids Klassics in gold color cases matching that of the original Nintendo Entertainment System games.  The entire series was made available on DVD by The Shout! Factory on October 18, 2005 in a 3-disc box set.

The Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Logo
CategoryTelevision -Animated Series
NetworkFirst-Run Syndication
Production CompanyDIC Animation City
Seasons1 Seasons
ProducersAndy Heyward (Executive Producer)
Robby london (Co-executive Producer)
John Grusd
DirectorJohn Grusd
WritersBob Forward
Phil Harnage
Eve Forward
Marsha Forward
Dennis O’Flaherty

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Intro & debut episode on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Jonathan PottsJonathan PottsLink13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Link
Cynthia PrestonCynthia PrestonPrincess Zelda13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Princess Zelda
Len CarlsonLen CarlsonGanon, Moblins13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Ganon
Colin FoxColin FoxKing Harkinian13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - King Harkinian
Allen Stewart-CoatesAllen Stewart-CoatesTriforce of Power13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Triforce of Power
Elizabeth HannaElizabeth HannaTriforce of Wisdom13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Triforce of Wisdom
Tabitha St. GermainTabitha St. GermainSpryte13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Spryte
Don FrancksDon FrancksAdditional Voices13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Additional Voices
Marvin GoldharMarvin GoldharAdditional Voices13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Additional Voices
Christopher WardChristopher WardAdditional Voices13 EpisodesThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series - Additional Voices

EpisodeSeasonAir DateEpisode NameAdditional Details
1S01E01September 8, 1989The RingerLink has grown bored with his lifestyle in Hyrule and seeks a true 'hero's' life, finding Zelda the only comfort worth having. Meanwhile, Zelda holds a wizarding competition and Ganon uses it as a plan to sneak into the castle and steal the Triforce. After he is discovered, Link and Zelda set aside their differences in order to stop him from escaping.
2S01E02September 15, 1989Cold SpellsIt is spring cleaning in Hyrule and Link has to pitch in, but he quickly fakes a cold in order to get sympathy, which works on Sprite. While at the market, Ganon secretly augments her powers to cause chaos at the castle in a very Fantasia-like manner, allowing him to steal the Triforce.
3S01E03September 22, 1989The White KnightLink and Zelda face off against an ambush of Tinsuits and an Octorock when Prince Facade, a prince from a neighboring kingdom called Arcadia, arrives and sweeps Zelda off her feet. Dejected by this "Prince Charming", Link quits his duties and prepares to leave, but Ganon knows Facade's one weakness and plans to exploit it in order to kidnap Zelda.
4S01E04September 29, 1989Kiss 'N TellZelda happens upon a damsel in distress, who insists on a handsome hero to rescue her from a Gleeok. When Link arrives and saves her, she rewards him with a passionate kiss, but she turns out to be a Gibdo in disguise who curses Link into a humanoid frog. Unable to be a hero in this form, Link takes the Triforce of Wisdom's advice and seeks help from the "Witch of Walls" for an answer after Zelda is kidnapped by Ganon.
5S01E05October 6, 1989Sing For The UnicornLink's plans to romantically deliver flowers to Zelda are dashed when Ganon appears, attacking on the back of a unicorn. He kidnaps the king and they go to rescue him, meeting Sing, a woman from whom the unicorn had been stolen. Together they must face Ganon's traps, and rescue both the unicorn and the king from Ganon's capture.
6S01E06October 13, 1989That Sinking FeelingAfter a romantic picnic is ruined by Ganon, Zelda resolves to lay an assault on his lair, but as soon as they leave, the castle, along with the king and Sprite are pulled underground by a giant magnet and they need instead to rescue their friends before Ganon finds them.
7S01E07October 20, 1989DoppelgangerZelda receives a magic mirror, which suddenly creates an evil double of her. With the real Zelda kidnapped, the fake is tasked to trick Link into taking the Triforce of Wisdom into the underworld, where it will be easy for Ganon to capture.
8S01E08October 27, 1989Underworld ConnectionsLink's sleepwalking is put to a stop before he can sneak into Zelda's bedroom chamber, but with the tower the Triforce is in is unguarded. A trio of Vires use a bomb to shatter the Triforce into three pieces to carry. They obtain one piece, and Zelda uses it in order to seek clues where the other two have been dropped, they venture into the Underworld to reunite the Triforce again.
9S01E09November 3, 1989Stinging a StingerSleazenose, a traveling merchant, is rescued by Link who stops bandits from robbing him, and in gratitude, he gives Link a beautiful bejeweled sword in exchange for his current one. Using it in battle, Link realizes the sword is a fake and he and Zelda are kidnapped. They find they need to work together with Sleazenose to outwit Ganon once again.
10S01E10November 10, 1989Hitch In The WorksNot believing a story Link told her of Moblins attacking the castle when she found him unconscious and "sleeping" when he is supposed to be doing chores, Link has the house maintenance man make fake Moblins to attack her. She overhears the plan and does not react when the real Moblins come to kidnap her. Ganon puts a collar on her to force her to do his bidding; including marry him.
11S01E11November 17, 1989Fairies In The SpringThe king is having a water park constructed to help his subjects cool off in the summer heat, when water monsters attack the construction crew. Zelda and Link investigate, but are startled to find the water monster does not belong to Ganon. When the King arrives to check their progress and while inspecting the pools of the water park, another monster pulls him in and vanishes. The pair collect the Triforce of Wisdom and return to the waterpark to find the King and the source of the disturbances.
12S01E12November 24, 1989The Missing LinkGanon tries to use a magic wand in order to kidnap Zelda, but she deflects the attack and it hits Link instead, sending his physical body to the Evil Jar. Her guilt is short lived after Link's spirit reveals himself to her, although no one else can see him. They realize that they need to travel into the underworld to reunite Link's spirit with his body trapped in the Evil Jar.
13S01E13December 1, 1989The Moblins Are RevoltingGanon demonstrates a new wand that makes a bubble around its victim that can only be popped by the Triforce of Power. Fed up with Ganon's orders, a Moblin uses the wand to trap Ganon in a bubble and throws him down a bottomless pit. The Moblin opens the Evil Jar and the monsters collectively decide to storm the castle of Hyrule, but are too incompetent to accomplish anything without Ganon's leadership.

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