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The Adventurer - Issue 1The Adventurer was a video game magazine that was published bi-yearly by LucasArts from Fall 1990 until Winter 1996.  Due to the increasing popularity of adventure games LucasArts decided to publish their own gaming magazine to provide gamers a publication where they could read about upcoming LucasArts games and interviews with the development team. 

The magazine was distributed free of charge as a marketing opportunity for the video game developer and was often included within game boxes.  Each magazine featured a Sam & Max cartoon comic strip that sometimes parodied Lucasfilm properties such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  Along with the publication of the magazine, LucasArts also published selected articles on their website.

Despite the magazine’s name, The Adventurer did not exclusively focus on adventure games but covered games in all genres that were being developed and or published by LucasArts.  The magazine promoted upcoming LucasArts titles and featured detailed information about the development of games in the form of essays and employee interviews.

Over the course of the magazine’s 6-year lifecycle, a total of 13 issues were released.  The final issue was published in 1996 as issue 14 because LucasArts decided to skip the use of the number 13 as it was seen as bad luck.  The second half of the 1990s seen the popularity of adventure games fade and as a result the magazine was discontinued.

The Adventurer Logo
Category Magazine
Publisher LucasArts
Circulation Included with purchase of LucasArts game
Years 1990-1996
First Issue Fall 1990
Last Issue Winter 1996
Number of Issues 13

The Adventurer - Features

IssueMagazineDateCover GameNumber of PagesContent
Issue 1The Adventurer - Issue 1Fall 1990Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe16The Secret of Creating Monkey Island
Maniac Mansion Hits the Tube
Computer Confidential
Night Shift by Fiona Fixit and Scott Marley
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe by Noah Falstein
Games for After Hours: Railroad Tycoon by Noah Falstein
The Adventurer Puzzle #1: The Treasure of Blinky Island by Humphrey Dudley
Sam & Max: Freelance Police comic by Steve Purcell
Company Store
Issue 2The Adventurer - Issue 2Spring 1991Star Wars (NES)16Uncle Fuzzy's Official Monkey Island Activity Page
The Evolution of Lucasfilm Games
Computer Confidential
Company Store
The Force Strikes Back In New Nintendo Form! by Pamela E. Roller
A Sound Addition to Your System: The AdLib Music Synthesizer Card
Nuts & Bolts by John M. King
The Adventurer Puzzle #2: Night Shaft by Humphrey Dudley
Games for After Hours: Star Patrol by Greg Hammond
Sam & Max: Freelance Police comic by Steve Purcell
Issue 3The Adventurer - Issue 3Fall 1991Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis16"The Evolution of Lucasfilm Games: The Art Department" by Collette Michaud
"The Year of the CD"
"Dawn of the Eighth Art" by Doug Glen
"Lucasfilm Games Arrive for the Macintosh"
"Rebel Alliance Alert! The Empire Strikes Back at Nintendo"
"LucasArts on TV"
"Company Store"
"Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: An Interview with Hal Barwood"
"Add a New Dimension to Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe"
"iMuse Brings Interactive Sound to Games"
"Games for After Hours: Warlords" by Joe Pinney
"Sam & Max: Freelance Police" comic by Steve Purcell
Issue 4The Adventurer - Issue 4Spring 1992Star Wars: X-Wing12"An Interview with Larry Holland"
"The Kitchen Sink Factor" by Noah Falstein
"Another Star Wars Trilogy in the Planning": A brief report on The Thrawn Trilogy novels and audio books, including the previously-released Heir to the Empire and then-upcoming Dark Force Rising. The title of the third book, The Last Command, is not mentioned.
"LucasArts Company Store"
"Red Leader to Gold Leader: X-wing on the Horizon"
"Chester's Corner"
"Atomic Comics: The Defenders of Dynatron City"
"Sam & Max: Freelance Police" comic by Steve Purcell: Sam and Max star in a comic parodying elements from The Empire Strikes Back.
Issue 5The Adventurer - Issue 5Fall 1992Day of the Tentacle16"Day of the Tentacle: Maniac Mansion 2" by Khris Brown
"X-Wing Sets New Standard for Space Combat Simulator Genre" by Sue Seserman
"Company Store"
"The Evolution of LucasArts Classic Adventures" by Gary Winnick
"Techie Bench
"Sam & Max: Freelance Police" comic by Steve Purcell: A parody of the Battle of Yavin from A New Hope.
"The Magic of Sound" by Brad Stewart
"Games for After Hours: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Street Fighter II" by Tim Delacruz
"Coming Attractions"
Issue 6The Adventurer - Issue 6Spring 1993The Dig20"Sam & Max Hit the Road" by Wendy Clark
"The Talkies Are Coming! The Talkies Are Coming!"
"Deep Trouble in Deep Space: Steven Spielberg and LucasArts Team-up to Create The Dig"
"The Art of Day of the Tentacle" by Khris Brown
"Super Empire Strikes Back for Super Nintendo"
"Fowl Play!"
"Rebel Assault"
"Techie Bench"
"Games for After Hours: Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds" by Wayne Cline
"Rebel Alliance Incurs Imperial Wrath in First Tour of Duty Expansion Disk"
"Rebel Alliance Incurs Even More Imperial Wrath in Second Tour of Duty Expansion Disk"
"Letters to the Editor"
"Sam & Max: Freelance Police" comic by Steve Purcell
Issue 7The Adventurer - Issue 7Winter 1993/94Star Wars: TIE Fighter31"X-Wing Sequel Lets You Fly for the Empire" by Barbara Gleason
"The Wookiee Ate My Homework: Super Empire Strikes Back Ready to Take over Households" by Wayne Cline
"Fly for the Greatest Air Forces of World War II in LucasArts' Air Combat Classics" by Camela Boswell
"The Dig: An Interview with Steve Dauterman and Hal Barwood"
"3D Will Change the Way You See Games" by Collette Michaud and Aaron Muszalski
"Rebel Assault Hypers in for the Holiday" by Vincent Lee
"Sam & Max Hit the Road" comic by Steve Purcell
"The Personalities Behind the Fur: An Interview with Sam & Max, Freelance Police and Stars of Sam & Max Hit The Road"
"¿Lucas Who?"
"The Force that Saved the Galaxy Now Does the Same for Your Computer Screen" by Wayne Cline
"Company Store"
Issue 8The Adventurer - Issue 8Summer 1994Full Throttle39"Techie Bench" edited by Mara Kaehn
"Quick Takes"
"Let Out the Throttle"
"Working & Playing with the Actors of Sam & Max Hit the Road" by Khris Brown
"The Dark Side Illuminated"
"Sam & Max: Freelance Police" comic by Steve Purcell
"¿Lucas Who?"
"Company Store"
Issue 9The Adventurer - Issue 9Winter 1994/95Star Wars: Dark Forces40"Techie Bench" edited by Mara Kaehn
"Quick Takes"
"LucasArts' Games Are in the Spotlight"
"LucasArts Between the Sheets... of Books That Is!"
"Rebel Assault Does 3DO"
"George Lucas Named "Family Champion" by Worikng Mother Magazine"
"Industrail Lihgt & Maigc Has Wand Piosed for New Iflms"
"A Spin on the Intergalactic Superhighway: X-wing Collector's CD Available for the Holiadys" by Wayne Cline
"Dark Forces" by Barbara Gleason
"Full Throttle" by Sue Seserman
"LucasArts Proivdes the Brians Beihnd Four New Cartridge Games" by Sue Seserman
"Traitors, Pirates and Rebels Plauge the Epmire in TIE Fighetr Campaign Expansion Prorgam"
"Sam & Max: Freelance Ploice" cmoic by Steve Purcell
"¿Lucas Who?"
"Company Stroe"
Issue 10The Adventurer - Issue 10Summer 1995Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion40"Quick Takes"
"The LucasArts Archives Crams Six CDs into One Incredible Package"
"LucasArts Creates Tsunami for Internet Surfers"
"LucasArts Launches Big Mac Attack"
"STAR WARS Special Edition Celebrates Film's 20th Anniversary "
"Big Bad Bikes, Big Bad Gangs, Big Bad World... Big Bad Party"
"LucasArts... One Big Happy Family"
"LucasArts Takes Young Gamers on the Ride of Their Lives in Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion" by Tom Byron
"Lights, Camera, Action - Rebel Assault II" by Sue Seserman
"Pepperoni Marks the Spot as The Dig Nears Release" by Sue Seserman
"Indy Unearths His Most Valuable Treasure: Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures" by Sue Seserman
"Calia 2095 - California's Future Looked Bright..." by Barbara Gleason
"Sam & Max" comic by Steve Purcell
"¿Lucas Who?"
"Techie Bench" edited by Mara Kaehn
"Company Store"
Issue 11The Adventurer - Issue 11Winter 1995/96Afterlife35"Welcome to the Adventurer #11!" by Sue Seserman
"Quick Takes"
"The Dig Spawns Spin-offs"
"Start Us Up! New LucasArts Mac CD and Windows 95 Titles"
"LucasArts #1 PC Games Publisher"
"ILM and Skywalker Sound Work Magic on New Films"
"LucasArts' World Wide Web Site: Live and in Color!"
"Sam and Max Star in New Comic Collection"
"The Audience Is Talking to THX"
"Afterlife" by Tom Byron
""When in Rome... LucasArts Goes to the Experts for Insight into Children's Entertainment" by Casey Donahue Ackley
"Sam & Max" comic by Steve Purcell
"Interview with Doug Kay"
"Original Star Wars Title Among New Console Games from LucasArts" by Tom Sarris
"Action Star and Stand-up Comic Voice Key Characters in New LucasArts Titles"
"¿Lucas Who?"
"Techie Bench" edited by Mara Kaehn
"Company Store" edited by Tracey Fleming
Issue 12The Adventurer - Issue 12Summer 1996Outlaws47"Welcome to The Adventurer #12" by Sue Seserman
"Outlaws: The Old West Gallops Into Cyberspace" by Barbara Gleason
"X-wing vs. TIE Fighter: The Ultimate Star Wars Shootout" by Wayne Cline
"Why Networking? Why now?" by Steve Dauterman
"Dark Forces Returns with a Vengeance in Jedi Knight" by Barbara Gleason
"Today on You Bet Your Afterlife: Angels, Devils and the Souls Who Love Them" by Tom Byron
"The LucasArts Archives Expands to Mac and Star Wars" by Tom Byron
"Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion" by Casey Donahue Ackley
"Sam & Max" comic by Steve Purcell
"http://[email protected]" by Jason Deadrich
"Console Corral: LucasArts Takes the New Consoles by Force"
"BallBlazer A Classic Game Gets Reclassic-fied for the Next Generation" by Tom Byron
"LucasArts Conquers A New Galaxy With Dark Forces and Rebel Assault II for Sony Playstation" by Tom Sarris
The Gods Are Crazy in LucasArts' Herc's Adventures For Saturn and Playstation" by Tom Sarris
"A New Game Emerges from the Shadows" (reprinted from Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 7)
"¿Lucas Who?"
"Techie Bench" edited by Jason Deadrich
"Company Store" edited by Tracey Fleming
Issue 14The Adventurer - Issue 14Winter 1996/97Star Wars: Rebellion40"Heavenly Hints for Afterlife"
"Backlot [email protected]"
"New Titles for PlayStation and Saturn Will Release This Winter" by Barbara Gleason
"Programmers' Hidden Treats Lead Gameplayers to Search for Tasty Easter Eggs" by Heather Twist
"Lucas Who?"
"Rebellion Is Upon Us" by Tom Byron
"The Curse of Monkey Island" by Tom Sarris
"The LucasArts Archives Vol. II: The Star Wars Collection" by Heather Twist
"Fighter Pilot Recruits Sought for LucasArts' New Multiplayer X-wing vs. TIE Fighter" by Tom Sarris
"Company Store"
"Sam & Max" comic by Steve Purcell