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Starcade Poster 2Starcade was a television game show that was produced by the JM Production Company and aired on TBS from 1982 to 1983, followed by a 1-year syndication run the following year. It was the first televised game show to be based on video games. The show aired for 3 seasons, produced a total of 133 episodes and was used to showcase brand new arcade games.

The game show consisted of contestants competing against each other by playing arcade video games for the best combined score over 3 rounds. Contestants were presented with five available arcade games to choose from during each episode and the host would asks the contestants video game trivia questions where the winner would select which game they would compete against. This would take place for three rounds and the contestant with the highest combined score after 3 rounds would when the game and play for the grand prize.

The winning contestant is given the option to select one of the two remaining arcade games that were not selected during the 3-round competition. They would play the selected game trying to beat the average score that was obtain by 20 people playing the game over a selected time period. If the contestant is able to surpass the average score, they would win the grand prize which was typically an arcade cabinet, programmable robot or jukebox.


The original pilot was hosted by Mike Eruzione, 1980 Winter Olympic gold medalist for ice hockey. Eruzione is known for scoring the game winning goal for the United States to defeat the Soviet Union in the famous “Miracle on Ice” game.

Starcade Logo
Starcade Contestants
CategoryTelevision -Game Show
NetworkTBS (1982-1983)
Syndicated (1983-1984)
Production CompanyJM Production Company
CreatorsJames Caruso
Mavis Arthur
Seasons3 Seasons
Episodes133 + 4 pilots
HostsMark Richards (24 Episodes)
Geoff Edwards (109 Episodes)
Announcer / NarratorKevin McMahan
Website starcade.tv/

The pilot featured an entirely different format consisting of 24 players across three rows, 8 players per row. All three rows featured a different arcade game, in the case of the pilot the first row contained eight Defender cabinets, the second row had eight Centipede cabinets and the third row had eight Pac-Man cabinets. Each player would have 30 seconds to try and accumulate the highest score possible. The players with the highest score in each row would face off in a final round to play Berzerk for the grand prize, their own Asteroids Deluxe arcade cabinet and an Apple II computer.

The overall winner would then play a brand-new arcade game against a celebrity just for fun. The winner of the pilot David Dyche then had the opportunity to play the newly released Donkey Kong against Larry Wilcox, best known as the police officer Jon Baker on the television sitcom CHiPs. The pilot aired as a special on a handful of syndicated stations where it rated quite well.

Three more pilots were shot for NBC, featuring a retooled format which was similar in nature to the series that aired and was hosted by Alex Trebek. The pilot was picked up by Ted Turner in 1982 and the show began its life on TBS in December the same year. The first season consisted of 24 episodes and was hosted by Mark Richards. Richards appeared uncomfortable on camera and did not appear to be interested in video games. Richards was replaced after the first season by Geoff Edwards who hosted the show for the next two seasons for a total of 109 episodes.

Starcade InterviewRichards was a veteran game-show host but had no experience with video games. Before accepting the job, he had never played a video game, but he became a fan soon after receiving the job. Richards would study the games that were to be on the show before each airing and read gaming magazines to become familiar with popular games. Richards started to provide his own hints to contestants and coined his own catch phrase by closing the show with “See you on the next show and until then I hope all your troubles get zapped”. Richards featured in a Starcade Hotline segment playing and beating the notoriously difficult game Sinistar and remained a fan of gaming until his death in 2014.

The final show aired on February 24, 1984 with reruns airing in syndication until September 1984. Starcade was a pioneering game show centered on video games that inspired shows such as Video Power and Nick Arcade.

The Video Game Years - Starcade


The Video Game Years

A TV show that examines the history, culture and oddities of video games. Each episode focuses on a specific year and the influential games of that year.

Starcade episode 36 & episode 103

EpisodeSeasonAir DateContestantsGames Appeared On EpisodeGrand PrizeHost
1S01E01December 27, 1982John Cantu vs. Heidi StarfieldBlue Print, Burgertime, Swimmer, Time Pilot and TutankamEyesMark Richards
2S01E02December 28, 1982Rich Young vs. Rod HoneymanMoon Patrol, Super Zaxxon, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and PooyanJungle HuntMark Richards
3S01E03December 29, 1982Harry Betzold vs. Shantelle GaynorTime Pilot, Super Pac-Man, Burgertime, Buck Rogers and Monster BashTempestMark Richards
4S01E04December 30, 1982
Barbara Weisend vs. Rakesh ShahSuper Zaxxon, Eyes, Jungle Hunt, Pooyan and Ms. Pac-ManTriple PunchMark Richards
5S01E05December 31, 1982Duru Ahanotu vs. Elaine SamsonQ*bert, Pole Position, Pengo, Holey Moley and RescueBurgertimeMark Richards
6S01E06January 3, 1983Stu Ganz vs. Cindy PorterDomino Man, Buck Rogers, TRON, Millipede and Donkey Kong JrReactorMark Richards
7S01E07January 4, 1983Delbert Bray vs. Kevin WonQ*bert, Pengo, Robotron:2084, Super Zaxxon and EyesJungle HuntMark Richards
8S01E08January 5, 1983
Brian McGhie vs. Jonah ColmanDomino Man, Buck Rogers, Pole Position, Holey Moley and RescueSwimmerMark Richards
9S01E09January 6, 1983
Kathy Sherwood vs. David BrownTime Pilot, Super Pac-Man, Burgertime, Blue Print and SwimmerSlitherMark Richards
10S01E10January 7, 1983
Don Woolard vs. Sheri PallasBurning Rubber, Q*bert, Robotron:2084, Super Pac-Man and Super ZaxxonPooyanMark Richards
11S01E11January 10, 1983Vince Haiko vs Jeffrey YeeDonkey Kong, Pooyan, Pengo, Xevious and PopeyeBurgertimeMark Richards
12S01E12January 11, 1983John Lowry vs. Sa Ra ConradQ*bert, Star Trek, Pole Position, Burgertime and MillipedeWackoMark Richards
13S01E13January 12, 1983Gary Breeds vs. Jude HoffnerMunch Mobile, Pooyan, Millipede, Ms Pac-Man and GalagaTempestMark Richards
14S01E14January 13, 1983Mike McEwen vs. Stephen BeallSuper Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Jr., Ms Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and PacPopeyeMark Richards
15S01E15January 14, 1983Eric Hoffler vs. Rachael IwamasaDonkey Kong, Wacko, Q*bert, Bagman and Pole PositionXeviousMark Richards
16S01E16January 17, 1983Lisa Elie vs. Sam ZaborLost Tomb, Donkey Kong Jr., Ms Pac-Man, Lock 'N Chase and Pac-ManQ*bertMark Richards
17S01E17January 18, 1983Steve McNeil vs. Anna AlbaneseTime Pilot, Star Trek, Bagman, Xevious, and Super ZaxxonDonkey Kong JrMark Richards
18S01E18January 19, 1983John Burke vs. Amy EskenPengo, Popeye, Q*bert, Burgertime and PooyanWackoMark Richards
19S01E19January 20, 1983Alex Clemens vs. Robert DangSuper Pac-Man, Buck Rogers, Tac Scan, Star Trek and Super ZaxxonPooyanMark Richards
20S01E20January 21, 1983Bill Brock vs. Linda DavisRescue, Lock 'N Chase, Lost Tomb, Super Pac-Man and Time PilotWackoMark Richards
21S01E21January 24, 1983Nolan Apostle vs. Rhonda YapMunch Mobile, Buck Rogers, Tac Scan, Star Trek and GalagaPooyanMark Richards
22S01E22January 25, 1983Pat Blanquies vs. Mary CatanzaroPooyan, Wacko, Bagman, Popeye and Pole PositionQ*bertMark Richards
23S01E23January 26, 1983
Sam Overton vs. Bonnie HaskinsRescue, Super Zaxxon, Galaga, Time Pilot and ExplorerWackoMark Richards
24S01E24January 27, 1983TBDBagman, Mazer Blazer, Xevious, Amidar and Bally's JourneyMunch MobileMark Richards
25S02E01August 22, 1983TBDBagman, Xevious, Time Pilot, Buck Rogers and GyrussTRONGeoff Edwards
26S02E02August 23, 1983Lance Daur vs. Doug WrightArabian, Wacko, Zoo Keeper, Mario Bros. and Congo BongoAmidarGeoff Edwards
27S02E03August 24, 1983Vance McGirt vs. TBDBagman, Super Pac Man, Super Zaxxon, Pole Position, and Star TrekBurgertimeGeoff Edwards
28S02E04August 25, 1983Amy & Julie Levinson vs. Korey & Kerry WashingtonFood Fight, Congo Bongo, Zoar, Tron, and Super Pac ManStern's JourneyGeoff Edwards
29S02E05August 26, 1983TBDBally's Journey, Munch Mobile, Mappy, BurgerTime, and GyrussAmidarGeoff Edwards
30S02E06August 29, 1983John Spinelli vs. Matthew DelaneyDonkey Kong Jr., Graplop, Pengo, Bagman and Zoo KeeperBurgerTimeGeoff Edwards
31S02E07August 30, 1983Josh Lubitz vs. TBDBuck Rogers, Graplop, Mario Bros, Pengo, and PopeyeRescueGeoff Edwards
32S02E08August 31, 1983Marcello Hassmer vs. TBDMunch Mobile, Pole Position, Star Trek, Tron, and Super Pac ManStern's JourneyGeoff Edwards
33S02E09September 1, 1983Dan & Billy Doherty vs. TBDArabian, Wacko, Mappy, Popeye, and Donkey Kong Jr.AmidarGeoff Edwards
34S02E10September 2 1983Jared Cruse vs. Mike RussoZoar, Stargate, Stern's Journey, Star Trek and GalaxianMunch MobileGeoff Edwards
35S02E11September 6, 1983Jay & John Finch vs. Marvin & Grady JenkinsXevious, Galaga, Joust, Pac Man, and Pro BowlingBlack WidowGeoff Edwards
36S02E12September 7, 1983Allison Chaney vs. Lawrence LeeKrull, Galaxian, Guzzler, Bagman and Wild WesternBuck RogersGeoff Edwards
37S02E13September 8, 1983Lori Graham vs. Jerome WysingerWacko, Bally's Journey, Congo Bongo, Krull and Buck RogersSinistarGeoff Edwards
38S02E14September 9, 1983Jonah Colman vs. Marcello and Mike McEuen vs. Mike RussoDragon's LairTrip to HawaiiGeoff Edwards
39S02E15September 12, 1983Susan & Jeffrey Bierman vs. Charles vs. Adika BootheSinistar, Berzerk, Munch Mobile, Zoo Keeper and BubblesTRONGeoff Edwards
40S02E16September 13, 1983Steve Basolo vs. Peter FaragoPopeye, Bump N Jump, Super Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Jr. and TazzmaniaBuck RogersGeoff Edwards
41S02E17September 14, 1983John Payer vs. Mike RochaSinistar, Gyruss, Super Zaxxon, Tron and KrullWackoGeoff Edwards
42S02E18September 15, 1983Samuel Craig vs. Tim RubinTac Scan, Bubbles, Arabian, Popeye and BagmanRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
43S02E19September 16, 1983Tim vs. Rhonda and Mary Catanzaro vs. John PayerMario Bros., Tac Scan, Zoo Keeper, Gyruss and Motorace USARB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
44S02E20September 19, 1983Martin Cole vs. Travis NicholsTac Scan, Pro Bowling, Millipede, Wild Western and Donkey KongPengoGeoff Edwards
45S02E21September 20, 1983Steve Silva vs. Eric LaBadiePengo, Congo Bongo, Qix, Graplop and GyrussTRONGeoff Edwards
46S02E22September 21, 1983Michael Griggs vs. Holly SuzaraWild Western, Wacko, Pengo, Zoo Keeper and BurgerTimeQ*bertGeoff Edwards
47S02E23September 22, 1983Amy & Julie vs. Korey & Kerry WashingtonFood Fight, Congo Bongo, Zoar, TRON and Super Pac-ManStern's JourneyGeoff Edwards
48S02E24September 23, 1983John Spinelli vs. Lori Graham and Michael Griggs vs. Eric LaBadieBuck Rogers, Star Wars, Gyruss, Congo Bongo and Zoo KeeperRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
49S02E25September 26, 1983Tim & Dottie Delk vs. Tom & Derek WaltherSpace Invaders, Donkey Kong Jr., Popeye, Tazzmania and Bump N JumpRBX5 RobotGeoff Edwards
50S02E26September 27, 1983Dorian Laviene vs. Marcello HassmerMunch Mobile, Pole Position, Star Trek, Tron and Super Pac-ManStern's JourneyGeoff Edwards
51S02E27September 28, 1983Ken Law vs. Cathy MostasisaStar Trek, Galaxian, Stern's Journey, Stargate and ZoarMunch MobileGeoff Edwards
52S02E28September 29, 1983Dionne Crow vs. Zak MansorMs. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Super Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Jr. and Pac-ManRBX5 RobotGeoff Edwards
53S02E29September 30, 1983Don Woolard vs. Dionne and Peter Farago vs. Ken LawStar WarsStar WarsGeoff Edwards
54S02E30October 3, 1983Carlos Matos vs. Mike TurbesSinistar, Krull, Star Trek, Solar Fox and GalaxianBubblesGeoff Edwards
55S02E31October 4, 1983Robby Arias vs. Donald GianoliXevious, Stargate, Pole Position, Cosmic Chasm and Crystal CastlesSinistarGeoff Edwards
56S02E32October 5, 1983Robbie & Shawn Beasley vs. Nova & Stephanie PenningtonBagman, Xevious, Time Pilot, Buck Rogers and GyrussTRONGeoff Edwards
57S02E33October 6, 1983Roger Grigsby vs. Gary LupherBump N Jump, Pop Flamer, Wild Western, Galaxian and Congo BongoRBX5 RobotGeoff Edwards
58S02E34October 7, 1983Shantelle Gaynor vs. Donald GianoliBubbles, Star Trek, Galaga, Crystal Castles, and ArabianRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
59S02E35October 10, 1983Chris Curtin & Mike SchoenwetterJoust, Star Wars, Bally's Journey, Donkey Kong Jr. and Pole PositionBump N JumpGeoff Edwards
60S02E36October 11, 1983Thomas Luchini vs. Jordan SilberDonkey Kong Jr, Congo Bongo, Munch Mobile, BurgerTime and MappyTRONGeoff Edwards
61S02E37October 12, 1983David & Jean Andrews vs. Christine & Michael BailsGalaga, Q*bert, Time Pilot, Congo Bongo and GraplopTRONGeoff Edwards
62S02E38October 13, 1983Leo Schwab vs. Vance McGirtBagman, Super Pac-Man, Super Zaxxon, Pole Position and Star TrekBurgertimeGeoff Edwards
63S02E39October 14, 1983Leo Schwab vs. Alex Clemens and Jordan Silber vs. MikeZoo Keeper, Star Wars, Pole Position, Gyruss and KrullRBX5 RobotGeoff Edwards
64S02E40October 17, 1983Emily Headen vs. David LitwinArabian, Pengo, Xevious, Crystal Castles and Ms. Pac-ManMunch MobileGeoff Edwards
65S02E41October 18, 1983Steve Drake vs. Sean KovacsGyruss, Mappy, Munch Mobile, Bally's Journey, and BurgerTimeAmidarGeoff Edwards
66S02E42October 19, 1983Jo Ann & Gavin Clayton vs. Keith McCullar & Robert TurnquistBagman, Super Cobra, Guzzler, Popeye and ZoarPengoGeoff Edwards
67S02E43October 20, 1983Colin Adkins vs. Ron GrahamSinistar, Super Cobra, Moon Patrol, Wild Western and Stern's JourneyWackoGeoff Edwards
68S02E44October 21, 1983The Beasleys vs. The Jenkins and The Turnquists vs. The AndrewsZoar, Guzzler, Time Pilot, Super Zaxxon and Super Pac-ManRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
69S02E45October 24, 1983John Spinelli vs. TBDGraplop, Zoo Keeper, Bagman, Donkey Kong Jr, and PengoBurgerTimeGeoff Edwards
70S02E46October 25, 1983Peter & Paul Karmouche vs. Marc & Mike OlenczukTRON, Moon Patrol, Super Cobra, Space Invaders and TazzmaniaGravitarGeoff Edwards
71S02E47October 26, 1983Robert Castro vs. Tony LavignaMotorace USA, Star Wars, Berzerk, Tac Scan and Pole PositionRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
72S02E48October 27, 1983Craig Elario vs. Herbie FongBagman, Mazer Blazer, Xevious, Amidar and Bally's JourneyMunch MobileGeoff Edwards
73S02E49October 28, 1983Colin Adkins vs. Tony Lavigna nd Lawrence Lee vs. Sean KovacsWacko, Millipede, Xevious, Star Wars and MappyTrip to HawaiiGeoff Edwards
74S02E50October 31, 1983Will Klopp vs. Jimmy LiuQix, Bubbles, Bally's Journey, Stargate and TazzmaniaQ*bertGeoff Edwards
75S02E51November 1, 1983Steve Isaacs vs. Robbie NoboriWacko, Mappy, Bally's Journey, Moon Patrol and GraplopSinistarGeoff Edwards
76S02E52November 2, 1983Sherri Hughston vs. Josh LubitzGraplop, Buck Rogers, Popeye, Mario Bros, and PengoRescueGeoff Edwards
77S02E53November 3, 1983Gianna & Cayo Carini vs. Dusty & Boot HughstonPro Bowling, Q*bert, Guzzler, Crystal Castles and GalagaRBX5 RobotGeoff Edwards
78S02E54November 4, 1983David Litwin vs. Sa Ra and Craig Elario vs. Will KloppTime Pilot, Star Wars, Popeye, Donkey Kong Jr. and DorodonTrip to HawaiiGeoff Edwards
79S02E55November 7, 1983Richard & Luba Held vs. Roy & Mike KaylorGravitar, Congo Bongo, Stargate, Wild Western, and BerzerkSuper Pac ManGeoff Edwards
80S02E56November 8, 1983Brian Kavanagh vs. John MyersDonkey Kong Jr., Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey KongRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
81S02E57November 9, 1983Monty Brabeau vs. Julian LaraMotorace USA, Star Wars, TRON, Super Zaxxon and Cosmic ChasmRB5X RobotGeoff Edwards
82S02E58November 10, 1983Susan & Adam Anderson vs. TBDWacko, Arabian, Popeye, Donkey Kong Jr, and MappyAmidarGeoff Edwards
83S02E59November 11, 1983Gianna & Cayo Carini vs. Marc & Mike, Charles & Adika vs. Richard & Luba HeldBubbles, Guzzler, Sinistar, Zoo Keeper and Congo BongoTrip to HawaiiGeoff Edwards
84S02E60November 14, 1983John Jr. & John Sr. Santo vs. Felicity & Zephir O'MearaPac-Man, Bump N Jump, Time Pilot, Joust and ZoarBlack WidowGeoff Edwards
85S02E61November 15, 1983TBDArabian, Wacko, Mario Bros, Congo Bongo, and Zoo KeeperAmidarGeoff Edwards
86S02E62November 16, 1983Jim Irving & Mike LevineQ*bert, Bump N Jump, Pole Position, Mario Bros. and Ms. Pac-ManBlack WidowGeoff Edwards
87S02E63November 17, 1983Troy Deponte vs. Adam TuttleMario Bros, Q*Bert, Dorodon, Berzerk, and PengoSuper ZaxxonGeoff Edwards
88S02E64November 18, 1983Tommy Russell vs. Cheyney SteiningerMazer Blazer, Black Widow, Star Wars, Arabian and Pole PositionZoo KeeperGeoff Edwards
89S03E01December 26, 1983Jo Jo Chu vs. Alex VaismanBuck Rogers, Solar Fox, Bally's Journey, Super Zaxxon, and GyrussBubblesGeoff Edwards
90S03E02December 27, 1983Donald Gibble vs. Nima TavakoliBubbles, Star Wars, Stargate, Arabian and Black WidowTac ScanGeoff Edwards
91S03E03December 28, 1983Lisa Scott vs. Eddie SonnenblickBerzerk, Space Invaders, Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong Jr. and Super CobraBuck RogersGeoff Edwards
92S03E04December 29, 1983Joe Blea vs. Sean DoppieScramble, Super Cobra, Guzzler, Time Pilot and TazzmaniaRBX5 RobotGeoff Edwards
93S03E05December 30, 1983Jeff & Jim Datzman vs. Leonard & Mark FassPro Bowling, Popeye, Mappy, Donkey Kong Jr. and GalaxianDorodonGeoff Edwards
94S03E06January 2, 1984Spencer Pon vs. David SternPole Position II and TX-1Pole Position IIGeoff Edwards
95S03E07January 3, 1984Antonine Evans & Paula Martin vs. Doug & Jeff JonesInterstellar Laser Fantasy, Dig Dug, Roc N Rope, Major Havoc and StargateMega ZoneGeoff Edwards
96S03E08January 4, 1984
Mark Spencer vs. Jason SternTrack & FieldTrack & FieldGeoff Edwards
97S03E09January 5, 1984Bob Barkovich vs. Lincoln LeeAstron Belt, Pole Position II, Dragon's Lair, Sinistar and Bega's BattleSeeburg JukeboxGeoff Edwards
98S03E10January 6, 1984Troy Correia vs. Bob GoldmanCube Quest, M.A.C.H. 3, Track & Field, Pole Position II and Bega's BattleMoon PatrolGeoff Edwards
99S03E11January 9, 1984Marisa Williams vs. Rick DiRiccoDragon's LairDragon's LairGeoff Edwards
100S03E12January 10, 1984Bill Franier vs. Owen SteenCosmic Chasm, M.A.C.H. 3, Pole Position II, Bega's Battle and Mega ZoneSeeburg JukeboxGeoff Edwards
101S03E13January 11, 1984Damon & Vicky Claussen vs. Brenda Barton & Arnie HillDonkey Kong 3, Motorace USA, Elevator Action, Juno First and Star WarsMr. Do!Geoff Edwards
102S03E14January 12, 1984Fritz Kubacky vs. Mitch HarmonCube Quest, Blaster, Star Wars, Astron Belt and Mazer BlazerMega ZoneGeoff Edwards
103S03E15January 13, 1984Andrew Garcia vs. Mark WalshCliff HangerCliff HangerGeoff Edwards
104S03E16January 16, 1984Adrienne & Michael Frumovitz vs. Michael Rak & Ted LeeMs. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Snake Pit, Pac-Man Plus and Super Pac-ManSeeburg JukeboxGeoff Edwards
105S03E17January 17, 1984Mike Grgich vs. Giles HeppertCliff Hanger, Mr. Do!, Pole Position II, Bega's Battle and Mr. Do's CastleJoustGeoff Edwards
106S03E18January 18, 1984Louise & Sean Gallagher vs. Vic & Kahn OrdonezMotorace USA, Track & Field, Tron, Spy Hunter and Pro SoccerSuper ZaxxonGeoff Edwards
107S03E19January 19, 1984Mark Critelli vs. Patrick SwartzSolar Fox, Roc N Rope, Discs Of TRON, Motorace USA and The PitFront LineGeoff Edwards
108S03E20January 20, 1984Randy Byrd & Anne Wolski vs. Noe Reyes & Marco TorresMajor Havoc, Marvin's Maze, Change Lanes, Elevator Action and Snake PitSuper ZaxxonGeoff Edwards
109S03E21January 23, 1984Mike Jr. & Mike Sr. Sadek vs. Greg & David EckSuper Astrofighter, Star Wars, Pac-Man Plus, Calipso and Tunnel HuntJoustGeoff Edwards
110S03E22January 24, 1984Royce Minikel vs. Rob ChristmanDragon's Lair, Cosmic Chasm, The Pit, Mr. Do's Castle and BlasterSeeburg JukeboxGeoff Edwards
111S03E23January 25, 1984Phil & Phillip McKnight vs. Paul & Mark LewisPole Position II, Track & Field, Change Lanes, TX-1 and Motorace USACrystal CastlesGeoff Edwards
112S03E24January 26, 1984Michael Hall vs. Tony MancillaDiscs Of TRON, Frogger, Dig Dug, Super Astrofighter and M.A.C.H. 3Moon PatrolGeoff Edwards
113S03E25January 27, 1984Wes & Ken Black vs. Vickie & Roger WheatQ*bert, Dig Dug, Bubbles, Cosmic Chasm and AnteaterStargateGeoff Edwards
114S03E26January 30, 1984
David Newberg vs. Kai KronfieldChange Lanes, M.A.C.H. 3, Dragon's Lair, Astron Belt and Robotron:2084Moon PatrolGeoff Edwards
115S03E27January 31, 1984
Mark Cronin vs. Scott SinagraAngler Dangler, Frogger, Dig Dug, Mr. Do's Castle and Discs Of TRONMega ZoneGeoff Edwards
116S03E28February 1, 1984Marlene & Charles Burrell vs. Tommy & Karen GraskewiczPro Soccer, Pac-Man, Motorace USA, Spy Hunter and Elevator ActionMr. Do!Geoff Edwards
117S03E29February 2, 1984Chris Armond vs. Hank HartgravesMr. Do's Castle, Pole Position II, Juno First, Astron Belt and M.A.C.H. 3Seeburg JukeboxGeoff Edwards
118S03E30February 3, 1984Greg Folsom vs. Beaver LoweryMotorace USA, Pole Position II, M.A.C.H. 3, TX-1 and SinistarJoustGeoff Edwards
119S03E31February 6, 1984Eric Li vs. Tom AmonDig Dug, Lady Bug, Discs Of TRON, Angler Dangler and Dragon's LairMega ZoneGeoff Edwards
120S03E32February 7, 1984Mario & Marc Domino vs. David & Mike SylvesterElevator Action, Major Havoc, Crystal Castles, Joust and Motorace USAStargateGeoff Edwards
121S03E33February 8, 1984David & Steve Everett vs. Darrell & Shawn KennedyStar Wars, Zoo Keeper, Anteater, Dorodon and Munch MobileTRONGeoff Edwards
122S03E34February 9, 1984Sabrina Britschgi vs. Bob LaiBlaster, Q*bert, Astron Belt, Super Astrofighter and StargateJoustGeoff Edwards
123S03E35February 10, 1984James Eggiman vs. Steve JonesPac-Man Plus, Mr. Do's Castle, Discs Of TRON, Cliff Hanger and Q*bertMoon PatrolGeoff Edwards
124S03E36February 13, 1984Earl Mack vs. Todd SarnerRobotron:2084, Dig Dug, Cosmic Chasm, Pole Position II and Zoo KeeperSeeburg JukeboxGeoff Edwards
125S03E37February 14, 1984Nikki & Sarah Beach vs. Laurie Schlerf & Rich VincentMajor Havoc, Elevator Action, Stargate, Joust and Roc N RopeTRONGeoff Edwards
126S03E38February 15, 1984Frank Yray vs. Andrew PinkMotorace USA, Krull, Change Lanes, Sinistar and Mazer BlazerFront LineGeoff Edwards
127S03E39February 16, 1984Bill & Louis Abronson vs. Garrett & Rett BergmarkCrystal Castles, Mazer Blazer, Astron Belt, Juno First and M.A.C.H. 3Marvin's MazeGeoff Edwards
128S03E40February 17, 1984Ivan & Jeffrey Joya vs. Chris & Brian O'LaughlinStargate, Roc N Rope, TRON, Lady Bug and Pac-Man PlusJoustGeoff Edwards
129S03E41February 20, 1984Noah & Uriah Sulley vs. Vicki & Al VenturiniFrogger, Star Wars, Zoo Keeper, Moon Patrol and Super AstrofighterAngler DanglerGeoff Edwards
130S03E42February 21, 1984Michael Alberry vs. David TamasesDragon's Lair, Krull, Pac-Man Plus, Motorace USA and Q*bertTRONGeoff Edwards
131S03E43February 22, 1984Darrin & Irene Connell vs. Jordan & Evan KochRoc N Rope, Dorodon, Solar Fox, Moon Patrol, Astron BeltJoustGeoff Edwards
132S03E44February 23, 1984Lyn & Mike Caputi vs. Jo Ann & Andy JacobsonQ*bert, Cosmic Chasm, Mazer Blazer, Moon Patrol and Angler DanglerSuper AstrofighterGeoff Edwards
133S03E45February 24, 1984Tim Jones & Danny Callahan vs. Cliff & Charlene SugawaraZoo Keeper, Calipso, Sinistar, Change Lanes, and Dig DugMoon PatrolGeoff Edwards
PilotOriginal PilotAugust 30, 1981Tom Adorno, Joel Anaya, Terry Collins, Athena Dunn, David Dyche, Paul Goydos, Kim Hammon, Todd Hendricks, Jorge Hicks, Don Jacobs, Harvey Levinger, Gordon Miller, Lynn Moshier, Randy Nomura, Mark Parish, David Paul, Jeff Prag, Sandra Schonwasser, Jim Switzer, Yvette Talley, Brad Torr, Al TorresDefender, Centipede, Pac Man, Berzerk and Donkey KongAsteroids Deluxe and Apple IIMike Eruzione
PilotPilot 2TBDNjisane Cain vs.TBDTBDTBDMike Eruzione
PilotTrebek PilotTBDNate Haas vs. TBDTBDTBDAlex Trebek

Mavis Arthur and James CarusoJames CarusoCo-creator133 Episodes
3 Pilots
Mavis Arthur and James CarusoMavis ArthurCo-creator133 Episodes
3 Pilots
Geoff EdwardsGeoff EdwardsHost - Season 2 & 3109 Episodes
Mark RichardsMark RichardsHost - Seasion 124 Episodes
Kevin McMahonKevin McMahonAnnouncer / Narrator133 Episodes
Mike EruzioneMike Eruzione1st Pilot Host2 Pilot Episodes
Alex TrebekAlex Trebek2nd Pilot Host1 Pilot Episode