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ProfileNameCategoryDateAdditional Details
Nintendo Power Line
Game Counselors
Consulting Service1987-2005Gameplay Assistance Hotline
World of NintendoMerchandise Marketing Program1989 through early 1990sParticipating Retailers:
Toys "R" Us
Pac-Man CerealFood1983General Mills
SwordQuest ChallengeContest1982-1984Video Game Contest Held By Atari
Universal City Studios vs. Nintendo LawsuitLawsuit1982Trademark Infringement
lawsuitAtari vs. Coleco LawsuitLawsuit1982Patent Infringement
Space Invaders VitaminsSupplements1981P. Leiner Nutritional Products Corporation
Pac-Man VitaminsSupplements1982Rexall Corporation
Stickers and Cards1980 Fleer Pac-Man CardsTrading Cards & Stickers1980Fleer
Nintendo Cereal SystemFood1988Ralston Purina
1983 ToppsVideo CityTrading Cards & Stickers1983Topps
1982 Topps1982 Topps Donkey Kong CardsTrading Cards & Stickers1982Topps
Valiant ComicsThe Legend of Zelda: Comic Book SeriesComic1990-19915 Issues released by Valiant Comics
The Legend of Zelda - A Comic Book Adventure Feature ImageThe Legend of Zelda – A Comic Book AdventureComic1994Promotional comic included in issue of Nintendo Magazine System (NMS)
The Adventurer - Issue 1The AdventurerMagazine1990-199613 Issues released over six years
Earthworm Jim Action Figure BoxEarthworm Jim Action FiguresAction Figures19958 Figures
1 Exclusive Mail Order Figure
1 Vehicle
The Legend of Zelda Animated Series Feature ImageThe Legend Of Zelda Animated SeriesTelevision - Cartoon1989First-Run Syndication
1 Seasons
13 Episodes
Sears Store FrontSearsRetailer1893-PresentTele-Games
Video Arcade
Video Arcade II
Super Video Arcade
Donkey Kong Cereal Box 2Donkey Kong CerealFood1982Ralston Purina
Pac-Man FeverMusic19821 - Pac-Man Fever
2 - Froggy's Lament
3 - Ode To A Centipede
4 - Do The Donkey Kong
5 - Hyperspace
6 - The Defender
7 - MouseTrap
8 - Goin' Berzerk
Mario Pack1989 Nintendo Game Pack 2nd SeriesTrading Cards & Stickers1989O-Pee-Chee
Nintendo Game Pack 11989 Nintendo Game PackTrading Cards & Stickers1989Topps
Pocket Power CoverPocket PowerMagazine1989-1990Limited edition magazine distributed at theatres for the movie The Wizard
The Wizard Movie PosterThe WizardMovie1989Starring Fred Savage
Nintendo Fun Club News Issue 1Nintendo Fun ClubNewsletter1987-19887 Issues released over 2 years
Super Mario Bros. 2Nintendo PowerMagazine1988-2012285 Issues released over 24 years
First Issue released July/August 1988
Last Issue released December 2012
Toys R Us Store Close UpToys R UsRetailer1948-2018International Retail Giant
1,450 locations world wide during its height
Captain N - The Game Master 3Captain N: The Game MasterTelevision - Cartoon1989-1991Aired on NBC
3 Seasons
34 Episodes
Saturday Supercade CharactersSaturday SupercadeTelevision - Cartoon1983-1984Aired on CBS
2 Seasons
26 Episodes
Video Power Logo2Video PowerTelevision - Game Show1990-1992Syndication
2 Seasons
83 Episodes
Starcade ContestantsStarcadeTelevision - Game Show
1982-1984Aired on TBS
3 Seasons
133 Episodes