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ProfileNameCategoryDateAdditional Details:
NEO GEO ConsoleNeo Geo AESHome ConsoleJP: July 1, 1991
NA: July 1, 1991
EU: 1991
Fourth Generation
Neo Geo MVSArcade SystemJP: April 26, 1990
NA: August 22, 1990
EU: 1991
Fourth Generation
64DDAdd-OnJP: December 13, 1999Fifth Generation
Sega CDAdd-OnJP: Dec 12, 1991
NA: Oct 15, 1992
EU: April 2, 1993
Fourth Generation
Coleco Tabletop Arcade CollectionHandheld1982-1983Second Generation
ColecoVisionHome ConsoleNA: August 1982
EU: July 1983
Second Generation
Super Game BoyAccessory / PeripheralJP: June 14, 1994
NA: June 1994
EU: 1994
Fourth Generation
3DO Console3DO Interactive MultiplayerHome ConsoleNA: Oct 4, 1993
JP: Mar 20, 1994
EU: June 11, 1994
Fifth Generation
J-CartCartridge1994-1996Fourth Generation
Virtual BoyVirtual BoyPortable / HandheldJP: July 21, 1995
NA: Aug 14, 1995
Fifth Generation
Brown BoxPrototype1968Pre-First Generation
Spacewar!Computer Technology DemoApril 1962Pre-First Generation
Atari VCS Feature ImageAtari VCSHome ConsoleNA: Sept 11, 1977
EU: 1978
JP: October 1983
Second Generation
Magnavox OdysseyHome ConsoleNA: Sept 1972
EU: 1973
First Generation
Tennis for Two OscilloscopeTennis For TwoComputer Technology DemoOctober 18, 1958Pre-First Generation
Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (EDSAC)OXOComputer Technology Demo1952Pre-First Generation
NES Game Genie Galoob BoxGame GenieAccessory / PeripheralNES – 1990
Genesis / SNES – 1992
Game Boy -1993
Game Gear – 1994
Hardware Manipulation Device
Mega Jet Console FrontMega JetHandheldJP: 1993Fourth Generation
Nomad ConsoleNomadHandheldNA: 1995Fifth Generation
Sega VR HeadsetSega VRAdd-onCancelledFourth Generation
Sega 32X Feature Image32XAdd-onNA: 1994
JP: 1994
EU: 1995
Fourth Generation
Nimrod Feature ImageNimrodComputer Technology DemoMay 5, 1951Pre-First Generation
Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement DeviceInteractive Electronic Game
January 25, 1947Pre-First Generation
Sega Game GearGame GearHandheldJP: 1990
NA: 1991
EU: 1991
Fourth Generation
Vectrex ConsoleVectrexHome ConsoleNA: 1982
EU: 1983
JP: 1983
Second Generation
The Justifier BoxThe JustifierLight GunJP: 1992
EU: 1992
NA: 1992
Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
Sega CD / Mega CD
Nintendo Entertainment System
PlayStation 2
NES Advantage BoxNES AdvantageArcade Style ControllerNA: 1987Nintendo Entertainment System Controller
Turbo and Slow Motion Features
Sega Master System ConsoleSega Master SystemHome ConsoleJP: 1985
NA: 1986
EU: 1987
BR: 1989
Third Generation
Fairchild-Channel-F-System-II-ConsolebFairchild Channel FHome ConsoleNA: 1976
JP: 1977
EU: 1980
Second Generation
TurboGrafx 16 ConsoleTurboGrafx-16Home ConsoleJP: 1987
NA: 1989
Fourth Generation
Game & Watch - BallGame & WatchHandheld1980-1991Introduced the D-Pad
Introduced the use of multiple displays
Power Glove BoxPower GloveMotion Gesture Controller1989Manufactured by Mattel
Zapper Grey BoxZapperLight GunJP: 1984
NA: 1985
Known as the Beam Gun in Japan
Nintendo Entertainment System Console3rd Gen ConsolesHome Consoles1983-1991Overview of the 3rd video game console hardware generation
Atari 2600 Woodgain2nd Gen ConsolesHome Consoles
1976-1984Overview of the 2nd video game console hardware generation
Magnavox Odyssey Feature Image1st Gen ConsolesHome Consoles1972-1978Overview of the 1st video game console hardware generation
Video Game PlatformsVideo Game Console GenerationsHome Consoles
1972-2021List of all major console and handheld releases from the 1st through the 9th hardware generation