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WWF Superstars BoxWWF Superstars is a wrestling video game developed by Rare and published by LJN for the Game Boy.  The game is based on the World Wrestling Federation syndicated television show WWF Superstars of Wrestling which aired in syndication from 1986 until 1996.  Released in 1991 the game is the first WWF licensed wrestling game released for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Players have the ability to choose between five popular WWF wrestlers: Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect and the Million Dollar Man.  All five wrestlers have the same moves with the exception of individual strike attacks.  The moveset consists of attack moves such as punches and kicks, a bodyslam, grappling moves such as a piledriver and suplex, ground attacks such as elbow and knee drops, Irish whip moves such as clotheslines and dropkicks and flying turnbuckle moves such as elbows and knee drops.

Once a player selects one of the five available wrestlers, they must defeat the other four wrestlers in a series of matches to be named the WWF World Heavyweight Champion.  Before each match, the wrestlers confront each other in a promo before entering the ring and after the match Vince McMahon summarizes the match.  The development team incorporated a multiplayer mode where friends could compete against each other using two Game Boys connected with a Game Link Cable.

The game was fairly popular upon release and was successful enough for LJN to fund the development of a sequel.  WWF Superstars 2 released the following year in 1992 and was developed by Sculptured Software.

Publisher(s)LJN (NA, EU)
Hot-B (JP)
License OwnerWorld Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
SeriesLJN WWF Superstars
SuccessorWWF Superstars 2
Platform(s)Game Boy
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseNA: April 1991
EU: 1991
JP: February 14, 1992
Development TimeTBD
RatingPre-Dates ESRB
Rereleased Platform(s)None

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