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WWF No Mercy BoxWWF No Mercy is a wrestling video game developed by Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI Corporation for the Nintendo 64 and published by THQ. Based on the World Wrestling Federation’s annual pay-per-view event of the same name, No Mercy was the last in a series of Nintendo 64 wrestling games published by THQ. A series that started with the release of WCW vs. nWo: World Tour in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 and continued with annual releases for four consecutive years.

The game features various improvements over its predecessors such as improved graphics, the incorporation of a “Championship” mode that allows players to participate in various storylines and a more in-depth character creation mode. The improvements implemented in the game, combined with the series’ beloved grappling control scheme and gameplay mechanics made No Mercy one of the best wrestling games of its time and is still regarded by many as the best wrestling game ever made.

Featuring a total of 74 playable characters made up of 53 wrestlers to start off with and 21 unlockable characters. In addition to the massive roster of wrestlers that were implemented into the game the development team included 10 arenas. The weekly show arenas of Raw and SmackDown were included along with six pay-per-view arenas, SummerSlam, No Mercy, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble Wrestlemania, and King of the Ring. Two additional pay-per-view arenas, Armageddon and Backlash can be unlocked to provide a total of ten playable arenas. Backstage areas were incorporated into the game, allowing players to fight in locations such as a bar, boiler room, hallway, locker room and parking lot.

A multitude of gameplay styles ranging from singles match to a royal rumble and even Steel cage and ladder matches made the game one of the most versatile wrestling games released. WWF No Mercy was very well received upon release, critically acclaimed by media outlets and became one of the best-selling titles for the Nintendo 64.

WWF No Mercy Logo
Developer(s)Asmik Ace Entertainment
AKI Corporation
License OwnerWorld Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
SeriesTHQ Wrestling
PredecessorWWF WrestleMania 2000
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseNA: November 17, 2000
EU: December 15, 2000
Development TimeTBD
Sales1.19 Million
RatingESRB: T
PEGI: 15+
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Nintendo 64 (North American Release)

Nintendo 64 (European Release)

Profile PlaceholderShuji YoshidaExecutive Producer
Profile PlaceholderHideyuki IwashitaDirector
Profile PlaceholderShunsuke KatsumataAssistant Director
Profile PlaceholderDaichi TakeuchiDirection Support
3D Animation
Menu Design Support
Profile PlaceholderMasaaki KudouMain Programmer
Profile PlaceholderKatsuyo MotegiMenu Programmer
Profile PlaceholderYoshiyuki OdakaAI Programmer
Profile PlaceholderShika NakayamaSequence Programmer
Profile PlaceholderHiro AbeTechnical Support
Profile PlaceholderKenji KimuraGraphic Director
Profile PlaceholderKazuki Nishida3D Animation
Profile PlaceholderMakoto Fukahori3D Animation
Profile PlaceholderYoshiyuki Oshikiri3D Animation
Profile PlaceholderYen Miyairi3D Animation
Profile PlaceholderMasakazu Kato3D Animation
Profile PlaceholderKoji ItohWrestler Modeling & Wrestler Texture Chief
Profile PlaceholderKazuhiro IchimuraWrestler Texture
Profile PlaceholderYoshihiro NakagawachiWrestler Texture
Menu Design Support
Profile PlaceholderKazuhito ToyamaWrestler Texture Support
Profile PlaceholderKayoko ShibasakiWrestler Texture Support
Profile PlaceholderYuuya AdachiWrestler Texture Support
Profile PlaceholderYoshihiro MatsuyamaWrestler Texture Support
Profile PlaceholderYuichi KishikawaBG Model, Item & Texture
Profile PlaceholderShin KabeyaBG Model, Item & Texture
Profile PlaceholderYuri SatoBG Model, Item & Texture
Profile PlaceholderYuko KobaMenu Design
Profile PlaceholderKōji NiikuraMusic Composer & Converter
Profile PlaceholderYukie SugawaraSound Effect Edit & Design
Profile PlaceholderSatoshi FurukawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMuneshige IkeshitaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHiroya TamuraSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMegumi HasegawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderAsami NishidaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderAki ShimadaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHiromi IshimaruSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMasahiko HorasawaDirector (Mickey's Company)
Profile PlaceholderRob CrockerVoice (Mickey's Company)
Profile PlaceholderMitsuo SugiuraTesters
Profile PlaceholderAtsuyuki MasudaTesters
Profile PlaceholderDaishi OoishiTesters
Profile PlaceholderToshikazu TozawaTesters
Profile PlaceholderKouji TanakaTesters
Profile PlaceholderSyoutarou KunihiroTesters
Jim BooneJim BooneExecutive Producer
Sanders KeelSanders KeelProducer
Michael SparksMichael SparksAssistant Producers
Profile PlaceholderYasutaka AsakuraAssistant Producers
Craig RechenmacherCraig RechenmacherProduct Manager
Christopher E. SturrChristopher E. SturrAssociate Product Manager
Donn W. NauertDonn W. NauertDirectors of Q&A
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