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WCW/nWo Revenge is a wrestling video game developed by Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI Corporation for the Nintendo 64 and published by THQ.  The game is a follow up to the immensely popular WCW vs nWo: World Tour release the year prior in 1997.  The game once again utilizes the World Championship Wrestling brand during its height of popularity and builds upon the revolutionary gameplay mechanics that were implemented in World Tour.

The development of the game began under the title WCW/nWo Live and was later changed to WCW/nWo Revenge.  In early 1998 THQ had two separate wrestling games in development, one for the Nintendo 64, WCW/nWo Live and one for the PlayStation, WCW/nWo Revenge.   The PlayStation game was being developed by Japanese game studio Yuke’s and was originally given the title WCW/nWo Revenge.

While the games were in development THQ made the decision to switch the name of the games.  The N64 game would be renamed to WCW/nWo Revenge while the PlayStation game would use the title WCW/nWo Live.   It is unknown why THQ made the decision to swap the name of the games around especially after marketing material for the games were already being made.

An advertisement for WCW/nWo Live for the Nintendo 64 was published before THQ made the decision to rename the game.  While the Nintendo 64 title would continue forward with development just under a revised name, the PlayStation game would ultimately be cancelled after spending several months in development until the WCW/nWo Live title.

Developer(s)Asmik Ace Entertainment
AKI Corporation
License OwnerWorld Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
SeriesTHQ Wrestling
PredecessorWCW vs. nWo: World Tour
SuccessorWWF WrestleMania 2000
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseNA: October 26, 1998
EU: November 30, 1998
Sales1.88 million
RatingESRB: E
Rereleased Platform(s)None
Advertisement for the N64 game before it was renamed to WCW/nWo Revenge

Revenge featured AKI’s revolutionary grappling system which was extremely simple to learn and allowed for a variety of moves to be preformed based on the selected wrestler’s wrestling style.  The continued use of the grappling system along with improved graphics, extended roster and newly added features expanded the popular of the THQ Wrestling series.  The game was praised by critics upon release and was a tremendous commercial success becoming the best-selling wrestling game for the Nintendo 64.

The game would become THQ’s swan song for WCW based wrestling games on the Nintendo 64.  During the game’s development, the Monday Night Wrestling Wars were starting to move in favour of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and during development THQ announced that they have chose not to renew its license to publish WCW games.   Despite the WCW brand losing popularity in the Monday Night Wars WCW/nWo Revenge was generally recognized as the best wrestling game of 1998.

After THQ’s World Championship Wrestling license agreement expired Electronic Arts signed a five-year exclusive deal with WCW to release wrestling games starting in 1999.  THQ opted to sign a contract with the World Wrestling Federation to utilize the WWF brand for future wrestling titles.  Revenge was the last Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI Corporation developed WCW game for the Nintendo 64.  The development team continued to build upon the core gameplay mechanics and features they introduced in their previous WCW based games and began creating games using the WWF brand.   Their next wrestling game for the Nintendo 64 was WWF WrestleMania 2000.

Revenge surpassed the success of its predecessor, World Tour and is regarded as one of the best wrestling games and the best WCW based wrestling game on any platform.  Within a month, the game became the best-selling console game in North America and ended up selling over 1.88 million copies in North America.

Game Screenshots:

Game Intro & Commercials

Main Features:

  • Over 60 Wrestlers (including 50 Superstars from WCW and NWO) with their unique signature entrances, moves, and taunts.
  • Pumping four player action with Rumble Pak support for thudding realism.
  • Customize your favourite wrestler and prepare to rumble with the best.
  • Real events, including "Bash at the Beach" and "Starcade".
  • Advanced game engine giving smoother animations, faster speed and improved character AI.
  • Instant replay feature to show off your deadly finishing moves.
  • 40-man "Battle Royal" mode - the winner takes all!
  • Full user statistics - tracking win/loss/tie records for each wrestler.


  • Monday Nitro
  • Souled Out (Souled Out '98 - Hara Arena - Dayton, OH)
  • SuperBrawl (SuperBrawl VIII - Cow Palace - San Francisco, California)
  • Bash at the Beach (Bash at the Beach '97 - Ocean Center - Daytona Beach, Florida)
  • Halloween Havoc (Halloween Havoc '97 - MGM Grand Garden Arena - paradise, Nevada)
  • Starrcade (Starrcade '97 - MCI Center - Washington, D.C.)


  • nWo White

    • Hollywood Hogan
    • Giant
    • Brian Adams
    • Scott Hall
    • Scott Norton
    • Buff Bagwell
    • Eric Bischoff
    • Scott Steiner
    • Curt Henning (Unlockable)
  •  nWo Red

    • Kevin Nash
    • Sting
    • Lex Luger
    • Macho Man Randy Savage
    • Konnan
  • The Flock

    • Raven
    • Lodi
    • Riggs
    • Sick Boy
    • Reese
    • Kidman (Unlockable)
  • WCW 1

    • Roddy Piper (Unlockable)
    • Diamond Dallas Page
    • Goldberg
    • Bret Hart
    • Chris Benoit
    • Rick Steiner
    • Fit Finley
    • Booker T
  • WCW 2

    • Saturn 
    • Disco Inferno
    • Jim Neidhart
    • British Bulldog
    • Glacier
    • Meng (Unlockable)
    • Van Hammer
    • Kanyon (Unlockable) / Mortis (Hidden)
  • WCW 3

    • Yugi Nagata
    • Larry Zbysko
    • Barbarian (Unlockable)
    • La Parka
    • Stevie Ray
    • Wrath (Unlockable via Game Shark/Pro Action Replay)
  • WCW 4

    • Chris Jericho
    • Eddy Guerrero
    • Psychosis
    • Rey Misterio Jr.
    • Dean Malenko
    • Juventud Guerrera
    • Ultimo Dragon
    • Chavo Guerrero Jr.
    • Alex Wright
  • EWF

    • AKI Man / THQ Man (Hidden)
    • Shogun
    • Executioner
    • Dr. Frank
    • Jekel
    • Maya Inca Boy
  • DAW

    • Hawk Hana
    • Kim Chee
    • Dake Ken
    • Brickowski
    • Ming Chee
    • Han Zo Ma
  • Managers (NPC)

    • Jimmy Hart (Accompanies Meng & Barbarian)
    • Kimberly Page (Accompanies Diamond Dallas Page)
    • Miss Elizabeth (Accompanies Eric Bishoff & Macho Man Randy Savage)
    • Vincent (Accompanies Scott Norton, Scott Steiner & Brian Adams)
    • Rick Rude (Accompanies Curt Hennig)
    • Dusty Rhodes (Accompanies Scott Hall)
    • Sonny Onoo (Accompanies Yuji Nagata)

Profile PlaceholderShuji YoshidaExecutive Producer
Profile PlaceholderGeta SanDirector
Profile PlaceholderTakeAssistant Director
Profile PlaceholderHiro AbeN64 System Program
3D System Program
Sound Program
Profile PlaceholderMasaaki KudouMain Program
Profile PlaceholderShika NakayamaMenu Program
Opening & Ending Program
Profile PlaceholderMuneshige IkeshitaMenu Design
Gate Model
Texture Design
Wrestler Texture Design
Profile PlaceholderYoshihiro NakagawachiWrestler Texture Design
Information Design
Profile PlaceholderKenji KimuraGraphic Director
Profile PlaceholderBenOpening Design & Direction
Ending Design & Direction
Music Director
Kazuhito ToyamaWrestler Modeling
Texture Administrator
Wrestler Model and Texture
Kazuki Nishida3D Animation
Opening 3D Animation
Shunsuke Katsumata3D Animation
Makoto Fukahori3D Animation
Taku KonoSpecial Effects
Kōji NiikuraMusic Composer
Yukie SugawaraSound Effects
Sound Editing
Michihiro ItoSound Effects
Guy PerrymanVoice Overs
Yasuaki SumiStudio Management
Megumi HasegawaSpecial Thanks
Mayumi OgawaSpecial Thanks
Kazuhiro IchimuraSpecial Thanks
Kunihiko ShimizuTesting
Katsuyo MotegiTesting
Jun MorookaTesting
Takeshi KajiiProducer
Yoshinobu SatoPromotion Staff
Toshihide ŌnishiPromotion Staff
Shunsuke WadaPromotion Staff
Masashi SuzukiPromotion Staff
Maki KazunoPromotion Staff
Mikio OnoProduct Staff
Junko HosoyaProduct Staff
Hiroaki KaiExective Producer
Steve RynoVP of Product Development
Dave HoffmanProducer
Sanders KeelAssociate Producer
Germaine GioiaVP of Marketing
John ArdellProduct Manager
Kirk SomdalAssociate Product Manager
Donn W. NauertDirector of Quality Assurance
Edward J. RamiroLead Tester
Carlos RamirezTesting
Victor BironTesting
James RitchieTesting
Jun Jun CalivaTesting
Eric FeldmanTesting
Jason PredmoreTesting
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