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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Uncharted Drake's Fortune BoxUncharted: Drake’s Fortune is an Action-Adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 video game console. This is the first installment in the Uncharted series and has became one of the PlayStation 3 best selling games, selling over 4.97 million copies.

Full development of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune began in 2005 lasting for two years, with a small team of resources working on the game for a year beforehand on the script, scenarios and concepts. Naughty Dog drew inspiration from various sources in the action and adventure genres such as movie serials from the 1930s and more contemporary titles like Indiana Jones.

Drake’s Fortune covers the journey of Nathan Drake, supposed descendant of the English explorer Francis Drake, as he seeks the lost treasure of El Dorade with the help of journalist Elena Fisher and friend Victor Sullivan. The game has seen great success leading to a game franchise consisting of many sequels and spin off games.

Developer(s)Naughty Dog
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
SuccessorUncharted 2: Among Thieves
Platform(s)PlayStation 3
Media TypeOptical Disc (Blu-ray)
Digital Download
ReleaseJP: December 6, 2007
NA: November 19, 2007
EU: December 7, 2007
Third-Person Shooter
Development Time3 Years
RatingCERO: C
PEGI: 16+
Rereleased Platform(s)Compilation
PlayStation 4 (Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection) – 2015

Game Screenshots:

The Making of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Behind the Scenes

Evan WellsEvan WellsCo‑presidents
Christophe BalestraChristophe BalestraCo‑presidents
Bob RafeiBob RafeiArt Directors
Bruce StraleyBruce StraleyArt Directors
Amy HennigAmy HennigGame Director
Lead Writer
Pål-Kristian EngstadPål-Kristian EngstadLead Programmers
Dan LiebgoldDan LiebgoldLead Programmers
Travis McIntoshTravis McIntoshLead Programmers
Erick PangilinanErick PangilinanLead Environment Artists
Profile PlaceholderRobert AdamsLead Environment Artists
Bruce SwansonBruce SwansonAudio Lead
Josh ScherrJosh ScherrLead Cinematic Animator
Jeremy YatesJeremy YatesLead In‑Game Animator
Richard LemarchandRichard LemarchandLead Game Designer
Michael HatfieldMichael HatfieldLead Prop Artist
Toby ToblerToby ToblerLead Lighting Artist
Judd SimantovJudd SimantovArt Technical Lead
Richard DiamantRichard DiamantLead Character Artist
Justin MonastJustin MonastDirector of Information Technology
Christopher ChristensenChristopher ChristensenProgrammers
Jonathan LanierJonathan LanierProgrammers
Sergiy MigdalskiySergiy MigdalskiyProgrammers
Carlos Gonzalez-OchoaCarlos Gonzalez-OchoaProgrammers
Richard LambRichard LambProgrammers
Marshall RobinMarshall RobinProgrammers
Fengquan WangFengquan WangProgrammers
Charles TangoraCharles TangoraProgrammers
Christian GyrlingChristian GyrlingProgrammers
John BellomyJohn BellomyProgrammers
Jason GregoryJason GregoryProgrammers
Lucas PopeLucas PopeProgrammers
Ian JonesIan JonesProgrammers
Profile PlaceholderJeff ShafferProgrammers
Eric IwasakiEric A. IwasakiTechnical Shader Artist
Eric BaldwinEric BaldwinCinematic Animators
Kion PhillipsCinematic Animators
Van PhanCinematic Animators
Troy SloughIn‑game Animation
Michael YoshIn‑game Animation
John KimIn‑game Animation
Don PooleEnvironment Modelers
Reuben ShahEnvironment Modelers
Henry ChengEnvironment Modelers
Brian PatenaudeEnvironment Modelers
Teagan MorrisonEnvironment Modelers
Santiago Gutiérrez CortésEnvironment Modelers
Christophe DesseEnvironment Modelers
Hirokazu YasuharaGame Design
Neil DruckmannGame Design
Philippe MorinGame Design
Benson RussellGame Design
Jane MullaneyProp Modelers
Paul MoyaProp Modelers
Inkyo LeeProp Modelers
Charlotte Francis MorganShader/Texture Artists
Malcolm HeeShader/Texture Artists
Tate MosesianShader/Texture Artists
Behrooz RoozbehShader/Texture Artists
Cory HamiltonShader/Texture Artists
Vicki LiuShader/Texture Artists
John GermannShader/Texture Artists
Christian NakataShader/Texture Artists
Darcy KorchShader/Texture Artists
Nichol NormanShader/Texture Artists
Omar GaticaLighting Artist 
Ryan TrowbridgeTechnical Artist
Ricardo ArizaCharacter Artists
Tyler BreonCharacter Artists
Shaddy SafadiConcept Artists
Robh RuppelConcept Artists
Michael FadolloneEffects Artists
Troy AdamEffects Artists
Matthew MorganEffects Artists
Ammie PuckettLocalization Manager
Taylor KurosakiAudio / Video Editor
Charles DeLaySystems Administrator
Conner MorlangQA Manager
Christine KorkoszDirector of Operations
Victoria FortsonOffice Associate
David SimpsonICE Team
Manny KoICE Team
Swaminathan NarayananICE Team
Jason HughesICE Team
Cort StrattonICE Team
Jason ScanlinICE Team
Boris BatkinICE Team
Mohammad S. BorujeniICE Team
Shan-Min ChaoICE Team
Andrew CoveICE Team
Cédric LallainICE Team
Bryan McNettICE Team
Mark CernyAdditional Game Design
Additional Programming
PogoCompany Mascot, Morale Builder and Food Patrol
Erwin MadridPre-Visualization & Concept Design
Kory HeinzenPre-Visualization & Concept Design
Phu T. GiangAdditional Concept Design
Hugo MartinAdditional Concept Design
Michael YamadaAdditional Concept Design
Felix YoonAdditional Concept Design
Greg EdmonsonMusic Composed by
David J. WittersAdditional Lighting (Cinematics)
Daniel BarkerAdditional Animation
Robert BlyeAdditional Animation
Shamil RasizadeAdditional Animation
Brian RobisonAdditional Animation
Mike HaAdditional Sound
Michael CalozAdditional Design (Scripting)
John EdwardsAdditional Effects
Taylor MollAdditional Shading/Texture
Adam RootQA Team
Dennis KuzminQA Team
Josh HarrisonQA Team
Joshua MacDonaldQA Team
Michael HourihanQA Team
Nick MurphyQA Team
Phillph DrummondQA Team
Robert HargravesQA Team
Ronnie JunQA Team
Ryan SorokoQA Team
Tony BlackQA Team
Vic AlvaradoQA Team
Warren PriceQA Team
E. Daniel AreyAdditional Writing
Flint DilleScript Writing Services by
Stephen D. WhiteA Very Special Thanks
All of Naughty Dog's Friends and FamilyExtra Special Thanks
Laurent AncessiSpecial Thanks
Naty HoffmanSpecial Thanks
Edwin RosellSpecial Thanks
Brian BeppuSpecial Thanks
David KaplanSpecial Thanks
Juan RubioSpecial Thanks
Frank BonniwellSpecial Thanks
Young KimSpecial Thanks
Elan RuskinSpecial Thanks
Herman ChengSpecial Thanks
Matt KimballSpecial Thanks
Scott ShumakerSpecial Thanks
Eyal ErezSpecial Thanks
Mark KoernerSpecial Thanks
Ben StragnellSpecial Thanks
Vitaliy GenkinSpecial Thanks
John LippincottSpecial Thanks
Alex VlachosSpecial Thanks
Andrew GilmourSpecial Thanks
Adam MarquisSpecial Thanks
Ben WestonSpecial Thanks
Rolf HendriksSpecial Thanks
Greg OmiSpecial Thanks
Noah SteinSpecial Thanks
David PengSpecial Thanks
Lance PowellSpecial Thanks
Sony Santa MonicaThanks
Insomniac GamesThanks
Guerrilla GamesThanks
Ready At Dawn StudiosThanks
Sucker Punch ProductionsThanks
Media MoleculeThanks
Zipper InteractiveThanks
Incognito GamesThanks
Digital Artist ManagementThanks
Jason RubinThanks
Andy GavinThanks
Nolan NorthNolan NorthVoice Actor (Nathan Drake)
Emily RoseEmily RoseVoice Actor (Elena Fisher)
Richard McGonagleRichard McGonagleVoice Actor (Victor Sullivan)
Simon TemplemanSimon TemplemanVoice Actor (Gabriel Roman)
Robin Atkin DownesRobin Atkin DownesVoice Actor (Atoq Navarro)
James SieJames SieVoice Actor (Eddy Raja)
George Kee CheungVoice Actor (Pirates)
Tim DangVoice Actor (Pirates)
Michael HagiwaraVoice Actor (Pirates)
Matt Yang KingVoice Actor (Pirates)
Andrew KishinoVoice Actor (Pirates)
Bruce LockeVoice Actor (Pirates)
Ron YuanVoice Actor (Pirates)
David AgranovVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Gregg A. BergerVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
David BeronVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Jesse CortiVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Carlos FerroVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Yuri LowenthalVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Marco RodriguezVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Damien ValenciaVoice Actor (Mercenaries)
Steven Jay BlumVoice Actor (Descendents)
Fred TatascioreVoice Actor (Descendents)
Melissa BarkerStunt Performers
Richard DortonStunt Performers
Mike MukatisStunt Performers
Matt MullinsStunt Performers
Tikiman Casting & ProductionAdditional Casting
Gordon HuntMocap & Voice Direction
Dave WeathersPresident (Technicolor Interactive Studios)
Michael GollomVice President (Technicolor Interactive Studios)
Chan ParkSenior Director (Technicolor Interactive Studios)
Munir HaddadDirector Sales & Marketing
Joseph McGuffinSr Art Development Manager
Stephen Fedasz IVCreative Director
Robert CastanedaAnimation Director
Ivan GlazeProducer
Eric KovatsAssociate Producer
Brad StarleafProduction Coordinator
Roger SetoLead Animator
Martin LeeperAnimators
Daniel GodinezAnimators
Paola LeclerAnimators
Thomas EstradaAnimators
Jose HernandezAnimators
Dan GoldmanAnimators
Marianne HaydenAnimators
Jean LinAnimators
Mark VillagraciaAnimators
Thimothy IngersollAnimators
Kent CulottaAnimators
Lindsey ButterworthAnimators
Steven LoAnimators
Melissa ThompsonAnimators
David VodhanelSr. Engineer
Todd HawkinsSystems Engineer
Tom HaysDirector of Audio Services
Mark JasperSupervising Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer
Frank SzickSound Designers
Lydian ToneSound Designers
Brian FredricksonSound Designers
Morgan GerhardADR Recording
David WalshADR Recording
David FiskLocation Recording & Sound Editing
Elizabeth JohnsonAssistant Editors
Jake WorthingtonAssistant Editors
Jody BerglundFoley Walker
Darren MannFoley Engineers
Bruce MichaelsFoley Engineers
Gary RobertsVP Production
Scott GagainExecutive Producer
Greta AndersonAssociate Producer
Sean StanekShoot Supervisor
Christopher BellaciProduction Manager
Amy CalcoteTechnical Producer
Andre LopezCapture Operator
Andre PetrossianQA Leads
Trisha BarrettQA Leads
Troy ReynoldsQA Leads
Vincent ArgentineQA Leads
Nikola DupkanicVideo Leads
Brent MasonVideo Leads
Video Production
Phoebe SouzaProduction Assistants
David BaxProduction Assistants
Adam LaneVideo Production
Freddie TaylorVideo Production
Nat McCormickVideo Production
Matt RuggieriVideo Production
Mike PilleroVideo Production
Elysa SachsVideo Production
Rich BrigliaVideo Production
Robin ChartersVideo Production
Nathaniel BuzolicVideo Production
David SelleVideo Production
Hallie LaneVideo Production
Phil HarrisonPresident (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Additional Thanks
Shuhei YoshidaSenior Vice President of Product Development
Special Thanks
Connie BoothDirector of Product Development
Grady HuntDirector of Development
Frank SimonSenior Producer
Sam ThompsonLine Producers
Greg PhillipsLine Producers
Caley RobertsAssistant Producer
Buzz BurrowesSenior Director of Tools, Technology & Services
David MurrantDirector of Service Groups
Edward LernerDirector of Tools and Technology
Dave MenconiTools and Technology
Robert J. MicalTools and Technology
John MorganTools and Technology
Alex RosenbergTools and Technology
Drew ThalerTools and Technology
Charles ConnoySenior Director, Global Platform
Ritchard MarkelzDirector of First Party Quality Assurance
Jeremy HunterQA Test Manager
Ara DemirjianQA Test Supervisors
Andrew WoodworthQA Test Supervisors
James W. HarperGame Test Engineers
Victor HarrisGame Test Engineers
Jonathan QuiloQuality Assurance Analysts
Ayinde BennQuality Assurance Analysts
York GaskinsQuality Assurance Analysts
Terrell LavenderQuality Assurance Analysts
Brian PfeilerQuality Assurance Analysts
Joseph AnchetaContingent Game Test Analysts
Adam BenedictContingent Game Test Analysts
Lazarus BerryContingent Game Test Analysts
Scott M. BlakeContingent Game Test Analysts
Matt CateContingent Game Test Analysts
Breanna ChaparroContingent Game Test Analysts
Alex ChelsonContingent Game Test Analysts
Marcus HaroldContingent Game Test Analysts
Gabrielle R. KaznikContingent Game Test Analysts
Tyler KnootContingent Game Test Analysts
Miles LimberisContingent Game Test Analysts
Sean LavenderContingent Game Test Analysts
Jason SampognaroContingent Game Test Analysts
Ryan ShewContingent Game Test Analysts
Tuan PhanContingent Game Test Analysts
Daunje RobinsonContingent Game Test Analysts
Devon ValesContingent Game Test Analysts
Brandon D. WaltonContingent Game Test Analysts
Anthony Sa WangContingent Game Test Analysts
David L. YenContingent Game Test Analysts
Ranel Del PilarContingent Game Test Analysts
Jim WallaceSenior Manager, QA Project Management
Eric IppolitoManager, QA Project Management
Justin FloresSenior QA Project Coordinator
Jesse ReiterQA Project Coordinator
Chuck DoudDirector of Music
Clint BajakianSenior Music Supervisor
Jonathan MayerMusic Supervisor
Music Mixing and Editing
Marc SenasacAssociate Music Supervisors
Music Mixing and Editing
Joel YargerAssociate Music Supervisors
Music Mixing and Editing
Scott HanauMusic Production Associates
Ernest JohnsonMusic Production Associates
Alex HackfordA&R
Jason SwanManager, Music and Licensing
Justin FieldsSr Music Licensing Coordinator
Tammy TsuyukiAssociate Music Producer
Nathan BrenholdtAdditional Sound Design
Jeff DarbyAdditional Sound Design
Derrick EspinoAdditional Sound Design
Marc FarlyAdditional Sound Design
Ken FeltonAdditional Sound Design
Michael JohnsonAdditional Sound Design
Kurt KellenbergerAdditional Sound Design
Phillip A. KovatsSound Design Manager
Additional Sound Design
Alan SteinbergerMusic Arranged by
J. Eric SchmidtOrchestration
Orchestra Conducted by
Janet KetchumOrchestral Contractor
Leslie Ann JonesScoring Engineer
Dann ThompsonAssistant Engineers
Robert GatleyAssistant Engineers
Kyle GrayFloor Assistant
Andre J. H. ZweersPro Tools Recordist
Clayton WoodTechnical Engineer
Gene SemelSenior Sound Design Manager
Paul M. FoxSenior Sound Designer / Lead Sound Design
Davina MackeyProject Manager
PD Service Group Support Project Manager
Angelica GardeMusic Department Assistant
Gary BarthSenior Producer
Sean ThomasSenior Video Producer
Corinne LucasAssociate Producer
Ryan MacPheeProduction Coordinator
Jacquie Shriver SladeckAdditional Dialog Coordination
Kathryn TunisSenior Administrator
Shawn LaydenVice President (SCE Europe)
Sean KellyDirector of International Software Development
Elodie HummelProducer 
Anna WojewódzkaProject Assets Manager
David ParkinsonHead of First Party Quality Assurance
Sarah ShawFirst Party Quality Assurance Coordinator
Gareth SpencerTest Manager
Jim McCabeFunctional Testing Supervisors
Martin HoughtonFunctional Testing Lead
Paul KellyFunctional Testers
Steven KellyFunctional Testers
Stephen QuayleFunctional Testers
Paul FrenchTRC Testing Supervisor
John HaleTRC Testing Leads
David HillTRC Testing Leads
Graham PriceTRC Testers
Daniel GilesTRC Testers
Lee JonesTRC Testers
Donald ShallcrossTRC Testers
Mark WarburtonTRC Testers
John CarterTRC Testers
Greg MuntTRC Testers
Lee ChampionTRC Testers
Brandon ConleyTRC Testers
Wayne QuinnTRC Testers
Nadine MartinLocalisation Testing Supervisor
Yolanda AkilLocalisation Testing Coordinator
Pauline BrisouxLocalisation Lead Tester
Rafael De Vicente LópezLocalisation Testers
Harry WeberLocalisation Testers
Erika BuralliLocalisation Testers
Katharina TropfLocalisation Testers
Harouna CamaraLocalisation Testers
Daniele TacconiLocalisation Testers
Rafael DeograciasLocalisation Testers
Silvia FerreroLocalisation Testers
Marco SimonLocalisation Testers
Katharina ScharpfLocalisation Testers
Gianni BianchiniLocalisation Testers
José M. FloresLocalisation Testers
Julia AignerLocalisation Testers
Flavie MathieuLocalisation Testers
Alberto PérezLocalisation Testers
Cesare SivoLocalisation Testers
Sandra SchwederLocalisation Testers
Daniel AntoniLocalisation Testers
Matthew OsborneShift Supervisor
Anthony GillSupport Services Manager
Neil MoranSupport Services Coordinators
Robert KarpSupport Services Coordinators
Chris HopleyQA Technicians
Michael BishopQA Technicians
Barry FearnsQA Technicians
Dean AshtonATG
Chris CartyATG
Vince DiesiATG
Richard LeeATG
Mike KennyATG
Andrew OstlerATG
Sébastien RubensATG
Nicolas SerresATG
Tomikazu KiritaProduct Development Supervisor
Bill RitchVice President (SCE Japan)
YeonKyung KimProducer (SCE Japan)
Reiko SekineAssociate Producer (SCE Japan)
Kazuo KatoTechnology Department
Hiroshi SekiguchiTechnology Department
Hironori KomiyaPackage Coordinators
Atsuyuki SakimaePackage Coordinators
Yasuko NiiPackage Coordinators
Kenji SuganumaPackage Coordinators
Shiego SuzukiPackage Design
Masayoshi NemetoPackage Design
Kazunori TeruiSoftware Manual Writers
Masahito WatanabeSoftware Manual Writers
Tatsuo ShinozakiFirst Party Quality Assurance Manager
Yusaku MinamisawaQA Testers
Shigekuni KumagaiQA Testers
Shuichiro FukutomeQA Testers
Kensaku YanashitaQA Testers
Osamu HiroseQA Testers
Takanori HondaQA Testers
Hiroaki KanetaQA Testers
Hiroki TouchiJapanese Voice Actor (Nathan Drake)
Shigeru ChibaJapanese Voice Actor (Victor Sullivan)
Yuko NagashimaJapanese Voice Actor (Elena Fisher)
Takaya HashiJapanese Voice Actor (Gabriel Roman)
Wataru TakagiJapanese Voice Actor (Eddy Raja)
Keijin OkudaJapanese Voice Actor (Atoq Navarro)
Hikaru HanadaJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Yasuyuki KaseJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Akimitsu TakaseJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Ryuzou HasuikeJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Yohei TadanoJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Kazunari TanakaJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Mantarō IwaoJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Yo KitazawaJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Junichi SugawaraJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Atsuki TaniJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Kōji OchiaiJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Eiji YanagisawaJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Hiroaki YoshidaJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
Tomoyuki ShimuraJapanese Voice Actor (Pirates and Mercenaries)
AC Create Co. LtdDubbing Production
Hiroshi NakanoDubbing Director
Ken KikuchiDubbing Coordinators
Ryoichi UchikoshiDubbing Coordinators
Tokyo TV CenterRecording Studio
Eiji HottaRecording Engineers
Jiro MiyazawaRecording Engineers
Takeshi ImaizumiRecording Engineers
Minoru ShinjiRecording Engineers
Michihiko IwanaRecording Engineers
Shino NakazawaTranslators
Michiko MurakamiTranslators
Makiko HenmiTranslators
Noburō MasudaVoice Over Editorial
Ryou YamamuraVoice Over Editorial
Shinpei YamaguchiJapanese Audio Localization Manager
Katsuhiko KanazawaExecutive Producer
Yuen-Yuen ChenChinese Director
Translation & Localization Testers
Ming-Lung LiouTranslation & Localization Testers
Hakuki LinTranslation & Localization Testers
Shao-Chu ChouTranslation & Localization Testers
Chen-Yue XueTranslation & Localization Testers
Sansan YangPackage and Manual Coordination
Makoto WatanabePackage and Manual Coordination
Miki AkashibaPackage and Manual Coordination
Tsukasa NakagawaPackage and Manual Coordination
Misako KobayashiPackage and Manual Coordination
Yong-Hyuk Charles ChangKorean Producer
Naoki HaraKorean Managers
Mi-Kyung HwangKorean Managers
Takashi FujiiProduction Coordinators
Takayasu IchikawaProduction Coordinators
Yoshinori AkiyamaProduction Coordinators
Na-Yeon KimLocalization Coordinator
Hee-Cheol NaDesign Coordinators
Sansan YoDesign Coordinators
Jin-Hee ParkGraphic Designer
Seung-Yeon LeeGraphic Designer
Ki-Bong KimQA Manager
Tae-Min KimInternal QA Leader
Shim Hyo-SeopInternal QA Tester
Seong-Ho ParkInternal QA Tester
Boas KimInternal QA Tester
Jae-Sang ChoInternal QA Tester
Young-Gon LimInternal QA Tester
Jeff ReeseDirector, Software Product Marketing
Asad QizilbashProduct Marketing Manager
Cristian CardonaProduct Marketing Specialist
Christina CavalleroProduct Marketing Assistant
David KarrakerSenior Director, Commincations and Brand Development
Mariam SughayerAnalyst Relations Manager
Abigail MurphyCorporate Specialist
Kimberly OtzmanSenior Corporate, Communications Manager
Jennifer ClarkSenior PR Manager
Sheila BrysonPR Manager
Jacqueline EfronSoftware PR Assistant
Donna ArmentorSenior Promotions Managers
Blair Elliott PaigeSenior Promotions Managers
Andrew AdamsMobile Marketing Manager
Lauren DeckerAssociate Promotions Managers
Anne GheriniAssociate Promotions Managers
Jill GrabenkortAssociate Promotions Managers
Natalie BehrmanSenior Promotions Assistants
Dan AmbroseSenior Promotions Assistants
Keith HoveySenior Promotions Assistants
Joby HirschfeldDirector, Channel Marketing and Events
Bob JohnsonSenior Manager, Channel Marketing
Michael DelacruzChannel Marketing Manager
Marie ManapatSenior Channel Marketing Specialist
Kacey DentonChannel Marketing Specialist
Kip RoggendorfRetail Manager, Channel Marketing
Lori Chase-NardiEvents Managers
Quinn Pham LeEvents Managers
Mizpah Brown-RichEvents Specialist
Jack SilerSenior Manager, Creative Services
J. M. GarciaSenior Creative Services Specialists
Joseph ChanSenior Creative Services Specialists
Miguel GodinezSenior Creative Services Specialists
Alicia BeamSenior Creative Services Specialists
Blanca HernandezCreative Services Specialists
Annett HsuCreative Services Specialists
Petrol AdvertisingPackaging & Manual Design
Off Base ProductionsManual Documentation
Ted JalbertCreative Assets Manager
Michael BryntesonVideo Assets Manager
Susan Nourai PanicoSenior Director, PLAYSTATION(R) Network
Eric LempelDirector, Operations
Grace ChenSenior Manager, PlayStation Store
Josh MeighenSenior Manager, Web & Loyalty Marketing
James IsaacProject Managers
Paul PurdyProject Managers
Cyril TanoWeb Producer
Dawson VosburgWeb Content Planning Manager
Jen WoldmanPMT Manager
Christopher HagedornLoyalty Associate Manager
Rommel HernandezPlayStation Store Coordinator
Michael McIntireSenior Web Content Designer
Nick ColbergAssociate Content Management Specialist
Trevor EhleAssociate Project Manager (Official Game Site)
Sara KwanWeb Specialist
Noel SilviaAsset Artist
Kristi OlivasSenior Department Assistant, PlayStation Network
Lisa LungerDirector, Legal & Business Affairs
Suzanne WilliamsParalegal
Brian FukujiMusic
Mary NappiMusic
Mark HardyMarketing Director
Kevin SmythProduct Manager
Charlotte PantherHead of PR
Araceli PerezPR Manager
Tom HodgeGraphic Designer
Sam HoldingCopywriter
Louise WelchRelease Manager
Robert WalkerRelease Administrator
Meenal VersaniOnline Marketing
Fumiya TakenoSupervisors
Masatsuka SaekiSupervisors
Seigi SasakiSupervisors
Megumi HosoyaPromotion Planning
Mizuho HanadaPromotion Planning
Norio ChibaPromotion Planning
Keita HayashiPromotion Planning
Hiroshi UedaSales Planning
Mitsutaka MasumotoSales Planning
Taku NishijimaSales Planning
Satoshi TamakiSales Planning
Noriaki SahashiSpecial Thanks
Ryo SogabeSpecial Thanks
Niina TaniguchiSpecial Thanks
Daisuke IshidateSpecial Thanks
Hee-Won KangMarketing Manager
Kay KimSoftware Marketing
Seung-Jun HaMedia Promotion
Chul-Yoon JungMedia Promotion
Seo-Yun ParkPublic Relations
Mayflower Entertainment Inc.Localization
AsiaSoft Inc.Special Thanks
Jack TrettonSpecial Thanks
Peter DilleSpecial Thanks
Jim BassSpecial Thanks
Glenn NashSpecial Thanks
Phil RosenbergSpecial Thanks
Steve RossSpecial Thanks
Riley R. Russell IIISpecial Thanks
Will TrevesAdditional Thanks

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