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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves BoxUncharted 2: Among Thieves is an Action-Adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3.  Among Thieves is the second installment in the Uncharted series and a follow up to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

The game is set two years after the events of Drake’s Fortune and follows Nathan Drake. Partnered with Chloe Frazer and Elena Fisher they search for the Cintamani Stone and the city of Shambhala.  They are not the only ones in search of the Cintamani Stone, Zoran Lazarevic a Serbian war criminal also wants the precious stone.  In a race to find the city of Shambhala to obtain the stone Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer and Elena Fisher battle a mercenary group led by Zoran Lazarevic.

Development began immediately after the release of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.   Drake’s Fortune was both critically acclaimed and a commercial success for Naughty Dog making it an easy decision to release a follow up and turn the game into a series.  The game’s three main writers Amy Hennig, Neil Druckmann and Josh Scherr drew inspiration from the explorer Marco Polo and his expeditions through archipelagos and Eastern Asia.

The development studio looked to maximize the utilization of the PlayStation 3’s Cell’s Synergistic Processing Units (SPUs), as they estimated Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune only utilized roughly 30%.   Leveraging the additional capability of the Cell’s SPU’s resulted in Uncharted 2 having more realistic environments and animations.   The game features 564 in-game cinematic animation in comparison to the 80 found in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  The studio revamped and optimized the original game engine to create Naughty Engine 2.0.  The revamped engine allowed the game to have real-time moving environments, more realistic textures and animations.

The newly optimized engine allowed the developers to record extensive motion capture and more in-game cinematic sequences.  The voice actors of the in-game characters acted out the scenes wearing specially designed motion capture suits.  Their performances were used to provide both the motion capture and voice work that was incorporated into the game.

After 22 months in development the game released on October 13, 2009 and became one of the PlayStation 3’s best selling games, selling over 6.74 million copies.  The game received universal acclaim from critics for its character design, storytelling, graphics, technical innovation and gameplay mechanics. It received Game of the Year accolades from numerous publications and award events and is considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made, and among the most significant titles for the seventh console generation. 

Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves Logo
Developer(s)Naughty Dog
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
PredecessorUncharted: Drake’s Fortune
SuccessorUncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Platform(s)PlayStation 3
Media TypeOptical Disc
ReleaseNA: October 13, 2009
EU: October 16, 2009
Third-Person Shooter
Game EngineNaughty Engine 2.0
Development Time22 Months
RatingCERO: C
PEGI: 16+
Rereleased Platform(s)Compilation
PlayStation 4 (Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection)-2015

Game Screenshots:

The making of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Evan WellsEvan WellsCo-Presidents
Christophe BalestraChristophe BalestraCo-Presidents
Bruce StraleyBruce StraleyGame Director
Amy HennigAmy HennigCreative Director
Erick PangilinanErick PangilinanArt Direction
Robh RuppelRobh RuppelArt Direction
Pål-Kristian EngstadPål-Kristian EngstadLead Programmers
Travis McIntoshLead Programmers
Dan LiebgoldLead Programmers
Tate MosesianTate MosesianLead Texture Artist
Bruce SwansonBruce SwansonLead Audio
Josh ScherrJosh ScherrLead Cinematic Animator
Jeremy YatesLead Gameplay Animators
Michael YoshMichael YoshLead Gameplay Animators
Eric BaldwinEric BaldwinLead Facial Animator
Richard LemarchandLead Game Designers
Neil DruckmannNeil DruckmannLead Game Designers
Teagan MorrisonTeagan MorrisonLead Environment Artist
Michael HatfieldLead Technical Artist
Judd SimantovJudd SimantovLead Character TD
Richard DiamantRichard DiamantLead Character Artist
David WittersDavid WittersLead Lighting Artist
Justin MonastDirector of Information Technology
Christopher ChristensenProgrammers
Jonathan LanierProgrammers
Carlos Gonzalez-OchoaProgrammers
Marshall RobinProgrammers
Fengquan WangProgrammers
Charles TangoraProgrammers
Christian GyrlingChristian GyrlingProgrammers
John BellomyProgrammers
Jason GregoryProgrammers
Lucas PopeProgrammers
Ian JonesProgrammers
Jeff ShafferProgrammers
Jérôme DurandProgrammers
Sandeep ShekarProgrammers
Vincent MarxenProgrammers
John HableProgrammers
Kion PhillipsCinematic Animators
Troy SloughCinematic Animators
John KimGameplay Animators
Ryan McGearyGameplay Animators
Shamil RasizadeCinematic Gameplay Animators
Chris IlventoCinematic Gameplay Animators
Brian RobisonCinematic Gameplay Animators
Taylor KurosakiEditor
Reuben ShahEnvironment Modelers
Santiago Gutiérrez CortésEnvironment Modelers
Christophe DesseEnvironment Modelers
John GermannEnvironment Modelers
Henry ChengEnvironment Modelers
Dustin KingEnvironment Modelers
Jonny Q. ChenEnvironment Modelers
David BaldwinEnvironment Modelers
Stephen IfeEnvironment Modelers
Michael MurrillEnvironment Modelers
David BallardEnvironment Modelers
Edward J. LeeEnvironment Modelers
Simon CragheadEnvironment Modelers
Reiko SatoEnvironment Modelers
Benson RussellGame Designers
Junki SaitaGame Designers
Jonathan SteinGame Designers
Justin RichmondGame Designers
Kurt MargenauGame Designers
Jacob MinkoffGame Designers
Robert CogburnGame Designers
Anthony NewmanGame Designers
Jane MullaneyProp Modelers
Paul MoyaProp Modelers
Inkyo LeeProp Modelers
Charlotte Francis MorganShader/Texture Artists
Malcolm HeeShader/Texture Artists
Behrooz RoozbehShader/Texture Artists
Christian NakataShader/Texture Artists
Nichol NormanShader/Texture Artists
Adam MarquisShader/Texture Artists
Genesis PradoShader/Texture Artists
Brian BeppuShader/Texture Artists
Khanh D. NguyenShader/Texture Artists
Melissa AltobelloShader/Texture Artists
Omar GaticaLighting Artists
Thomas WrightLighting Artists
Eva KrzeminskiLighting Artists
Ryan TrowbridgeCharacter TD
Darcy KorchCharacter Artists
Hanno HagedornCharacter Artists
Bryan WyniaCharacter Artists
Corey JohnsonCharacter Artists
Shaddy SafadiConcept Arists
Hong LyConcept Arists
Andrew KimConcept Arists
Brian YamConcept Arists
Keith GuerretteParticle Artists
Mike DudleyParticle Artists
Michael FadolloneDynamics Artists
Eben CookDynamics Artists
Matthew MorganEffects Artist
Contingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Ammie PuckettLocalization Manager
Charles DeLaySystems Administrator
Conner MorlangQA Manager
Andrew OdellaQA Manager
Arne MeyerSenior Manager, Marketing Communications
Madeleine WongDirector of Operations
Candace WalkerRecruiter
Lindsay JacksonAdministrative Assistant
David SimpsonICE Team Leads
Swaminathan NarayananICE Team Leads
Manny KoICE Team
Cort StrattonICE Team
Jason ScanlinICE Team
Mohammad S. BorujeniICE Team
Shan-Min ChaoICE Team
Andrew CoveICE Team
Cédric LallainICE Team
Bryan McNettICE Team
Adam JohnsonICE Team
Morten MikkelsenICE Team
PogoCompany Mascot, Morale Builder and Food Patrol
TrumpetCompany Mascot, Morale Builder and Food Patrol
James PaickAdditional Concept Design
Polina HristovaAdditional Concept Design
Erwin MadridAdditional Concept Design
Kory HeinzenAdditional Concept Design
Eric TabladaAdditional Lighting (Cinematic)
David LamAdditional Cinematic Gameplay Animation
Moragot BodharamikAdditional Cinematic Gameplay Animation
Randall Davis (Lee)Additional Cinematic Gameplay Animation
Marianne HaydenAdditional Cinematic Animation
Jason MartinsenAdditional Cinematic Animation
Jeremy CollinsAdditional Cinematic Animation
Michael GevorkianAdditional Effects
Ryan M. JamesAdditional Editing
Tom HiteAdditional Sound
Michael HourihanAdditional Dialog Scripting
Eric A. IwasakiAdditional Technical Art
Rob AlonsoQA Testers
Ronald AvilaQA Testers
Anthony BaileyQA Testers
Eddie BlandonQA Testers
Byron BrackensQA Testers
Andrew CockburnQA Testers
Adam GrodinQA Testers
Matthew HartwellQA Testers
David KabelitzQA Testers
Michael LongleyQA Testers
Travis MadoleQA Testers
Lizz McCueQA Testers
Alex MedinaQA Testers
Byron MehlsackQA Testers
Jeffrey Keith NegusQA Testers
Rodney ReeceQA Testers
Matthew RothsteinQA Testers
Trevor StevensQA Testers
Nick MurphyQA Testers
Travis R. KimbleQA Testers
Tristram CoffinQA Testers
Joshua DodgeQA Testers
Brenden QuibinQA Testers
Greg EdmonsonMusic Composed by
Gordon HuntMocap & Voice Direction
Nolan NorthVoice Actor (Nathan Drake)
Emily RoseVoice Actor (Elena Fisher)
Claudia L. BlackVoice Actor (Chloe Frazer)
Richard McGonagleVoice Actor (Victor Sullivan)
Steve ValentineVoice Actor (Harry Flynn)
Graham McTavishVoice Actor (Zoran Lazarević)
René AuberjonoisVoice Actor (Karl Schäfer)
Robin Atkin DownesMotion Capture (Tenzin)
Voice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Voice Actor (Atoq Navarro)
Pema DhondupVoice Actor (Tenzin)
Voice Actor (Tibetan Villagers)
Greg MyhreVoice Actor (Jeff)
Simon TemplemanVoice Actor (Gabriel Roman)
James SieVoice Actor (Eddy Raja)
Carlos FerroVoice Actor (Mercenary)
Matt Yang KingVoice Actor (Pirate)
Fred TatascioreVoice Actor (Daniel Pinkerton)
Voice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Voice Actor (Guardians)
Gwendoline YeoVoice Actor (Rika Raja)
Michael BenyaerVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Gregg A. BergerVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Steven Jay BlumVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Voice Actor (Guardians)
Dimitriy DyachenkoVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Michael GoughVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
James HoranVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Yuri LowenthalVoice Actor (Serbian Soldiers)
Alex DemirVoice Actor (Turkish Guards)
Serder Burhan KalsinVoice Actor (Turkish Guards)
Oscar OdenVoice Actor (Turkish Guards)
Murat UludagVoice Actor (Turkish Guards)
Dechen ChoezomVoice Actor (Tibetan Villagers)
Yangchen DolkarVoice Actor (Tibetan Villagers)
Namgyal KyuloVoice Actor (Tibetan Villagers)
Tenzing TseringVoice Actor (Tibetan Villagers)
Voice Actor (Nepali Resistance Fighters)
Prasadananda DasVoice Actor (Nepali Resistance Fighters)
Toufiq TulsiramVoice Actor (Nepali Resistance Fighters)
Theo BalestraVoice Actor (Tibetan Children)
Lola BalestraVoice Actor (Tibetan Children)
Aidan BalestraVoice Actor (Tibetan Children)
Nathan LevittVoice Actor (Tibetan Children)
Lauren LevittVoice Actor (Tibetan Children)
Melissa BarkerStunt Performers
Esteban CuetoStunt Performers
Richard DortonStunt Performers
Michael MukatisStunt Performers
Justin RaschStunt Performers
Chris RobbinsStunt Performers
America YoungStunt Performers
Sean StanekAdditional Shoot Direction
Christine KorkoszTalent Casting & Coordination
MatchworksTalent Casting & Coordination
Neat Deal ProductionsUnion Signatory
Nandinee ProductionsEthnic Voice Casting & Translations
Michael CalozSpecial Thanks
Wesley ToblerSpecial Thanks
Sergiy MigdalskiySpecial Thanks
Ricardo ArizaSpecial Thanks
Cory HamiltonSpecial Thanks
Victoria FortsonSpecial Thanks
Joshua FrontinoSpecial Thanks
Boris BatkinSpecial Thanks
Mark CernySpecial Thanks
Andre PetrossianSpecial Thanks
Greta AndersonSpecial Thanks
Guerilla GamesSpecial Thanks
Media MoleculeSpecial Thanks
Sony Santa MonicaSpecial Thanks
Insomniac GamesSpecial Thanks
Ready At Dawn StudiosSpecial Thanks
Sucker Punch ProductionsSpecial Thanks
BungieSpecial Thanks
Infinity WardSpecial Thanks
HavokSpecial Thanks
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLPSpecial Thanks
John Crompton (Crompton & Associates)Special Thanks
House Of Moves
Brian RauschVP of Production
Scott GagainExecutive Producer
Amy CalcotePost Production Manager
DJ HauckTechnical Supervisor
Andre LopezStage Manager
Troy ReynoldsCapture Operator
Lee AscherProduction Sound Mixer
Michael DaviesSound Utility
Network Testers
Nikola DupkanicLead Camera Operator
Alex GaynorCamera Operators
Annie WildmoserCamera Operators
Elisha ChristianCamera Operators
Jesse CrusingCamera Operators
Kyle KlützCamera Operators
Hallie LaneVideo Assist
Tommy LongoProduction Assistant
Katie GravetteLine Producer
Colleen CrosbyDatabase Analyst
Karl DiazPipeline Technical Director
Josh AxnerCharacter Technical Directors
Corey MesserCharacter Technical Directors
Eric LashelleLead Animator
Aaron LambertMotion Capture Animators
Alejandro CastroMotion Capture Animators
Ian LangMotion Capture Animators
James LipscombMotion Capture Animators
Josh LaBrotMotion Capture Animators
Julian PalaciosMotion Capture Animators
Mahyar SadriMotion Capture Animators
Randy WilsonMotion Capture Animators
Ryan TorreyMotion Capture Animators
Josh HutchinsMotion Capture Artist
Joel KlingPost Production Coordinators
Paul AlexiouPost Production Coordinators
Technicolor Animation and Interactive Services
Chan ParkVice President
Cindy AireyVice President of Sales & Marketing
Robert CastanedaAnimation Director
David YangSenior Producer
Eric KovatsAssociate Producer
Roger SetoAnimation Supervisor
Paola LeclerLead Facial Animator
Cinzia AngeliniAnimators
Lindsey ButterworthAnimators
Emanuela CozziAnimators
Kent CulottaAnimators
Daniel GodinezAnimators
Bart GoldmanAnimators
Jose HernandezAnimators
Sung-hyun KimAnimators
Mark LevineAnimators
Melissa ThompsonAnimators
Mark VillagraciaAnimators
Alex ZemkeAnimators
David VodhanelSenior Engineer
Gary MosmanSystems Engineers
Vu NguyenSystems Engineers
Tom HaysDirector, Audio Services
Morgan GerhardDialogue Recording Engineers
David WalshDialogue Recording Engineers
Mark JasperRe-Recording Mixer; Supervising Sound Editor
Lydian ToneSound Effects Designer
Elizabeth JohnsonSound Effects & Foley Editor; Lead Dialogue Editor
Christopher PinkstonSound Effects Editors
Mark CamperellSound Effects Editors
Michael ColombyAdditional Mixing
Scott HinkleyAdditional Foreign Language Mixing
Thanos KazakosAdditional Foreign Language Mixing
Kyle BillingsleyFoley Recordist
Cynthia MerrillFoley Artist
Nick NeutraFoley Manager
Amber BeardDialog Editors
Sean NeriDialog Editors
Adam DolinDialog Editors
Julia Bianco SchoefflingSound Department Coordinator
Ladyluck Digital Media
Luis MañalacPresident
Isabel MañalacVP, Project Manager
Orlando SalvaCreative Director
Nelson RagandapIT Director
Carlos Gregor CalalecLead Environment Artists
Bienvenido SantosLead Environment Artists
Wilson Pedro Jr.Environment Artists
Dino Antonio MoralesEnvironment Artists
Valroman FranciscoEnvironment Artists
Franco PerezEnvironment Artists
Marvin Allen AureCharacter Artists
Jefferson EstrabinioCharacter Artists
Kerwin AtienzaCharacter Artists
Anthony David CalderonCharacter Artists
Leonardo M. Go IICharacter Artists
Justin Yu VillaCharacter Artists
Mary Jane PajaronTexture Artists
Ronald GebilaguinTexture Artists
Ferdinand LaderaTexture Artists
Derek MurilloTexture Artists
Allain RubinTexture Artists
Allen Michael GenetaTexture Artists
Nicolette AguilarProps Artists
Anthony DizonProps Artists
Regoloso LascoñaProps Artists
Errol CatimbangProps Artists
Bryan Albert SumeraProps Artists
Jennifer AguilarProps Artists
Karla Maria Cecilia DelesProps Artists
Edgar Allan Yee IIIProps Artists
Ami MallariProps Artists
Hannah Kristel CadaoasProps Artists
Jemie Farr GonzalesProps Artists
Cleo TerrazolaProps Artists
Michael LogartaProps Artists
XPEC Entertainment Inc.
Wonder LinBusiness Development
Nick LeeBusiness Development
Bida WongArt Director
Julie ChungProject Managers
Vanessa TungProject Managers
Ting Ying HaoProject Coordinators
Louisa LiuProject Coordinators
Kevin YangArt Leads
Chien SuArt Leads
Song HualiArt Leads
PuJian ZhangArt Leads
Yi AnArtists
Chang JianArtists
Li LingYunArtists
Chen YouCaiArtists
Chaochao DongArtists
Xin HanArtists
Pan LiArtists
He HaijuanArtists
Qiang LiArtists
Hu LiArtists
ZhiFu LiArtists
YuHang LiangArtists
Na LiuArtists
Zhiyuan LiuArtists
Yong-Qiang MaArtists
YanFu QinArtists
Tian YuArtists
Qiuping wanArtists
Wu YangArtists
Yang KaiArtists
Zhang ChaoArtists
Zhang DandanArtists
Wen ZhangArtists
Wentao ZhangArtists
Zhao QingmeiArtists
Lihe ZhouArtists
Lakshya DigitalAdditional Art Outsourcing
Exigent Holdings Inc.Additional Art Outsourcing
John Paul FasalSFX Recordists
Eric PotterSFX Recordists
Steve RoweDriver
Warner Bros. Studio FacilitiesAdditional Sound Recording
Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios
Shuhei YoshidaPresident, Worldwide Studios
Special Thanks
Scott RohdeVice President, Worldwide Studios America
Special Thanks
Connie BoothSenior Director, Product Development Studio
Grady HuntDirector of Product Development
Frank SimonSenior Producer
Sam ThompsonProducers
Greg PhillipsProducers
Caley RobertsAssistant Producer
Eric HayashiSenior Staff Technical Project Managers
Ken InagakiSenior Staff Technical Project Managers
Klayton VorlickSenior Staff Technical Project Managers
Nancy DingSoftware Planning Manager
Yoko HijiProduction Coordinator
Richard LeeVP, Technology and CTO
David MurrantDirector of Service Groups
Chuck DoudDirector of Music
Clint BajakianSenior Music Manager
Additional Music by
Jonathan MayerMusic Manager
Score Mixed and Edited by
Scott HanauAssociate Music Supervisor
Marc SenasacScore Mixed and Edited by
Soloists and Percussion Recorded by
Joel YargerScore Mixed and Edited by
Ernest JohnsonMusic Editors
Matt LevineMusic Editors
Keith LearyMusic Editors
Monty MuddMusic Editors
Ted KocherMusic Editors
Michael BrickerMusic Editors
Angela DonMusic Intern
Alex HackfordA&R
Tammy TsuyukiMusic Producer
Jason SwanManager, Music and Licensing
Justin FieldsSenior Music Licensing Coordinator
Vanessa ZamoraMusic Department Coordinator
Alan SteinbergerMusic Arranged and Orchestrated by
J. Eric SchmidtAdditional Orchestration by
Orchestra Conducted by
Skywalker Session OrchestraScore Performed by
American Federation of MusiciansSpecial Thanks
Skywalker SoundOrchestral Score Recorded at
Leslie Ann JonesRecorded by
Dann Michael ThompsonAssistant Scoring Engineers
Judy KirschnerAssistant Scoring Engineers
Chris BarronAssistant Scoring Engineers
Andre J. H. ZweersPro Tools Recordist / Editor
Janet KetchumOrchestral Contractor
Vanessa ParrAssistant Engineer
Chris J. BlethWoodwind Solos by
Karen HanErhu Solos by
Brad DutzPercussion performed by
Brian KilgorePercussion performed by
Carmen Rizzo"The Road to Shambala" written, performed and produced by
Gene SemelSenior Manager, Sound Group
Phillip A. KovatsSound Design Manager
Derrick EspinoSenior Sound Designer
Paul M. FoxAdditional Sound by
Brad AldredgeAdditional Sound by
Jeff DarbyAdditional Sound by
Michael JohnsonAdditional Sound by
Emile MikaAdditional Sound by
Greg deBeerDialog Manager
Bob RissoloSpeech Designer
Jacquie Shriver SladeckDialog Coordination
Kathryn TunisAssociate Project Manager
Michael L. MumbauerSenior Manager, Visual Arts Services Group
John MeehanAnimation Manager
Christian G. VagnatiCharacter TD Supervisor
Thomas BlandAnimation Supervisor
Christopher ClydeLead Animators
Darrell J. RobinsonLead Animators
Malith FernandoAnimators
Rodrigo Gonzalez de la GarzaAnimators
Patrick LoweryAnimators
Travis ParksAnimators
Michael PetersonAnimators
J. R. SalazarAnimators
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Joon YangAnimators
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Phillip KourieAnimators
Dustin KimmichCrazy Pixel Animators
Khoa LeCrazy Pixel Animators
Amelie PourtauCrazy Pixel Animators
Nick KononelosArt Development Manager
Wen TienSupervisor, Pipeline and Tools
Becca AbelSenior Software Engineer
Tools Engineers
Joseph ThomasAssociate Programmer
Eric LalumiereSenior Motion Capture Specialist
Kevin CollinsBusiness Analyst
Nonet VargasSenior Administrator
Gary BarthSenior Manager, Multimedia
Corinne LucasSegment Producer
Ryan MacPheeProject Coordinator
Sean ThomasPost Production Manager
Peter JamesPost Production Supervisor
FJ BolgerSegment Director
Tim ZgraggenSegment Director for Behind the Scenes videos
Jim IaconaDirector of Photography
Mike UribeDirector of Photography, Camera
Mike LavalleeAudio Engineer
Jeff ColbertTrain set fabrication: Motion Picture FX
Richard CourteTrain set fabrication: Motion Picture FX
Ian GoodwinTrain set fabrication: Motion Picture FX
Michael SparksTrain set fabrication: Motion Picture FX
Kim SparksTrain set fabrication: Motion Picture FX
Rowena MirandaSenior Financial Analyst
Davina MackeySenior Project Manager
Ken MiyakiDirector, Online Technology Group
David CottrellSenior Manager, Online Technology Operations
Mohammed KhanManager, Games Integration
Vinod TandonGames Integration Senior Engineer
Wilson LeeGames Integration Engineers
Ronald RoyGames Integration Engineers
Edward LernerDirector, Tools & Technology Group
Keith CharleyManager, Audio Team
Garin HiebertAudio Engineers
Jim SproulAudio Engineers
Joshua BreindelAudio Engineers
Laurent BetbederAudio Engineers
Nicky HindAudio Engineers
Robert J. MicalSenior Manager, Platform Team
Alex RosenbergPlatform Engineers
Chris ShirkPlatform Engineers
Dan VolpePlatform Engineers
Dave MenconiPlatform Engineers
David PaxsonPlatform Engineers
Drew ThalerPlatform Engineers
Graham MadaraszPlatform Engineers
Jason YoungPlatform Engineers
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John MorganPlatform Engineers
John ThompsonPlatform Engineers
Kellen PetersonPlatform Engineers
Matt SivertsonPlatform Engineers
Nathan SlingerlandPlatform Engineers
Patrick MansfieldPlatform Engineers
Phil BurkPlatform Engineers
Thomas FarthingPlatform Engineers
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Vince HarronPlatform Engineers
Andy BushnellSenior Manager, Tools Team
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Bill BudgeTools Engineers
J. Brad ByrdTools Engineers
Chris MayberryTools Engineers
Max ElliottTools Engineers
Raphael PhillipsTools Engineers
Richard HardingTools Engineers
Ron LittleTools Engineers
Ricky UyTools Engineers
Jan AlthausATG
Dean AshtonATG
Simon BrownATG
Chris CartyATG
Alan DannATG
Vince DiesiATG
Dave FletcherATG
Mike KennyATG
Nicolas SerresATG
Sean KellyDirector of International Software
Elodie HummelSenior Producer (Europe)
Daniel BrookeOnline Producer
Ed BushellAssociate Producer
Gunnar HojemAsset Localisation Coordinator
Sam CoatesUser Testing Manager
David TisserandSenior Usability Specialist
Chris LeFeaverAssistant Usability Specialist
Jonah Masaru NagaiProducer, International Software Development
Reiko SekineAssociate Producer, International Software Development
YeonKyung KimVice President, International Software Development
Hironori KomiyaJapanese Package Coordinators
Atsuyuki SakimaeJapanese Package Coordinators
Tetsutaro NishimotoJapanese Package Coordinators
Yasuko NiiJapanese Package Coordinators
Kenji SuganumaJapanese Package Coordinators
Yuka MunakataJapanese Package Coordinators
Shigeo SuzukiJapanese Package Design
Hiromi SekineJapanese Software Manual Writer
Hiroki Touchi (as Nathan Drake)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Masako Katsuki (as Chloe Frazer)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Nobutoshi Canna (as Harry Flynn)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Takayuki SugoJapanese Dialog Voice Talent
Shigeru Chiba (as Victor Sullivan)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Yuko Nagashima (as Elena Fisher)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Tamio Ōki (as Karl Schaefer)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Takaya Hashi (as Gabriel Roman)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Wataru Takagi (as Eddy Raja)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Keijin Okuda (as Atok Navarro)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Akeno Watanabe (as Rika Raja)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Akira Harada (as Pinkerton)Japanese Dialog Voice Talent
Tooru NaraJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Masahito KawanagoJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Tarusuke ShingakiJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Satoshi TakiJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Dai MatsumotoJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Yusuke IshigamiJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Kazuhiro ŌguroJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Shōto KashiiJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Hiroshi ShirokumaJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
Atsushi ImaruokaJapanese Pirates and Mercenaries
AC Create Co Ltd.Dubbing Production
Hiroshi NakanoDubbing Directors
Naoko SugimotoDubbing Directors
Ken KikuchiDubbing Coordinators
Zen KerfootDubbing Coordinators
Tokyo TV CenterRecording Studios
One Note Recording Studio NogizakaRecording Studios
Tatsuo TanakaStudio Coordinator
Michihiko IwanaRecording Engineers (Japan)
Fumie IshikuraRecording Engineers (Japan)
Eiji HottaRecording Engineers (Japan)
Hideyo KagoshimaRecording Engineers (Japan)
Yasutomo YamanaRecording Engineers (Japan)
Yasutaka SatoRecording Engineers (Japan)
Sound File Editors
Jirō TakedaRecording Engineers (Japan)
Yuya IwakiSound File Editors
Shinobu YamamotoSound File Editors
Shino NakazawaTranslators
Hiromi KurataTranslators
Reiko NakazawaTranslators
Makiko ChidaTranslators
Yoko TakemuraTranslators
Tsubasa ItoVoice Over Editorial
Shinpei YamaguchiJapanese Audio Localization Manager
Katsuhiko KanazawaExecutive Producer, International Software Development (Asia)
Yuen-Yuen ChenProducer, Traditional Chinese
Localization Coordinators, Traditional Chinese
Hakuki LinLocalization Coordinators, Traditional Chinese
Shao-Chu ChouLocalization Coordinators, Traditional Chinese
Louis YuLocalization Coordinators, Traditional Chinese
Yong-Hyuk Charles ChangProducer, Korean
Tammy KimAssistant Producer, Korean
Edmund ZooLocalization Coordinator, Korean
Charles ConnoyVice President, Global Platform
Ritchard MarkelzSenior Director, Global First Party Quality Assurance
Tim VanlawSenior Manager, Test Operations
Andrew WoodworthQA Test Supervisors
Jimmy GohQA Test Supervisors
Ara DemirjianQA Test Supervisors
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Chris JohnsonLead Quality Assurance Testers
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Terrell LavenderQuality Assurance Tester
Tim HacklLab Technician
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Lazarus BerryContingent Game Test Analysts
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Randal WestContingent Game Test Analysts
Ian DulleContingent Game Test Analysts
Tuan PhanContingent Game Test Analysts
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Jason NortonContingent Game Test Analysts
Will VossContingent Game Test Analysts
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Chris ScottQuality Assurance Testers, TRC Test Team
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Daniel CarriganQuality Assurance Testers, TRC Test Team
Sean DavisContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Shaun DistorContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Daniel GriegoContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Ryan HalvorsonContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Ryan PageContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Joe PetronaciContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Noah VerSluisContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Nathan ElbersonContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Callista TieuContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
Bob JordanContingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team
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Michael J. BrownLead Online Support Analysts
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Andrew CurtisSenior Online Support Analysts
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Gary YashianOnline Support Analysts
David SmithOnline Support Analysts
Daniel ArmendarizOnline Support Analysts
The Online Support Test TeamOnline Support Analysts
Jim WallaceSenior Manager, Support Services
Eric IppolitoManager, Release Management
Matt HarperManager, Support Services
Jesse ReiterRelease Manager
John HiraiAssociate DevSuite Web Admin
David ParkinsonDirector of First Party Quality Assurance Europe
Jennifer CondronDepartment Assistance, FPQA Europe
Shaun LeachPlanning and Release Supervisor, FPQA Europe
Justin BaileyPlanning and Release Coordinator, FPQA Europe
Gareth SpencerTest Manager, FPQA Europe
Nadine MartinLocalization Test Manager, FPQA Europe
Jim McCabeFunctional Testing Supervisor, FPQA Europe
Gareth TynanFunctional Testing Lead, FPQA Europe
Andrew Stafford-HughesFunctional Testing Assistant Lead, FPQA Europe
Scott HannahFunctional Testers, FPQA Europe
Arran EwingFunctional Testers, FPQA Europe
Lee HowellFunctional Testers, FPQA Europe
Thomas DalstonFunctional Testers, FPQA Europe
Matt PriceFunctional Testers, FPQA Europe
Adam FulsterFunctional Testers, FPQA Europe
Paul FrenchTRC Testing Supervisor, FPQA Europe
John HaleTRC Testing Leads, FPQA Europe
David HillTRC Testing Leads, FPQA Europe
Yolanda Akil(External) Localisation Testing Supervisor
Alberto Pérez(External) Localisation Testing Assistant Supervisor
Daniele Tacconi(Internal) Localisation Testing Supervisors
Neil McPhillips(Internal) Localisation Testing Supervisors
Rafael DeograciasLocalisation Testing Lead, FPQA Europe
Benoît ProvôtLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Daniel AntoniLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Christelle BileciLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Juliette ChadeyronLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Sandrine GuyennetLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Cesare SivoLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Gianni BianchiniLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Francesca D'ErricoLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Packy CarusoLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Cristina La MuraLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Katharina TropfLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Katharina ScharpfLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Hendrikje ScheweLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Tom SchwenkenbergLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Jörn ZinsmeisterLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Rafael De Vicente LópezLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Ramón Robledano GarciaLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Rosa CrespoLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Sergio LlorensLocalisation Testers, FPQA Europe
Michael KennedyNetwork Testing Supervisor
Nick WilkieNetwork Testers
Brandon ConleyNetwork Testers
Paul KellyContract Staff Coordinator
Anthony GillSupport Services Manager
Neil MoranSupport Services Lead Coordinator
Andrew OrmandySupport Services Coordinator
Christian HopleyLead QA Technician
Michael BishopQA Technicians
Jon LoweQA Technicians
Osamu FukuyaQA Manager, FPQA Japan
Yusaku MinamisawaQA Testers, FPQA Japan
Kahori ItoQA Testers, FPQA Japan
Naoki MorishigeQA Testers, FPQA Japan
Hiroyuki NakamuraQA Testers, FPQA Japan
Keisuke WatanabeQA Testers, FPQA Japan
Ki-Bong KimQA Manager, FPQA Asia
Tae-Min KimInternal QA Lead, FPQA Asia
Shim Hyo-SeopInternal QA Testers, FPQA Asia
Jae-Sang ChoInternal QA Testers, FPQA Asia
Young-Sam ChoInternal QA Testers, FPQA Asia
Adam HarrisSenior Director, Global Hosting
Steven KirkSenior Manager, Product Development IT
Michael PeayIT Engineering Manager
Sven NielsenEngineering Systems Administrator
Albert VillardeStudio IT Manager
Monique FraserDirector, WWS Global Hosting Services
Derrell JenkinsDirector, Global Hosting Operations
Tom PerrineSenior Manager, Core Systems Infrastructure
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Scott A. SteinbergVice President, Product Marketing
Chip BlundellDirector, Software Product Marketing
Ed LinProduct Marketing Manager
Asad QizilbashSenior Product Marketing Manager
TJ ConsunjiAssociate Product Marketing Manager
David BullMarketing Specialists
Mick PeronaMarketing Specialists
Patrick SeyboldSenior Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
Jennifer ClarkDirector, Product Publicity
Jill WebberPublic Relations Manager
Jeff RubensteinSocial Media Manager
Chris MorellSenior Social Media Specialist
Ginger KrausSenior Director, Marketing Alliances & Activation
Donna ArmentorSenior Manager, Consumer Events
Natalie BehrmanConsumer Events Specialists
Sadaf BaigConsumer Events Specialists
Katie SchiblerSenior Manager, Marketing Alliances
Andrew AdamsManager, Marketing Programs
Bret BlountManager, Marketing Alliances
Brian GauldMedia Partnerships Specialist
Jill ErbBrand Alliance Manager
Theresa CustodioBrand Alliance Specialist
Stephanie NixonDepartment Assistant
Joby HirschfeldDirector, Channel Marketing and Events
Bob JohnsonSenior Manager, Channel Marketing
Michael DelacruzChannel Marketing Managers
Kacey FaheyChannel Marketing Managers
Marie ManapatChannel Marketing Managers
Lara BellezaSenior Channel Marketing Specialist
Kip RoggendorfRetail Manager, Channel Marketing
Lori Chase-NardiSenior Manager, Events Marketing
Alyson ArrastioSenior Event Planners
Mizpah Brown-RichSenior Event Planners
Jack SilerSenior Manager, Creative Services
Miguel GodinezCreative Services Managers
Alicia BeamCreative Services Managers
Joseph ChanSenior Creative Services Specialists
Gaming Analysts
Beta Trial Coordinator
J. M. GarciaSenior Creative Services Specialists
Annett HsuSenior Creative Services Specialists
Larissa GamarraCreative Services Specialists
Blanca HernandezCreative Services Specialists
The Art MachinePackaging and Manual Design
Ted JalbertCreative Assets Manager
Michael BryntesonVideo Assets Producer
Richard JonesVideo Editor
Susan Nourai PanicoSenior Director, PlayStation Network
Eric LempelDirector, PlayStation Network Operations
Olivier NaimiDirector, Web Strategy and Services
Jack BuserDirector, PlayStation Home
Grace ChenSenior Manager, PlayStation Store
Jen WoldmanSenior Manager, Content Operations
Christopher HagedornLoyalty Program Manager
Cindy de GuzmanManager, Project Management
Mary WilsonAssociate Manager, Project Management
Paul PurdyManager, PSN Operations
Mara BaliwagManager, Content Operations
Nick ColbergAssociate Project Manager, Content Operations
Jae WooSpecialist, Content Operations
Beum-Ho ChungSpecialist, Content Operations
Cyril TanoWeb Producer
Natira SuchoknandAssociate Project Manager (Official Game Site)
Shelli GrissWeb Program Specialist
Sara KwanWeb Specialist
Rommel HernandezSenior Specialist, PlayStation Store
Steve T. MadsenSenior Corporate Counsel
Marla A. DressenParalegal
Suzanne WilliamsParalegal
Heidi AnspaughPlayStation Home
Matthew HarperPlayStation Home
Katherine De LeonPlayStation Home
K. C. ColemanPlayStation Home
Jesse ReinerPlayStation Home
Chris MahoneyPlayStation Home
Jonathon RondonPlayStation Home
John AlmazonPlayStation Home
Geoffrey NahashonPlayStation Home
Chuck WooPlayStation Home
Adrian HerbezPlayStation Home
Matthew McCullochPlayStation Home
Ron QuevedoPlayStation Home
Brian KeltnerSpecial Thanks
Cristian CardonaSpecial Thanks
Noel SilviaSpecial Thanks
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Thach QuachEuropean Product Manager
Simon RutterSenior Vice President Marketing
Mark HardyEuropean Marketing Director
Toby MorrishEuropean Marketing Manager
Charlotte PantherHead of Product PR
Araceli PerezEuropean PR Manager
Thelma Badu YanksonJunior European PR Manager
Natalie BurgarEuropean PR Coordinator
Robert WalkerEuropean Release Manager
Crystal AllenNew Release Adminstrator
Jo RustadManual and Packaging Copywriter
Mike AlderManual and Packaging Design
Matthew BristowPrint Publication
Gordon ThorntonDirector of Online Delivery and Online Projects
Richard DoddOnline Services Manager
Alexis UzcateguiGaming Manager
Nimisha PatelPlayStation Network Stores Operations Manager
Paul MillerConsumer Manager
Andrew NicholsonReporting Manager
Asghar NisarGaming Analysts
Anuj SharmaGaming Analysts
Jerome JosephGaming Analysts
Nina KandaService Management Analyst
Dragana KarajicPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Eleanor RoyPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Paramjit SehmiPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Heather DennistonPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Gemma RichardsonPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
James DanielsPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Richard HudsonPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Jonathan EvansPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Filippo RizzoPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Swati PatelPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
Hitesh ChudasamaPlayStation Network Store Operations Team
David HaydonPlayStation Network Consultants
Michael WhyleyPlayStation Network Consultants
Jonathan GuntripPlayStation Network Consultants
Phil PristonPlayStation Network Community Team
Christian BarnesPlayStation Network Community Team
Michael ShillingfordPlayStation Network Community Team
Adam PaulPlayStation Network Community Team
Karinna DellerPlayStation Network Community Team
Alex QuainooPlayStation Network Community Team
Robert LewingtonPlayStation Network Community Team
Aurelien PomaPlayStation Network Community Team
Jean JacquetPlayStation Network Community Team
Richard DeinPlayStation Network Community Team
Aurelie RemanPlayStation Network Community Team
Riccardo RossiPlayStation Network Community Team
Martina CapodannoPlayStation Network Community Team
Ilaria PizzilliPlayStation Network Community Team
Alice AntonelliPlayStation Network Community Team
Dominik EbberPlayStation Network Community Team
Isabell SchneiderPlayStation Network Community Team
Mylène PetermannPlayStation Network Community Team
Carola BurmesterPlayStation Network Community Team
Javier TenesPlayStation Network Community Team
Ruben BaezPlayStation Network Community Team
Manuel LaHuertaPlayStation Network Community Team
Roberto ChamorroPlayStation Network Community Team
Vincent BoonPlayStation Network Community Team
Kevin EllenPlayStation Network Community Team
Mark FactoPlayStation Network Community Team
Jason TeatherPlayStation Network Community Team
Iselin JarbroPlayStation Network Community Team
Stela CorreiaPlayStation Network Community Team
David Carvalho ReisPlayStation Network Community Team
Magdalena SerwatkoPlayStation Network Community Team
Natalia V. FanzelluPlayStation Network Community Team
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Kazuhiro NoyaMarketing
Taku NishijimaMarketing
Keita HayashiMarketing
Yoshinori MatsumotoSales Planning
Masando MiuraSales Planning
Koichiro OndaSales Planning
Shawn LaydenSpecial Thanks
Seigi SasakiSpecial Thanks
Yasuhide KobayashiSpecial Thanks
Niina TaniguchiSpecial Thanks
Daisuke IshidateSpecial Thanks
Seiya RachiSpecial Thanks
Kenichi FukunagaSpecial Thanks
Ryo SogabeSpecial Thanks
Tadaaki HasegawaSpecial Thanks
Yuri KatoSpecial Thanks
Sachiko TsuchiyaSpecial Thanks
Sony Computer Entertainment Asia
Gyu-Yeon ShimDesign Coordinator
Package and Manual Coordination / Manufacturing Coordinators
Jin-Hee ParkGraphic Designers
Seung-Yeon LeeGraphic Designers
Seung-Jun HaMarketing Manager
Chul-Yoon JungSoftware Marketing
Yoon-Hee KangSoftware Marketing
Seo-Yun ParkPublic Relations
Asia Soft Inc.Special Thanks
Katsuhiko MurasePackage and Manual Coordination / Manufacturing Coordinators
Makoto WatanabePackage and Manual Coordination / Manufacturing Coordinators
Ayako MasuiPackage and Manual Coordination / Manufacturing Coordinators
Misako KobayashiPackage and Manual Coordination / Manufacturing Coordinators
Thomas KwanSales
Dre LauSales
Ethan SuSales
Robert KaoSales
James HongMarketing
Jacqueline ChiuMarketing
Joanna NgMarketing
Sakura WangMarketing
Veronica YuMarketing
Holman YuanMarketing
Kaz HiraiSpecial Thanks
Andrew HouseSpecial Thanks
Jack TrettonSpecial Thanks
Peter DilleSpecial Thanks
Riley R. Russell IIISpecial Thanks
Jim BassSpecial Thanks
Glenn NashSpecial Thanks
Phil RosenbergSpecial Thanks
Robert K. DyerSpecial Thanks
Sally BuchananSpecial Thanks

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