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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild BoxThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Nineteenth installment in the Legend of Zelda series and is the successor to The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. The development team decided to stray from the linear formula in which the Zelda series was known for and to bring the series back to its roots. Similar to the original Legend of Zelda released on the Nintendo Entertainment system in 1986, Breath of the Wild implements an open world design providing players very little instructions and allowing them to choose their own path forward making for a unique gameplay experience.

Nintendo wanted to reinvent the series and provide fans with a new experience. They accomplished this by developing an open world centered around a second to none physics engine, as well as implementing voice acting which was a first for the series. Nintendo enlisted help from Monolith Soft who had a vast experience with open world games from working on their Xenoblade series. Monolith Soft assisted by designing landscapes and topography.

Nintendo invested heavily in the development of Breath of the Wild allowing their internal teams to work on the title for 5 years. The game was an instant success upon release and was praised for its open-ended gameplay and attention to detail. Breath of the Wild became a landmark in open-world design setting the bar for other developers to match.

Breath of the Wild Logo
Developer(s) Nintendo EPD Group 3
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Successor None (Currently in Development)
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Wii U
Media Type Cartridge
Optical Disc
Release WW: March 3, 2017
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
Development Time 5 Years
Budget TBD
Sales 28.24m Total
26.55m Switch
   1.69m Wii U
Rating CERO: B
PEGI: 12
Rereleased Platform(s) None

Game Screenshots:

The Making of Breath of the Wild

Tatsumi KimishimaTatsumi KimishimaExecutive Producer
Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru MiyamotoExecutive Producer
Shinya TakahashiShinya TakahashiGeneral Producer
Eiji AonumaEiji AonumaProducer
Makoto MiyanagaMakoto MiyanagaAssistant Producer
Hidemaro FujibayashiHidemaro FujibayashiDirector
Daiki IwamotoDaiki IwamotoAssistant Director
Kentaro TominagaKentaro TominagaGame Design
Profile PlaceholderHiroaki TamuraGame Design
Yohei FujinoYohei FujinoGame Design
Profile PlaceholderHiroshi SakasaiGame Design
Profile PlaceholderYasutaka TakeuchiGame Design
Eiji MukaoEiji MukaoGame Design
Yuya SatoYuya SatoGame Design
Yutaka HiramukiYutaka HiramukiGame Design
Takayuki IkkakuTakayuki IkkakuGame Design
Shinichi IkematsuShinichi IkematsuGame Design
Mari ShirakawaMari ShirakawaGame Design
Yoichi YamadaYoichi YamadaGame Design
Kanae NakayamaGame Design
Hiroshi AndoHiroshi AndoGame Design
Naoto MurakamiNaoto MurakamiGame Design
Profile PlaceholderTomonori KawazoeGame Design
Profile PlaceholderKohei KawazoeGame Design
Yuichiro TsumitaYuichiro TsumitaGame Design
Profile PlaceholderEmi TakanoGame Design
Makoto ShimamotoMakoto ShimamotoGame Design
Erina ShimamotoGame Design
Profile PlaceholderTakahito SekimotoGame Design
Profile PlaceholderYuya ImagawaGame Design
Hiroshi KonishiHiroshi KonishiGame Design
Akihito TodaAkihito TodaScript Supervisor
Takuhiro DohtaTakuhiro DohtaTechnical Director
Yuichiro OkamuraYuichiro OkamuraSystem Architect
Profile PlaceholderKenji MatsutaniProgramming Lead
Profile PlaceholderHiroshi UmemiyaProgramming Lead
Profile PlaceholderJunya OkamotoPlayer Programming
Profile PlaceholderMinoru HamauraCamera Programming
Profile PlaceholderYosuke SakookaEnemy Programming
Profile PlaceholderTakuma DeguchiEnemy Programming
Profile PlaceholderChihiro OkadaEnemy Programming
Profile PlaceholderMahito IdeharaEnemy Programming
Profile PlaceholderKazuki MisuEnemy Programming
Profile PlaceholderHiroki OmosakoEnemy Programming
Profile PlaceholderHiroyuki KiraObject Programming
Profile PlaceholderShogo KiharaWIldlife Programming
Profile PlaceholderCorey BunnellWIldlife Programming
Profile PlaceholderHiroto KuranoNPC Programming
Profile PlaceholderNobuhiro MatsumuraNPC Programming
Profile PlaceholderNobuhiro SumiyoshiEvent Programming
Profile PlaceholderTadashi SakamotoEvent Programming
Profile PlaceholderHiroki TaguchiEvent Programming
Shigetoshi KitayamaUI Programming
Shinji OkudaUI Programming
Yuki TanakaUI Programming
Saki NakashimaUI Programming
Hiroyuki KatoUI Programming
Tatsuya ShinadaUI Programming
Naonari FukumotoUI Programming
Makoto SasakiEnvironment Programming
Katsuhisa SatoPhysics Programming
Takahiro TakayamaPhysics Programming
Takahiro OkudaAI Navigation Programming
Masashi MasuokaFramework Programming
Hiroyuki TaniwaFramework Programming
Tomohisa SaitoGraphics/Terrain Progarmming
Atsushi AsakuraGraphics/Terrain Progarmming
Takanori NishinoGraphics/Terrain Progarmming
Nao UedaVFX Programming
Junya OsadaSound Programming
Masafumi KawamuraSound Programming
Mitsuhiro KidaSound Programming
Kota WadaSound Programming
Takumi SekinoSound Programming
Shun HayamiSound Programming
Masatoshi OgawaSystem Tool Development
Toshihiro TaguchiSystem Tool Development
Daiki KimuraSystem Tool Development
Ryota MarukoGame Tool Development
Hisashi SekoguchiGame Tool Development
Toyoki KataokaGame Tool Development
Hitoshi KanetaniGame Tool Development
Yoji OkuderaGame Tool Development
Yoshihiko SakurabaGame Tool Development
Kazuya SumakiPipeline Engineering
Takuma OisoQA Engineering
Satoru TakizawaArt Director
Ryuji KobayashiSr. Lead Artist Animation
Yoshiyuki OyamaSr. Lead Artist Character & Items
Makoto YonezuSr. Lead Artist Landscape
Keijiro InoueSr. Lead Artist VFX Technical
Manabu TakeharaLead Artist Structural
Kei WatanabeLead Artist Structural
Yasutomo NishibeLead Artist Dungeon
Bungo TakahashiLead Artist Dungeon
Takafumi KiuchiLead Artist Enemy
Hirohito ShinodaLead Artist NPC
Yasuhiro FujitaLead Artist Animation
Hiroki OmoteLead Artist Character
Takafumi HoriLead Artist Production
Takahiro NagayaLead Artist UI
Yoshiyuki SawadaLead Artist Technical Artist
Mizuki OkunakaLead Artist Player Action
Kengo InoueCharacter Action Artist
Minechika KitaiCharacter Action Artist
Chizue UtazuCharacter Action Artist
Nami ShimuraCharacter Action Artist
Shinji KoideCharacter Action Artist
Daisuke NoboriCharacter Rigging Artist
Toru HombuCharacter Rigging Artist
Kazunori FujiiEnemy Artist
Yuki HamadaEnemy Artist
Satomi UsuiEnemy Artist
Masafumi NaitoEnemy Artist
Tatsuo OshimaEnemy Artist
Nobuhiko OkayasuEnemy Artist
Hikari HaradaItem, Weapon and Object Artist
Tetsuya TaniyamaItem, Weapon and Object Artist
Akiyoshi TamanoiItem, Weapon and Object Artist
Aya ShidaWildlife Artist
Hideki TanakaWildlife Artist
Shuichi MurataWildlife Artist
Asami FujitaWildlife Artist
Manabu HiraokaNPC Artist
Yuko MiyakawaNPC Artist
Shoko FukuchiNPC Artist
Seiichi HishinumaNPC Artist
Taro NakamuraNPC Artist
Tokuhiro YumotoNPC Artist
Masatake KaneokaNPC Artist
Tadahiro UsudaNPC Artist
Kouhei TodaNPC Artist
Tatsunobu ImotoNPC Artist
Yohei IzumiLandscape Artist
Sei HashimotoLandscape Artist
Moe ShiratakiLandscape Artist
Noriko UonoLandscape Artist
Jun KitaokaLandscape Artist
Takafumi ShimotamariLandscape Artist
Shinji YatoLandscape Artist
Rika AokiLandscape Artist
Sanae MatsuoLandscape Artist
Toshiyuki HiroeLandscape Artist
Kanako UnoLandscape Artist
Yousuke AsaharaLandscape Artist
Eri MorimotoLandscape Artist
Yoshikazu HaraStructural Artist
Wataru InataStructural Artist
Kazue HiramotoStructural Artist
Ikuko MatsumotoStructural Artist
Masato AdachiStructural Artist
Satoko NishioStructural Artist
Tetsuya AmabikiStructural Artist
Koh AraiStructural Artist
Takaaki KoidoStructural Artist
Sayaka MatsuzawaStructural Artist
Satoko IwaseStructural Artist
Atsushi DomotoDungeon Artist
Subaru GanbeDungeon Artist
Chee Wai LimDungeon Artist
Takehiko KegasaDungeon Artist
Hiroko KiyonariDungeon Artist
Ayumi TakataDungeon Artist
Shinko TakeshitaVegetation Artist
Yoko MarutaVegetation Artist
Takeshi OkuiProduction Artist
Mariko HirokaneProduction Artist
Momoko KonnoProduction Artist
Kento HigaProduction Artist
Atsuko KatoProduction Artist
Taro YamazakiProduction Artist
Shinya AsanumaProduction Artist
Motohiro SasakiProduction Artist
Akihiro KawashimaProduction Artist
Keisuke AsabaProduction Artist
Mariko KawasakiProduction Artist
Rianti HidayatProduction Artist
Shougo NokuraProduction Artist
Sou NozawaProduction Artist
Shotaro YabashiProduction Artist
Wataru KawaharaProduction Artist
Kanako IshibashiProduction Artist
Urara KatoProduction Artist
Raimu HidakaProduction Artist
Davina Midori HendroffProduction Artist
Midori KojoProduction Artist
Yukiko YoneyamaGameplay Animation
Yasuhide HinoGameplay Animation
Makoto YamamotoGameplay Animation
Kazuki KobayashiGameplay Animation
Tomokazu YoshidaGameplay Animation
Kazuaki ToyaGameplay Animation
Jun TakadaGameplay Animation
Masato MoriGameplay Animation
Ai MatsumuraGameplay Animation
Mizuki FujitaGameplay Animation
Asuka YamatoGameplay Animation
Airi NaganoGameplay Animation
Yuki TakahashiGameplay Animation
Midzuki SuyamaGameplay Animation
Nami OhsakuGameplay Animation
Hidefumi TakedaGameplay Animation
Kanae YanagawaGameplay Animation
Hiroaki MiuraGameplay Animation
Takaya IwamotoGameplay Animation
Shun MatsumotoGameplay Animation
Mizuki HasegawaGameplay Animation
Mizuki TachiGameplay Animation
Kentarou NarimatsuGameplay Animation
Aya YamaguchiGameplay Animation
Taeko EbinaGameplay Animation
Sachiko MatsuiGameplay Animation
Nagisa MiyagawaGameplay Animation
Jean-Baptiste BongrandGameplay Animation
Kentaro KusumiGameplay Animation
Mana ShojiGameplay Animation
Daisuke KanekoGameplay Animation
Yuko MoriseGameplay Animation
Tomoyo MatsudaGameplay Animation
Shota FukuzawaGameplay Animation
Shuto YonemuraGameplay Animation
Takashi YamamotoGameplay Animation
Atsuki NakazatoCharacter Modeling
Shunsuke YamamotoCharacter Modeling
Hitomi SatoCharacter Modeling
Ryo TakahashiCharacter Modeling
Mitsuru SumiyamaCharacter Modeling
Yukiko IzuoCharacter Modeling
Tomoko MiyaokaCharacter Modeling
Naoto TsuboiCharacter Modeling
Daigoro IshikawaCharacter Modeling
Yuki TakasuCharacter Modeling
Keisuke HiroseCharacter Modeling
Arisa TakahashiCharacter Modeling
Daisuke AmakawaCharacter Modeling
Hiroto JinnouchiCharacter Modeling
Takanori MitsuhashiCharacter Modeling
Takeshi MayumiCharacter Modeling
Yuta YamadaCharacter Modeling
Hiroshi KiyotaCharacter Modeling
Mitsuhiro OhmoriCharacter Modeling
Naohiko ZaitsuCharacter Modeling
Rina ImadoCharacter Modeling
Yuki OzawaCharacter Modeling
Takuya MatsudaCharacter Modeling
Kazuaki YamamotoCharacter Modeling
Takumi OnikiCharacter Modeling
Akane TamuraCharacter Modeling
Daisuke NakanoCharacter Modeling
Hiroki NaraCharacter Modeling
Toshiya TomitaCharacter Modeling
Yuki YoshidaCharacter Modeling
Sosuke SaitoCharacter Modeling
Hiroki SakanoCharacter Modeling
Tadatsugu MotomiyaLandscape Modeling
Rie KanetakeLandscape Modeling
Kohei MagomeLandscape Modeling
Rie MotonariLandscape Modeling
Rieko KanoLandscape Modeling
Keihan FujiiLandscape Modeling
Motoko TohyamaLandscape Modeling
Runa SugiyamaLandscape Modeling
Keiichi WatanabeLandscape Modeling
Mitsumasa OkamotoLandscape Modeling
Takashi MikamiLandscape Modeling
Megumi YasueLandscape Modeling
Hideki SatoLandscape Modeling
Hideaki KatoLandscape Modeling
Kazumasa KawamotoLandscape Modeling
Yuri SugaLandscape Modeling
Kazuyuki HagiyaLandscape Modeling
Satsuki NakamuraLandscape Modeling
Ayaka KanekoLandscape Modeling
Tatsuya ShimamuraLandscape Modeling
Mari OguchiLandscape Modeling
Makiko YamamotoLandscape Modeling
Tatsuya OgawaLandscape Modeling
Tomomichi HigashiLandscape Modeling
Miho MashimoLandscape Modeling
Hiromi KodaLandscape Modeling
Yusuke SuzukiLandscape Modeling
Rena TakahashiLandscape Modeling
Tomomi HamptonLandscape Modeling
Olarn BantukulLandscape Modeling
Daiki MoroiLandscape Modeling
Takashi TatezawaLandscape Modeling
Masato SekiguchiLandscape Modeling
Yoshie IshimaruLandscape Modeling
Kanae YanaiLandscape Modeling
Mari TachibanaLandscape Modeling
Mariko MurakamiLandscape Modeling
Daichi ShinoharaLandscape Modeling
Ryuji TamuraLandscape Modeling
Hiromine OkuraLandscape Modeling
Ryota UnzaiLandscape Modeling
Masanori KitaoLandscape Modeling
Makoto TateishiLandscape Modeling
Makiko NihariLandscape Modeling
Saki FujimotoLandscape Modeling
Rina YamaguchiLandscape Modeling
Daisuke YoshiokaLandscape Modeling
Hiroko MoritaLandscape Modeling
Sho MidorikawaLandscape Modeling
Maki TakanoLandscape Modeling
Yuka HorikawaLandscape Modeling
Kazue MiyaharaLandscape Modeling
Makoto KayanoLandscape Modeling
Sosuke TakadaVFX Design
Keisuke NishikawaVFX Design
Daigo ShimizuUI Design
Hiroko NishibeUI Design
Kazuya YoshiokaTitle Logo Design
Norio AsakuraZelda Glyphs Font Design
Kazuya KikkawaZelda Glyphs Font Design
Yusuke NakanoGanon Battle Illustration
Takumi WadaTitle Screen Illustration
Hiroki HiranoCinematic Director
Daiki HayashidaniAssistant Cinematic Director
Hiroshi ShiraiAssistant Cinematic Director
Naoki MoriCinematic Design
Takumi KawagoeCinematic Design
Tomoe ArataniCinematic Design
Yusuke KuboCinematic Storyboard Art
Kazuya MiuraCinematic Storyboard Art
Kiyoto NakajimaCinematic Storyboard Art
Kentaroh HonmaCinematic Animation
Hidehito YamamotoCinematic Animation
Maya IshigeCinematic Animation
Takuto ChinoCinematic Animation
Kanami IzumiCinematic Animation
Masuyo EsakaCinematic Animation
Tetsuya KouzumaCinematic Animation
Yasumasa SekineCinematic Animation
Hiromitsu MiyashitaCinematic Animation
Shun KatoriCinematic Animation
Koji NakahataCinematic Animation
Kosuke ArakiCinematic Animation
Megumi UenoCinematic Animation
Ayako OhnishiCinematic Animation
Yasuko MotokiCinematic Animation
Haruka UchiumiCinematic Animation
Youko UemuraCinematic Animation
Yuji SatoCinematic Animation
Daisuke ShimizuCinematic Animation
Toshimitsu YanaiCinematic Animation
Yoshio MiyakiMotion Capture
Haruka ShibaiMotion Capture
Sanshiro WadaMotion Capture
Naomi TaniyamaMotion Capture
Hajime WakaiSound Director
Manaka KataokaMusic Composer
Yasuaki IwataMusic Composer
Mitsuhiro HikinoSound Design
Taro BandoSound Design
Yohei MiyagawaSound Design
Riyu TamuraSound Design
Takuro YasudaSound Design
Eiji NakamuraSound Design
Chiharu MinekawaSound Design
Hiroki TaniguchiSound Design
Kensuke MatsuiSound Design
Shunsuke HongoSound Design
Kengo TakahashiJapanese Voice Actor
Yu ShimamuraJapanese Voice Actor
Kouji TakedaJapanese Voice Actor
Noboru YamaguchiJapanese Voice Actor
Mayu IsshikiJapanese Voice Actor
Rei ShimodaJapanese Voice Actor
Hiroshi NakaJapanese Voice Actor
Showko TsudaJapanese Voice Actor
Hideaki NonakaJapanese Voice Actor
Kumiko WatanabeJapanese Voice Actor
Takuya MasumotoJapanese Voice Actor
Kousuke OonishiJapanese Voice Actor
Arisa SakurabaJapanese Voice Actor
Atsuyoshi MiyazakiJapanese Voice Actor
Kousuke TakaguchiJapanese Voice Actor
Go ShinomiyaJapanese Voice Actor
Yoshimasa KawataJapanese Voice Actor
Natsuki AikawaJapanese Voice Actor
Miho HinoJapanese Voice Actor
Yuka MaruyamaJapanese Voice Actor
Tsuguo MogamiJapanese Voice Actor
Ayano ShibuyaJapanese Voice Actor
Ryo IwasakiJapanese Voice Actor
Osamu HosoiJapanese Voice Actor
Ayumi YonemaruJapanese Voice Actor
Yukiko MizuochiJapanese Voice Actor
Mai KawabataJapanese Voice Actor
Kyoko YamaguchiJapanese Voice Actor
Haruka ShimizuJapanese Voice Actor
Chie HorikoshiJapanese Voice Actor
Nikray FarahnazJapanese Voice Actor
Kazuhiro FusegawaJapanese Voice Actor
Kensuke TamuraJapanese Voice Actor
Wakana SubeJapanese Voice Actor
Iho MatsukuboJapanese Voice Actor
Daichi HayashiJapanese Voice Actor
Toshihiro OkuboJapanese Voice Actor
Natsuki MoriJapanese Voice Actor
Satoru InoueJapanese Voice Actor
Mari HagaiJapanese Voice Actor
Sayaka AidaJapanese Voice Actor
Yukiko MondenJapanese Voice Actor
Aki UnoneJapanese Voice Actor
Yasuhiro KawaguchiTechnical Support
Yoshito YasudaTechnical Support
Mitsuo IwamotoTechnical Support
Hideaki HiroseTechnical Support
Takehiro YoshidaTechnical Support
Yoshitaka SakamotoTechnical Support
Shinji YamadaTechnical Support
Kouichirou HayashiTechnical Support
Masashi OnishiTesting
Yuhei AriyamaTesting
Yasunori ShibayamaTesting
Masaharu ShimaTesting
Takeshi TamuraTesting
Narimasa HakodateTesting
Yukiko MiyamotoTesting
Shigeo TakadaTesting
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Rika ImaedaTesting
Masahiro HaraTesting
Yuki SuenagaTesting
Aimi AyashiroTesting
Kenichi MaedaTesting
Genji KuritaTesting
Shoji MatsuyoshiTesting
Mitsutoshi AsaiTesting
Keisuke KanekoTesting
Koji HosokawaTesting
Saya MizusawaTesting
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Ao MasudaTesting
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Tomoo KobayashiTesting
Kazuya FukudaTesting
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Norihiro FurutaniTesting
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Asuka KondoTesting
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Guillaume DeschampsNOE Quality Assurance
Julien LlopartNOE Quality Assurance
Laurence UhlenNOE Quality Assurance
Laurent SiddiNOE Quality Assurance
Mathieu SpringinsfeldNOE Quality Assurance
Olivier Jacquemin-GuillaumeNOE Quality Assurance
Yannick CarreyNOE Quality Assurance
Alessandro CrosaNOE Quality Assurance
Andrea MarinoNOE Quality Assurance
Daniele AlbritoNOE Quality Assurance
Fabio BrignoliNOE Quality Assurance
Matteo MarrasNOE Quality Assurance
Pasquale Gianluca MiceliNOE Quality Assurance
Rita Di LascioNOE Quality Assurance
Veronica CasiNOE Quality Assurance
Christina StoffelNOE Quality Assurance
Edwin KirschenmannNOE Quality Assurance
Hannah SiebertNOE Quality Assurance
Peter EiseltNOE Quality Assurance
Sandra PommerNOE Quality Assurance
Sarah NistNOE Quality Assurance
Sebastian JendeNOE Quality Assurance
Swen HarderNOE Quality Assurance
Ángeles GarridoNOE Quality Assurance
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Jorge Heras GarcíaNOE Quality Assurance
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Laura Soto ToralNOE Quality Assurance
Lorena Gívica PitaNOE Quality Assurance
Mercedes Dólera HernándezNOE Quality Assurance
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Joachim LustNOE Quality Assurance
Kristof DeboelNOE Quality Assurance
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Roy van ZitterenNOE Quality Assurance
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Inna TalalayNOE Quality Assurance
Luba DubilinaNOE Quality Assurance
Margarita JabnerNOE Quality Assurance
Nathalie SionneauNOE French Voice Director
Adeline ChetailNOE French Voice
Benoît DupacNOE French Voice
Brigitte AubryNOE French Voice
Bruno MéyèreNOE French Voice
Caroline MozzoneNOE French Voice
Charlyne PestelNOE French Voice
Donald ReignouxNOE French Voice
Gérard DessallesNOE French Voice
Hervé GrullNOE French Voice
Jérémie CovillaultNOE French Voice
Laëtitia LefebvreNOE French Voice
Sylvain LemariéNOE French Voice
Alessandro RicciNOE Italian Voice Director
Alessandro GermanoNOE Italian Voice Actor
Elisabetta CesoneNOE Italian Voice Actor
Marco BalbiNOE Italian Voice Actor
Martina FelliNOE Italian Voice Actor
Massimiliano LottiNOE Italian Voice Actor
Massimo Di BenedettoNOE Italian Voice Actor
Natale CiravoloNOE Italian Voice Actor
Paolo De SantisNOE Italian Voice Actor
Pietro UbaldiNOE Italian Voice Actor
Sabrina BonfittoNOE Italian Voice Actor
Tania De DomenicoNOE Italian Voice Actor
Tiziana MartelloNOE Italian Voice Actor
Sven PlateNOE German Voice Director
Christian ZeigerNOE German Voice Actor
Cornelia WaibelNOE German Voice Actor
Dirk PetrickNOE German Voice Actor
Helmut KraussNOE German Voice Actor
Julia CasperNOE German Voice Actor
Magdalena TurbaNOE German Voice Actor
Nic RommNOE German Voice Actor
Nora JokhoshaNOE German Voice Actor
Reinhard ScheunemannNOE German Voice Actor
René Dawn-ClaudeNOE German Voice Actor
Silke MatthiasNOE German Voice Actor
Thomas SchmuckertNOE German Voice Actor
Guillermo ReinleinNOE Spanish Voice Director
Carles LladóNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Domènec FarellNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Joël MulachsNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Laura MonederoNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Manel GimenoNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Marcel NavarroNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Maria Luisa MaganyaNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Marta BarbaráNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Nerea AlfonsoNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Pepe AntequeraNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Ramón CanalsNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Sergio MesaNOE Spanish Voice Actor
Anastasiya BiryukovaNOE Russian Voice Director
Alexander GruzdevNOE Russian Voice Actor
Anastasiya ShestovskayaNOE Russian Voice Actor
Elena ShulmanNOE Russian Voice Actor
Maria IvaschenkoNOE Russian Voice Actor
Maxim OnischenkoNOE Russian Voice Actor
Natalya GrachevaNOE Russian Voice Actor
Nikita ProzorovskyNOE Russian Voice Actor
Nikolay BystrovNOE Russian Voice Actor
Polina TarasovaNOE Russian Voice Actor
Prokhor ChekhovskoyNOE Russian Voice Actor
Sergey ChikhachevNOE Russian Voice Actor
Stanislav TikunovNOE Russian Voice Actor
Takako ShijoProduction Assistant
Keiko FukushimaProduction Assistant
Hidenori ShimizuProduction Assistant
Takahiro TsuzukiProduction Assistant
Yurie OgasawaraProduction Assistant
Shigekazu YamadaAssociate Management
Norihiro TakamiAssociate Management
Hiroshi UchiyamaAssociate Management
Takashi TezukaSupervisor
Kenji YamamotoSupervisor
Yoshiki HaruhanaSupervisor
Toshihiko NakagoSupervisor
Toshio IwawakiSupervisor
Kazuaki MoritaSupervisor
Yuji SawataniSupervisor
Ryoji YoshitomiSpecial Thanks
Mahito YokotaSpecial Thanks
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