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Super Mario Odyssey BoxSuper Mario Odyssey is an action-adventure platforming video game developed by Nintendo EPD in collaboration with 1-UP Studio and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Released on October 27, 2017 the game is seen by many as a return to form for the Super Mario series. The game implements open ended, exploration-based gameplay featured in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, moving away from the linear gameplay of prior entries in the series since the release of Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube.

Development began shortly after the release of Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U in late 2013. The game’s development was led by Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & Development division (EPD) with assistance from 1-UP Studio, both of which were involved in the creation of Super Mario 3D World. The team decided to implement a sandbox-style of gameplay to return the series to its 3D roots, targeting the series’ core fans opposed to a younger and more casual audience.

Super Mario Odyssey Capture MechanicThe development of the game centered around a new style of gameplay mechanic where Mario can throw his hat at enemies and objects in order to take control of them. Mario is able to throw his hat which is the physical form of a hat spirit named Cappy to take possession of them and allowing him to use their unique abilities. This new game play mechanic allows for a multitude of possibilities ranging from capturing a Bullet Bill by taking possession of it to fly across large gaps to capturing a T-Rex to uses the large dinosaur to destroy objects standing in your way.

Super Mario Odyssey Logo
Developer(s) Nintendo EPD
1-UP Studio
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World
Successor None
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Media Type Cartridge
Release WW: October 27, 2017
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player
Development Time 4 Years
Budget TBD
Sales 23.50 million
Rating ESRB: E10+
Rereleased Platform(s) None

The plot of the game has bowser, with the aid of the Broodals, kidnap Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom with the intent to force her into marriage. As Mario attempts to rescue the princess he is thrown from Bowser’s airship and falls into the Cap Kingdom. During the battle Mario lost his hat which Bowser stomps after Mario is thrown from the ship. A gust of wind blows the hat into the air where it is shredded into pieces by the ship’s propellers. A piece of the hat is grabbed by Cappy, one of the Cap Kingdom’s sentient hat-like creatures.

Cappy approaches Mario and explains that Bowser also kidnapped his sister Tiara to be used as Peach’s tiara in the wedding Bowser is forcing upon the princess. In an effort to save both Peach and Tiara, Cappy joins Mario by taking on the form of Mario’s hat, providing him with the ability to temporarily capture other creatures and objects to utilize their abilities. Together they travel to the nearby Cascade Kingdom to recover an airship known as the Odyssey and begin their journey to rescue Princess Peach and Tiara from Bowser.

Players take control of Mario to explore various kingdoms for Power Moons which fuel the Odyssey and battle the Broodals along the way. The Broodals, a group of villainous anthropomorphic rabbits who are acting as Bowser’s wedding planners are stealing items such as a dress, cake and bouquet from each kingdom to set up the wedding. Mario along with Cappy must do everything within their power to stop the Broodals and get to the cathedral located on the Moon before the wedding takes place.

Super Mario Odyssey Glydon Design

Upon its release the game received universal acclaim among both critics and the games fanbase. The game was an instant success selling over 2 million copies worldwide in the first three days of it’s release. Super Mario Odyssey became Nintendo’s fastest selling Super Mario game in North America and Europe. The game sold 9.07 million copies worldwide by the end of the 2017 calendar year, just over two months of its release. By the end of December 2019, the total sales has reached an astonishing 17.41 million copies.

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The Design Behind Super Mario Odyssey


Game Maker’s Toolkit

Game Maker’s Toolkit is a YouTube channel that takes a deep dive into game design, level design, and game production, hosted by Mark Brown.

Tatsumi KimishimaTatsumi KimishimaExecutive Producers
Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru MiyamotoExecutive Producers
Koichi HayashidaKoichi HayashidaProducer
Yoshiaki KoizumiYoshiaki KoizumiProducer
Kenta MotokuraKenta MotokuraDirector
Daisuke TsujimuraDaisuke TsujimuraCoordinator
Futoshi ShiraiFutoshi ShiraiPlanning Director
Naoto KuboNaoto KuboMusic Lead
Shiho FujiiShiho FujiiMusic
Koji KondoKōji KondōMusic
Shinya HiratakeShinya HiratakeLevel Design Lead
Satoshi HarayamaLevel Designer
Hiroaki HishinumaLevel Designer
Yuichi IwasaLevel Designer
Haruka KakinumaLevel Designer
Yuka KitaharaLevel Designer
Yusuke NodamaLevel Designer
Toshihiko OkamotoLevel Designer
Eisaku SatoLevel Designer
Seiichi TakahashiLevel Designer
Kazuhi IshikawaLevel Design Support
Shuta MurakamiLevel Design Support
Shuya SuzukiLevel Design Support
Emiko YanaiScript Support
Takeshi HayakawaProgramming Management
Kiyoshi TakeuchiProgramming Management
Norihiro AoyagiProgramming Director
Wataru TanakaProgramming Lead
Katsuyasu AndoCharacter Programming Lead
Hayato IchinoCharacter Programming
Kazuhiro MusaCharacter Programming
Yusuke KitazonoCamera / Character Programming
Ryo KawasakiEnvironment Programming
Takahiro MiyagawaEnvironment Programming
Kento SakaiEnvironment Programming
Tiago SonobeEnvironment Programming
Hirokazu MatsudaSenior Graphics Programmer
Yosuke MoriGraphics Programming Lead
Tatsuya KuriharaGraphics / Character Programming
Satoshi MiyamaVFX Programming
Hideyuki SugawaraUI Programming Lead
Yotaro KiriyamaGame Sequence Programming
Masakaze SatoCut Scene Programming
Tatsurō ŌtaNetwork Programming Lead
Yuta YamashitaNetwork Programming
Keishi AsaNetwork Support
Noritaka OtsukaNetwork Support
Kimihiko ShimomuraNetwork Support
Hitoshi KanetaniGame Tool Development
Toyoki KataokaGame Tool Development
Ryota MarukoGame Tool Development
Yoji OkuderaGame Tool Development
Yoshihiko SakurabaGame Tool Development
Wataru MikamiGraphics Tool Development Lead
Tomonori HiraishiGraphics Tool Development
Yuuichi KurataGraphics Tool Development
Shota ShimadaGraphics Tool Development
Tōru YoshioGraphics Tool Development
Yoshiyuki SawadaGraphics Tool Adviser
Takuhiro DohtaTechnical Advisers
Shigetoshi KitayamaTechnical Advisers
Naoki KogaTechnical Advisers
Toru InageTechnical Support
Shotaro IwanagaTechnical Support
Yuta OgawaTechnical Support
Yasuhiko MatsuzakiSenior UI Designer
Naoki MinetaField Art Lead / Technical Art
Asami InoueField / Concept Art
Takashi AbeField Art
Koji AoyamaField Art
Kazuyuki EndoField Art
Yoshikazu HaraField Art
Kazunori HashimotoField Art
Hanako HisadaField Art
Takeshi HosonoField Art
Jun IshiokaField Art
Mio KikuchiField Art
Youngseok KongField Art
Yoko MarutaField Art
Seiga MizutamariField Art
Naoya NiheiField Art
Atsushi NishiboriField Art
Mayako SugimotoField Art
Risa SugimotoField Art
Midori TakayaField Art
Jun TanakaField Art
Makoto YonezuField Art
Takayuki YaenoField Art / Artist Management Support
Daisuke WatanabeArtist Management
Rikuto YoshidaArt Director
Hiroki SanoArt Support
Chiaki UchidaArt Support
Kaoru FurukawaField Modeling
Haruki HaramakiField Modeling
Yoko HonmaField Modeling
Daiki ItoField Modeling
Futoshi KimuraField Modeling
Yasuo KumakuraField Modeling
Nobuaki KurodaField Modeling
Naoki KuroshimaField Modeling
Takuro NakamaruField Modeling
Yusuke NarikiyoField Modeling
Shunpei SakaguchiField Modeling
Satoshi TakahashiField Modeling
Mizuho WadaField Modeling
Sho MurataCharacter Art Lead
Akane YoshidaCharacter / Concept Art
Yotaro DoiCharacter Art
Akiko HironoCharacter Art
Sōsuke HondaCharacter Art
Masayuki KawakitaCharacter Art
Kyoko KawasakiCharacter Art
Takafumi MoroCharacter Art
Misaki NasuCharacter Art
Mika NobemotoCharacter Art
Ikki OikawaCharacter Art
Koki SasakiCharacter Art
Haruka SekoCharacter Art
Jumpei YamashitaCharacter Art
Mizuki TatsunoCharacter / Cut Scene Art
Daisuke ItoCharacter Art / Modeling Support
Masahiro ArimitsuCharacter Modeling
Shuhei IshiiCharacter Modeling
Mayumi ItoCharacter Modeling
Takumi TominagaCharacter Modeling
Ataru YamadaCharacter Modeling
Noboru HayashiCharacter Animation
Keiichi NagaoCharacter Animation
Wataru NeoiCharacter Animation
Junki IkeuchiVFX Art Leads
Hirotaka TanikawaVFX Art Leads
Junya HiramatsuVFX Art
Keijiro InoueVFX Art
Keisuke NishikawaVFX Art
Sayaka NishimuraVFX Art
Kazumi YamaguchiVFX Art
Yuki NakamuraUI Design Lead
Mei IdeUI Design
Greg ChunVocal Director
U-kaVocal Director (Japanese version)
Aimi MukoharaVocal (Japanese version)
Nobuyoshi SuzukiLyrics
Character Sound Design
Robert TunstallLyrics
NOA Localization
Kate HigginsVoice Actor (Pauline)
Kenny JamesVoice Actor (Bowser)
Samantha KellyVoice Actor (Peach)
Shohei KomatsuVoice Actor (Cappy)
Charles MartinetVoice Actor (Mario)
Nobuyuki HiyamaVoice Actor (Topper)
Yuuki KodairaVoice Actor (Hariet)
Tsuguo MogamiVoice Actor (Spewart)
Go ShinomiyaVoice Actor (Rango)
Shigetoshi GoharaAudio Director
Mahito YokotaSound Management
Yuki TsujiPlayer / UI Sound Design
Wataru TanimuraSound Programming
Shunsuke HongoCut Scene Sound Design
Hiroki TaniguchiCut Scene Sound Design
Hiroki ArayaField Sound Design
Aki SakuraiAction Guide Editing
Yuri YamaneAction Guide Editing
Yoshikazu TanakaQuality Assurance
Seitaro TorigoeQuality Assurance
Takaaki UenoQuality Assurance
Richard Amtower IVNOA Management
Nathan BihldorffNOA Management
Ann LinNOA Management
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Anne-Marie LaperrièreNOA Localization
Sol Plata LoeraNOA Localization
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Edward Lee MurrayNOA Localization
Erin PetersonNOA Localization
Morgan RitchieNOA Localization
Galia Rodríguez HornedoNOA Localization
Kindra TimmerwilkeNOA Localization
Kriangkrai BuapetchNOA Product Testing
Andrew KoldenNOA Product Testing
Miyuki MatsunagaNOA Product Testing
Ivan SamoilovNOA Product Testing
Marko WalleniusNOA Product Testing
Federico MaggiNOE Localisation Producer
Kevin MurrayNOE Localisation Producer
Adriano AntoniniNOE Translation
Victoria BeckerNOE Translation
Valérie DamourNOE Translation
Helge FriedrichNOE Translation
Laurent GodinotNOE Translation
Carsten HarmansNOE Translation
Sarah KellyNOE Translation
Araceli Mazón FigueroaNOE Translation
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Andrea MarinoNOE Quality Assurance
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Yannick SimonkleinNOE Quality Assurance
Alla ZinevychNOE Quality Assurance
Aubrey ChanTraditional Chinese Artwork
Kirsty GotoTraditional Chinese Localization
Atsushi YamaguchiProduction Management
Shinya TakahashiGeneral Producer
Hiroshi AraiSpecial Thanks
Toru AsakawaSpecial Thanks
Yoshiki HaruhanaSpecial Thanks
Kunihiro HasuokaSpecial Thanks
Sayaka HayashiSpecial Thanks
Asuka HayazakiSpecial Thanks
Mitsuhiro HikinoSpecial Thanks
Ryosuke HirayamaSpecial Thanks
Youichi HirotaSpecial Thanks
Tomofumi InoueSpecial Thanks
Gen KadoiSpecial Thanks
Tsutomu KaneshigeSpecial Thanks
Katsuhiko KannoSpecial Thanks
Sayo KatoSpecial Thanks
Ayaka KawamuraSpecial Thanks
Ilho KimSpecial Thanks
Keiko KinoshitaSpecial Thanks
Makiko KitazakiSpecial Thanks
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Shigehisa NakaueSpecial Thanks
Katsumi NihonmatsuSpecial Thanks
Rina NishijimaSpecial Thanks
Yu OgasawaraSpecial Thanks
Keisuke OkuboSpecial Thanks
Atsumi SasamotoSpecial Thanks
Kaoru SatoSpecial Thanks
Hisashi SekoguchiSpecial Thanks
Yuya TakezawaSpecial Thanks
Takashi TezukaSpecial Thanks
Sanae UchidaSpecial Thanks
Mayumi WatanabeSpecial Thanks
Takahiro WatanabeSpecial Thanks
Akiko YamaguchiSpecial Thanks
Kenji YamamotoSpecial Thanks
Yusaku YamanakaSpecial Thanks
Yoshito YasudaSpecial Thanks
Natsuko YokoyamaSpecial Thanks
Manabu YoshidaSpecial Thanks
Shigeki YoshidaSpecial Thanks
Kazuya YoshiokaSpecial Thanks
Ryōji YoshitomiSpecial Thanks
Mario Club Co. Ltd.Special Thanks


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