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Super Mario 64 BoxSuper Mario 64 is the first game in the Super Mario series to feature three-dimensional gameplay and launched along side the Nintendo 64 as the showcase game for the system. The move to three-dimensional gameplay allowed the developers to introduce many new features to the game include a new move set for Mario. The game introduces the triple-jump, long jump, diving and summersaults all of which have been incorporated as part of the standard move set in the series moving forward.

Although Super Mario 64 was not the first 3D platforming game it did set the standard of man of the controls and design elements of the genre. Defining how three-dimensional games could be implemented, Super Mario 64 became one of the most influential games from the fifth generation of game consoles.

Shigeru Miyamoto conceived of the idea of creating a 3D Super Mario game during the development of Star Fox for the Super Nintendo. Star Fox was making use of a new chipset called the Super FX that was incorporated into the game’s cartridge to provide additional processing to allow for the development of 3D graphics on the Super Nintendo. Miyamoto considered developing a 3D Super Mario game for the Super Nintendo using the Super FX chip but ultimately the decision was made to develop the game for the upcoming Nintendo 64. This decision was made based on the fact that the Nintendo 64 controller was more capable to accomplish what Miyamoto had envisioned for the game and not do to graphical limitations of the Super Nintendo or Super FX chip.

The development of Super Mario 64 was handled by the Nintendo EAD team. The games development lasted 3 years, the first year was spent on the design concept and the following two years were focused on the development of the game. At the beginning of development, the team was unsure on how to handle the camera view and layout resulting in months being spent on building the camera system and determining how the game would play. Originally the game was going to be created with a fixed path layout similar to Super Mario RPG before the team landed on a open free roaming 3D design.

Super Mario 64 was the first game to introduce a camera system that can be controlled independently of the character. Prior to this free-range camera system 3D games were implemented using a fixed position camera system. This new camera system would become the standard for 3D games in the future. Nintendo innovated the movement of 3D characters with the introduction of the analog stick which allowed for more precise and wide-ranging character movements than the traditional D-pad.

Super Mario 64 Logo
Developer(s)Nintendo EAD
SeriesSuper Mario
PredecessorSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
SuccessorSuper Mario Sunshine
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: June 23, 1996
NA: September 29, 1996
EU: March 1, 1997
Development Time3 Years
RatingCERO: A
Rereleased Platform(s)

iQue Player – 2003
Nintendo DS – 2004

Virtual Console
Wii – 2006
Wii U – 2015

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BETA 64 - Super Mario 64


Beta 64

Beta 64 is a YouTube channel that makes videos to help give a deeper understanding of popular games, both old and new!

Hiroshi YamauchiHiroshi YamauchiExecutive Producer
Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru MiyamotoProducer
Takashi TezukaTakashi TezukaAssistant Director
Yoshiaki KoizumiYoshiaki KoizumiAssistant Director
3D Animator
Yasunari NishidaYasunari NishidaSystem Programmer
Yoshinori TanimotoYoshinori TanimotoSystem Programmer
Hajime YajimaHajime YajimaProgrammer
Daiki IwamotoDaiki IwamotoProgrammer
Toshio IwawakiToshio IwawakiProgrammer
Takumi KawagoeTakumi KawagoeCamera Programmer
Giles GoddardGiles GoddardMario Face Programmer
Yoichi YamadaYoichi YamadaCourse Director
Yasuhisa YamamuraYasuhisa YamamuraCourse Director
Kenta UsuiKenta UsuiCourse Designer
Naoki MoriNaoki MoriCourse Designer
Yoshiki HaruhanaYoshiki HaruhanaCourse Designer
Makoto MiyanagaCourse Designer
Katsuhiko KannoKatsuhiko KannoCourse Designer
Koji KondoKōji KondōComposer
Yoji InagakiYoji InagakiSound Effects
Hideaki ShimizuHideaki ShimizuSound Programmer
Satoru TakizawaSatoru Takizawa3D Animator
Masanao ArimotoMasanao ArimotoAdditional Graphics
Takao SawanoTakao SawanoTechnical Support
Profile PlaceholderHirohito YoshimotoTechnical Support
Profile PlaceholderHiroto YadaTechnical Support
Profile PlaceholderSGI N64 Project StaffTechnical Support
Profile PlaceholderKimiyoshi FukuiProgress Management
Profile PlaceholderKeizo KatoProgress Management
Leslie SwanLeslie SwanScreen Text Writer
Voice Actor (Peach)
Profile PlaceholderMina AkinoEnglish Translation
Hiro YamadaHiro YamadaEnglish Translation
Julien BardakoffJulien BardakoffScreen Text Writer
Profile PlaceholderKenji HaraguchiFrench Translation
Profile PlaceholderThomas GoergScreen Text Writer
Profile PlaceholderThomas SpindlerGerman Translation
Charles MartinetCharles MartinetVoice Actor (Mario)
Profile PlaceholderEAD StaffSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderAll Nintendo PersonnelSpecial Thanks
Mario ClubMario Club StaffSpecial Thanks

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