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Snowboard Kids is a racing game developed by Racdym and published by Atlus for the Nintendo 64.  The style of the game is similar in nature to the Mario Kart series where players control one of five available snowboarders competing against each other.  Players have the ability to collect items and weapons as they progress down the course which can be used during the race to aid players during the race.

Money can be collected on the course during the race or earned by performing stunts as well as awarded based on the players finishing position in the race.  Players have the ability to spend the money they have earned to purchase better equipment to alter their stats and give them an advantage for future races.

Each of the nine available tracks feature a downhill slalom with a ski lift at the bottom that takes the racer back to the beginning of the track to complete multiple laps.  The selection of tracks vary in style with the first couple taking place in traditional snow covered mountainsides, while later courses offer non-traditional snowboarding locations such as a grassy countryside, a desert and an amusement park.

The game features three different game modes, Battle Race, Skill Game and Time Attack.  Battle Race allows up to four players to race on any of the six starting courses.  Skill Game is a single player mode that is divided into three parts, Speed, Shoot and Trick.  Time Attack is another single player mode that features the six starting courses where players race down the slope trying to complete each course faster than the target time.  An additional playable character and courses can be unlocked during the game by completing all courses in first place.

The game was generally well received by critics upon release however that did not translate to massive sales.   The game sold reasonably and performed well enough for an enhanced port to be created for the PlayStation in Japan as well as a sequel to be developed and released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64.

SeriesSnowboard Kids
SuccessorSnowboard Kids 2
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: December 12, 1997
NA: March 15, 1998
EU: March 16, 1998
RatingESRB: KA
Rereleased Platform(s)Snowboard Kids Plus
PlayStation – January 21, 1999

Game Screenshots:

Snowboard Kids Intro


Snowboard Kids – N64 Intro

Game introduction and opening demonstrations of Snowboard Kids for the Nintendo 64.

Hideyuki YokoyamaExecutive Producer
Profile PlaceholderHiroyuki TanakaProducer
Profile PlaceholderHideki YayamaDirector
Profile PlaceholderTakeshi MurataDirector
Lani MinellaVoice Actor (Slash Kamei, Nancy Neil, Jam Kuehnemund, Linda Maltinie, Mr. Dog)
Junichi SuwabeVoice Actor (Shinobin)
Koichi TochikaVoice Actor (Tommy Parsy, Ruby Green)
Hiroko TaguchiVoice Actor (Pamela Rasteri)
Konami YoshidaVoice Actor (Nicole Couch)
Rio NatsukiVoice Actor (Kaede)
Profile PlaceholderYumiko HattoriPlanner
Profile PlaceholderTakasi HasizumeAssistant Programmer
Profile PlaceholderMiki MikamiProject Manager
Graphic Designer
Profile PlaceholderKouichi KizatoGraphic Designer
Profile PlaceholderShūhei FujinagaGraphic Designer
Profile PlaceholderYasuhiro TamakiMotion Designer
Profile PlaceholderIsao KasaiSound Producer
Profile PlaceholderTomohiko SatoSound Producer
John YamamotoTranslate Staff
Profile PlaceholderBrian GlazebrookTranslate Staff
Gail SalamancaTranslate Staff
Profile PlaceholderJunichi OdaTest Player (Manager)
Profile PlaceholderTetuya IiokaTest Player
Profile PlaceholderHiroyuki SuzukiTest Player
Profile PlaceholderYuuichi HasegawaTest Player
Profile PlaceholderDaisuke HoshinoTest Player
Profile PlaceholderYuka NakaiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHironori KobayasiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHiroaki KanamaruSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderSuguru OnoSpecial Thanks

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