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Silent Hill BoxSilent Hill is a survival horror video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, a.k.a. Team Silent and published by Konami for the PlayStation.  Released in 1999, the game is the first installment in Konami’s popular psychological horror series of the same name, Silent Hill.

The story follows the lead protagonist, Harry Mason as he searches for his missing daughter after a car crash.  While traveling with his daughter a cop pass Harry on a motorcycle and when Harry approaches the near by town, he sees the motorcycle laying in the middle of the road.   Amongst the thick fog Harry spots, a woman standing in the road and was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting her.   This causes Harry to react by swerving to avoid the woman and crashing into a railing, knocking him unconscious.

When Harry awakes, he finds that his daughter, Cheryl is missing.   Believing that she would have left the scene of the accident in search for help, Harry feels that she must have headed towards the near by town of Silent Hill.   Players are placed in control of Harry as he sets off towards the eerie town that is engulfed in fog in search for his daughter.

Development of the game began in September 1996 with an intent to appeal to a North American audience.  The development team decided to give the game a Hollywood like atmosphere as they felt this would be more appealing to the western audience.  Early in development Team Silent struggled to create a concept based on Konami’s initial plan for the game and ultimately decided to ignore their initial mandate and instead create a game that would appeal to the emotions of the player.  This led to the creation of a more psychological based horror game than what was typically found in other survival horror games.

Developer(s)Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (a.k.a. Team Silent)
SeriesSilent Hill
SuccessorSilent Hill 2
Media TypeOptical Disc
ReleaseNA: February 23, 1999
JP: March 4, 1999
EU: July 16, 1999
Genre(s)Survival Horror
Development Time2.5 Years (30 Months)
Sales2 Million
RatingESRB: M
Rereleased Platform(s)Digital Releases
PlayStation 3 (PSN) – 2009
PSP (PSN) – 2009
PS Vista (PSN) – 2012

Team Silent sought to make Silent Hill a masterpiece rather than a traditional sales-oriented game.  They wanted to incorporate an engaging story which would stand the test of time similar to classic literature.  The game made its debut at E3 1998 when Konami showed a trailer of the game to attendees and media outlets.  The trailer gained a lot of positive attention and gave Konami the confidence they needed to invest more personnel on the project and increase the public relation initiatives they had planned leading up to the game’s release.

The game received positive reviews when it released in early 1999 and instantly became a commercial success.  Silent Hill helped define the survival horror genre and spawned a very successful franchise for Konami.  The game has seen various adaptations over the years including a visual novel in 2001, feature film in 2006 and reimagining in 2009 with the release of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Game Screenshots:

E3 1998 Debut Trailer


Silent Hill Trailer

Konami debut the game at the 1998 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta, Georgia by presenting a trailer for the game to attendees and media outlets.

Gozo KitaoProducer
Profile PlaceholderMichael GalloProducer
Special Thanks
Keiichirou ToyamaKeiichirou ToyamaDirector
Background Designer
Akihiro ImamuraGame System Programmer
Yuki MizuochiCharacter System Programmer
Profile PlaceholderKazutoshi SugaiEnemy Programmer
Hiroyuki OwakuEnemy Programmer
Event Programmer
Profile PlaceholderKazumasa OgisoEnemy Programmer
Isao TakahashiBackground Designer
Masahiro ItōBackground Designer
Monster Designer
Masashi TsuboyamaBackground Designer
Motion, Story Demo Designer
Profile PlaceholderMihoko KimuraBackground Designer
Profile PlaceholderTakayuki AndoBackground Designer
Motion, Story Demo Designer
Profile PlaceholderTomohisa KoikeBackground Designer
Profile PlaceholderTakamitsu NemotoBackground Designer
Profile PlaceholderKazuyuki KaihōBackground Designer
Profile PlaceholderTatsuto YabeBackground Designer
Profile PlaceholderSoichiro KitaiBackground Designer
Profile PlaceholderNaoko SatoMonster Designer
Motion, Story Demo Designer
Ken-Ichiro ImaizumiDigital Technician
Akira YamaokaAkira YamaokaSound Director
Sound Producer
Music & Arranged by
Profile PlaceholderNaoto OhshimaGraphic System Programmer
Takayoshi SatoCharacter Designer
CGI Creator
Computer Graphics
Profile PlaceholderDaisuke NakayamaPackage Designer
Profile PlaceholderShigeyuki TamuraPublicity
Profile PlaceholderKanako NakaharaPublicity
Profile PlaceholderTaro MiyakePublicity
Haruhiko InabaHaruhiko InabaRecording Director
Senior Product Coordinator
Michael GuinnVoice Actor (Harry Mason)
Susan PapaVoice Actor (Cybil Bennett)
Thessaly LernerVoice Actor (Lisa Garland)
Jarion MonroeVoice Actor (Dr. Kaufmann)
Sandra WaneVoice Actor (Alessa Gillespie, Chery Masonl)
Liz MamorskyVoice Actor (Dahila Gillespie)
Ken OgasawaraKen OgasawaraAssistant Producer
Special Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMakoto YanoExecutive Producer
Kelly N. PineSpecial Thanks
Britney L. YunkerSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKiyohiko YamaneSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderNobuaki YamazakiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKazuaki SugawaraSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderAkihito IchiharaSpecial Thanks
Emi KoriSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderTatsuhiko UrushiharaPlay Check
Profile PlaceholderScott GreinerAudio Engineer
Profile PlaceholderAkiyoshi SaitoProduct Coordinator
Profile PlaceholderJon SloanDirector of Marketing
Cherrie McKinnonProduct Manager
Profile PlaceholderVictor QuimsonCustomer Support
Profile PlaceholderGregory HarshPackaging and Manual
Profile PlaceholderBeeline GroupPackaging and Manual
Rika MuranakaEnding Theme - Producer, Writer, Music & Arrangements
"Esperandote" - Produced, Writer, Music & Arrangements
Profile PlaceholderOmar ValenteEnding Theme - Arranged by
"Esperandote" - Arrangments, Piano and Keyboards
Profile PlaceholderDaniel MonteverdeEnding Theme - Translation
"Esperandote" - Translation
Vanesa QuirozEnding Theme - Lead Vocal
"Esperandote" - Lead Vocal
Ariel Spandrio"Esperandote" - 1st Violin
Profile PlaceholderSergio Condomi"Esperandote" - 2nd Violin
Profile PlaceholderCarlos Corrales"Esperandote" - 1st Bandneon
Profile PlaceholderSebastian Martinez"Esperandote" - 2nd Bandneon
Profile PlaceholderPichi Sandri"Esperandote" - Guitar
Profile PlaceholderHector Pagano"Esperandote" - Bass
Profile PlaceholderGabriel Szkuhra"Esperandote" - Engineer
Recording Engineer
Profile PlaceholderJean Ehrenhaus"Esperandote" - Coordinator
Celia"Esperandote" - Management
Mirta"Esperandote" - Management
Profile PlaceholderTakaharu IkedaProducer
Profile PlaceholderShigeru FukutakeExecutive Producer
Profile PlaceholderAkio MishimaA&R
Profile PlaceholderSeiji KanekoMastering Engineer
Chisa MatsudaArt Direction
Profile PlaceholderJunko KoikeDesign
Profile PlaceholderT. J. KennellPhotograph
Profile PlaceholderShigeru SasakaVisual Co-ordinate
Profile PlaceholderAki YoshidaPromote
Profile PlaceholderTakayuki OguraPromote
Profile PlaceholderTadahisa KamedaPromote
Profile PlaceholderYasuyuki TanakaPromote
Profile PlaceholderMisako YoshiiPromote
Profile PlaceholderFumiko AoyagiAssistant Directors
Profile PlaceholderMasahiro IuchiAssistant Directors
Profile PlaceholderHatsune OyachiProduct Management
Profile PlaceholderTakayo KodaProduct Management
Profile PlaceholderMamiko TakeuchiSchedule
Profile PlaceholderKazunari OkidoContract
Profile PlaceholderShigenori IwaseProofread
Profile PlaceholderShinji EnomotoSpecial Thanks
Ricky Ryuta O'ConnellDirected By

Michael GuinnVoice Actor (Harry Mason)
Susan PapaVoice Actor (Cybil Bennett)
Thessaly LernerVoice Actor (Lisa Garland)
Jarion MonroeVoice Actor (Dr. Kaufmann)
Sandra WaneVoice Actor (Alessa Gillespie, Chery Masonl)
Liz MamorskyVoice Actor (Dahila Gillespie)

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