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Sewer Shark BoxSewer Shark is a first-person rail shooter video game developed by Digital Pictures and published by Sony Imagesoft. Known as one of the first home console video game to use full motion video for its primary gameplay.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where environmental destruction has forced most of humanity to live underground. Unfortunately, the sewers are infested with mutated creatures known as ratigators. Players take on the role of a new pilot of a Sewer Shark, a vehicle designed to navigate the underground tunnels to exterminate the mutated creatures.

The game along with Night Trap was originally intended to release on Hasbro’s Control-Vision console, a system that utilized VHS cassettes as opposed to cartridges. When Hasbro cancel the release of the Control-Vision Digital Pictures had to find a suitable alternative for their game which was well into development. Digital Pictures landed on Sega’s upcoming Sega CD / Mega-CD add-on as the optical disc media would be better suited for their game than cartridge-based media.

As a launch title for the Sega CD in North America it became a system seller. It was one of the best-selling Sega CD games, leading Sega to eventually bundle it with the system. The game sold more than 100,000 units before Sega bundled it with the console. The game would later receive a port for the 3DO in 1994 and was also planned for release on Nintendo’s planned CD add-on for the Super Nintendo which never came to fruition.

Sewer Shark Logo
Developer(s)Digital Pictures
Publisher(s)Sony Imagesoft
Platform(s)Sega CD
Media TypeOptical Disc
ReleaseNA: October 15, 1992
EU: 1993
Genre(s)Rail Shooter
Development TimeTBD
Budget$3 Million
RatingESRB: T
PEGI: 12
Rereleased Platform(s)Ports
3DO -1994

Game Screenshots:

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Profile PlaceholderBarry J. AlperinExecutive Producer
Tom ZitoTom ZitoExecutive Producer
John DykstraJohn DykstraDirector
Rob FulopRob FulopOriginal Concept
Kenneth MelvilleKenneth MelvilleDesigner
Charlie KellnerProgammer
JoAnne Michels-BennettProducer
Amanda LathroumProducer
David UnderwoodDavid UnderwoodVoice Actor (Ghost)
Robert CostanzoRobert CostanzoVoice Actor (Stenchler)
Kari G. PeytonKari G. PeytonVoice Actor (Falco)
Stevie SterlingStevie SterlingVoice Actor (Girl Friday)
Profile PlaceholderRobert WeaverVoice Actor (Catfish)
Sound Design
Profile PlaceholderCraig BoyajianProduction Coordinator
Mark MothersbaughMark MothersbaughTunnel Music Composer
Mark Miller - In StudioMark MillerTunnel Music Orchistrated
Sound Effects
Profile PlaceholderTom FergusonIncidental Music Composer
Profile PlaceholderJay FergusonIncidental Music Composer
Profile PlaceholderJason ScherSound Effects
Profile PlaceholderPeter DonenEffects Supervisor
Profile PlaceholderRobert ShepherdExecutive Producer
Jo Ann KnoxProducer
Profile PlaceholderGeri RobertProduction Coordinator
Profile PlaceholderHunter JohnsonProduction Coordinator
Profile PlaceholderMichael YostStaff Production Coordinator
Profile PlaceholderHarry WypichAssistant Director
Bob CollinsBob CollinsDirector of Photography
Profile PlaceholderGary AndertinAssistant Camera
Profile PlaceholderBob JasonGaffer
Profile PlaceholderMark KuramotoKey Grip
Profile PlaceholderMorgan Script Supervisor
Profile PlaceholderTom PahkChief Model Maker
Profile PlaceholderMike SorensonPrototype Engineer
Susan ChongSound Mixer
Profile PlaceholderEric CarrBoom Operator
Barbara GrayHome Economist
Debra ShinesStylist
Profile PlaceholderJack McAdamsProduction Designer
Sandra MerrillCasting
Profile PlaceholderJeff FridlundProduction Assistants
Holly FernandezProduction Assistants
Debbie NikkelProduction Accountant
Adele ZagerBookkeeper
Loke Lani LauProduction Assistant
Profile PlaceholderJames O. RoselElectrician
Profile PlaceholderJim TakahashiBest Boys
Profile PlaceholderPhil MillerBest Boys
Profile PlaceholderRoger ThompsonGrip
Profile PlaceholderRoger DorneyOptical Supervisor
Profile PlaceholderDennis KellyEditorial Supervisor
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Rich RobinsonRich RobinsonProduct Manager
Profile PlaceholderNathan RoseTester
Profile PlaceholderMartin ErlichmanChairman of the Board
Profile PlaceholderBarry TyermanLegal Counsel, Business Affairs
Profile PlaceholderDavid HayesLegal Councel, Intellectual Property
Steve DeFriscoSteve DeFriscoAdditional Programming
Ken SoohooKen SoohooAdditional Programming
Profile PlaceholderDavid PierTester
Profile PlaceholderMatt KellnerTester
Dena MaherasProduction Assistant
Malia LewisProduction Assistant
Profile PlaceholderMark KleinV. P. Engineering
Lode CoenLode CoenDirector, Computer Graphics
Profile PlaceholderCuyler GeeComputer Graphic Animation
Profile PlaceholderJoshua SolomonInterface Design
Anne Flautt ReadProduction Accountant


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