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Resident Evil BoxResident Evil is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom for the Sony PlayStation video game system. This is the first installment in the Resident Evil series and has became one of Capcom’s most popular franchises. The game is known in Japan as Biohazard and the series continues to use the Biohazard name in Japan.

Players get to select between playing as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine at the start of the game which determines how the game will playout. Each character has their own unique defined path through the game, providing players with a different perspective on how the story plays out. Both Chris and Jill are members of Special Tactics and Rescue Service which is an elite task force known as STARS. Chris and Jill investigate the outskirts of Raccoon City following the disappearance of their team members. They become trapped in a mansion infested with zombies and must explore the mansion to uncover its secrets.

The concept of Resident Evil was conceived by Tokuro Fujiwara who based the game off an earlier horror game that he created called “Sweet Home”. Sweet Home was released in Japan for the Famicom in 1989 by Capcom. The development of the game began in 1993 with the initial concept designed for the Super Nintendo. Over the course of the development the game changed platforms and was being designed as a fully 3D first-person game for the PlayStation in 1994 but ultimately the development team landed on a third-person perspective with pre-rendered backgrounds.

Three years was spent of the development of the game with the final product offering a unique experience of gameplay that focused on inventory management, exploration and puzzle solving. Resident Evil was a commercial success and is commonly credited as the game that defined the survival horror genre. The game inspired an expansive franchise including a long-running game series and many feature films.

Resident Evil Logo
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Series Resident Evil
Predecessor None
Successor Resident Evil 2
Platform(s) PlayStation
Media Type Optical Disc
Release JP: March 22, 1996
NA: March 30, 1996
EU: August 1, 1996
Genre(s) Survival Horror
Mode(s) Single-player
Development Time 3 Years
Budget TBD
Sales 5.08m Total
2.75m original release
2.33m Director’s Cut
Rating CERO: Z
PEGI: 18
Rereleased Platform(s) Ports
PC -1996
Sega Saturn -1997
Nintendo DS -2006
PlayStation 3 -2008
PlayStation Portable -2008
PlayStation Vita -2008

Game Screenshots:

Making of Resident Evil, Birth of Biohazard

Tokuro FujiwaraTokuro FujiwaraGeneral Producer
Profile PlaceholderMasayuki AkahoriProducer
Shinji MikamiShinji MikamiDirector
Masahiko KurokawaMasahiko KurokawaSupervisor
Profile PlaceholderTakahiro ArimitsuWriter (Plot)
Kenichi IwaoKenichi IwaoWriter (Scenario)
Profile PlaceholderYasuki SagaWriter (Background Story)
Yuko NakadaiRoom Deisgn
Profile PlaceholderMitsuru KuwahataRoom Deisgn
Profile PlaceholderKazuki NakayamaRoom Deisgn
Profile PlaceholderIsao ŌishiCharacter Design
Profile PlaceholderToru NakayamaEnemy Design
Profile PlaceholderKazunori ShimizuEnemy Design
Profile PlaceholderYorinao MatsuuraEnemy Design
Hideki KamiyaHideki KamiyaSystem Planner
Camera Works
Profile PlaceholderHiroki KatoSystem Planner
Camera Works
Kazunori KadoiKazunori KadoiSystem Planner
Camera Works
Koji OdaKōji OdaSystem Planner
Camera Works
Profile PlaceholderSatoshi MurataSystem Planner
Camera Works
Kazuhiro AoyamaKazuhiro AoyamaEvent Director
Profile PlaceholderTakashi NakayaEvent Director
Profile PlaceholderMasaaki YamadaEvent Director
Makoto TomozawaMakoto TomozawaSound Composition
Music Arrangement
Akari KaidaAkari KaidaSound Composition
Music Arrangement
Masami UedaMasami UedaSound Composition
Music Arrangement
Hideaki UtsumiHideaki UtsumiSound Design
Ippo YamadaIppo YamadaSound Design
Yasuhiro AnpoYasuhiro AnpoSoftware Engineer (Sysstem)
Profile PlaceholderTakayuki InoueSoftware Engineer (Cockpit)
Profile PlaceholderTomohito IshiharaSoftware Engineer (Sound System/Effect)
katsutoshi karatsumaKatsutoshi KaratsumaSoftware Engineer (Player/Enemy)
Hiroyuki KobayashiHiroyuki KobayashiSoftware Engineer (Player/Enemy)
Profile PlaceholderYuji HagiyamaSoftware Engineer (Player/Enemy)
Profile PlaceholderShigeki NiikoSoftware Engineer (Player/Enemy)
Profile PlaceholderKiyohiko SakataSoftware Engineer (Event)
Profile PlaceholderShuichiro ChiboshiSoftware Engineer (Event)
Profile PlaceholderNoriyuki ŌtaniSoftware Engineer (Event)
Profile PlaceholderTakeshi EnomotoSoftware Engineer (Event)
Profile PlaceholderMichinori KataokaSoftware Engineer (Room Editor)
Hidekazu ShingakiSoftware Engineer (Room Editor)
Hideaki MotozukaSoftware Engineer (Room Editor)
Hiroaki WatanabeSoftware Engineer (Movie)
Atsushi ManobeSoftware Engineer (Authoring System)
Takashi HashimotoSoftware Engineer (Authoring System)
Mitsunori SakanoSoftware Engineer (Authoring System)
Takahiro YamadaSoftware Engineer (Base Program)
Kazushi SanoSoftware Engineer (Base Program)
Naomi TakemotoGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Chie NishidaGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Yoshihiro NakamotoGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Hideyuki KoitarashiGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Nobuaki YamazakiGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Junichirou OgawaGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Yasushi HiraokaGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Manabu TakedaGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Hidesato SueyoshiGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Ippei YamamotoGraphic (Background Object Texture)
Shizuyo UkaiGraphic (Icon Design)
Aya NishioGraphic (Lettering)
Yoshiaki TeshimaGraphic (Effect)
Satomi TsubotaGraphic (Effect)
Ippei MasudaCG (Background Model)
Satoru NishikawaCG (Background Model)
Junko YasudaCG (Background Model)
Tetsuya ShiraishiCG (Background Model)
Yasuyuki MatsunamiCG (Background Model)
Motoji FujitaCG (Background Model)
Keiichi NabetaniCG (Background Model)
Atsuko HamadaCG (Background Model)
Satomi HayashiCG (Character Model / Motion)
Jun TakeuchiCG (Character Model / Motion)
Yuji IshiharaCG (Character Texture)
Hideaki KatagiriCG (Character Texture)
Ryoji ShimogamaCG (Character Texture)
Norihiro NishitaniFilm Producer
Masanari TakanoFilm Production Manager
Misumisa HosokoFilm Director
Seiji NanbaFilm CG Movie
Iwao HaraFilm Director of Photography
Takahisa AidaFilm Lighting
Shoko KatoFilm Make‑Up
Wakana HaraFilm Styling
Toru TateishiFilm Casting
Ward E. SextonFilm Narrator
Corey TresidderManual
Creative Services
Tom ShiraiwaTranslation
Lisa VillaseñorCreative Services
Simone SeydouxMarketing
Masako HonmaPublicity
Tsuyoshi WakutaSpecial Thanks
Takuya ShiraiwaSpecial Thanks
Shigechi OkamuraSpecial Thanks
Chris KramerSpecial Thanks

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PlayStation (Japanese Release)

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