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Parasite Eve BoxParasite Eve is an action RPG survival horror video game developed by Squaresoft and published by Square Electronic Arts, a joint venture between Square and Electronic Arts that was established in 1998. The game acts as a sequel to the 1995 novel written by Hideaki Sena, Parasite Eve and is the first game in the Parasite Eve series.

Set in the year 1997, the plot of the game follows a New York City rookie police office Aya Brea over six days with each day beginning its own quest. The premise of the game is to stop Eve, a woman who plans to destroy the human race through spontaneous combustion. Players explore different regions and area of New York City ranging from Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History to a police station and hospital.

This was the first M-rated game developed by Squaresoft and the first major release that was co-developed between Square’s American and Japanese game studios. Upon its release in 1998 the game received positive reviews from critics for its graphics, cinematic sequences and storyline. Selling over 1.9 million copies between Japan and North America the game sparked a sequel Parasite Eve II the following year and another in 2010 when The 3rd Birthday released for the PlayStation Portable.

Parasite Eve Logo
Publisher(s)Square (JP)
Square Electronic Arts (NA)
SeriesParasite Eve
SuccessorParasite Eve II
Media TypeOptical Disc
ReleaseJP: March 29, 1998
NA: September 9, 1998
Genre(s)Survival Horror
Action RPG
Sales1.9 Million
RatingESRB: M
Rereleased Platform(s)PlayStation Network
PlayStation 3 – 2010
PSP – 2010
PS Vita – 2012

Game Screenshots:

Parasite Eve - Squaresoft's Resident Evil?


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Hironobu SakaguchiHironobu SakaguchiProducer
Takashi TokitaTakashi TokitaDirector/Story/Planning
Yoshihiko MaekawaYoshihiko MaekawaBattle Design
Tetsuya NomuraTetsuya NomuraCharacter Design
Yoko ShimomuraYoko ShimomuraMusic
Hideaki SenaHideaki SenaBased on a novel by
Profile PlaceholderIchiro NonakaLocalization Director
Profile PlaceholderTetsuo MizunoExecutive Producers
Tomoyuki TakechiTomoyuki TakechiExecutive Producers
Lisa FosterLisa FosterCG Supervisors
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Hideo YotsuyaSpecial Thanks


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