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Geist BoxGeist is an action-adventure first person shooter developed by n-Space and published by Nintendo for the GameCube.  Released in 2005, Geist is the second M-rated video game published by Nintendo with the first being Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

Development of the game began in 2002 when n-Space learned that Nintendo was interested in bringing more first-person shooters with unique gameplay elements to the GameCube to compete with Sony’s and Microsoft’s long list of first-person shooters being released for the PlayStation and Xbox.  The development team had the idea of making a game with an invisible protagonist which evolved during the development cycle to be a ghost and Poltergeist.  After spending approximately eight months creating a prototype under the working title “Fear”, the prototype was sent to Nintendo for review.

Nintendo was intrigued with the concept and decided to move forward with the project.   Partnering with n-Space, Nintendo worked closely with n-Space on the game’s development.  Six months into the newly formed partnership Shigeru Miyamoto suggested that object possession be incorporated into the gameplay mechanics, something that would give the game a unique style of gameplay and set it apart from the many other first-person shooters that were being released at the time.

Geist was revealed during E3 2003 and was later stated that the game would be released by years end.  In the coming months both parties realized that they had different visions for the game and were working in different directions.  While n-Space had envisioned the game to be a first-person shooter, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe considered the game to be a first-person action-adventure.  The adjustments required to be incorporated into the game to meet Tanabe’s vision caused the game to be delayed numerous times until it was finally released two years after its initial release date in 2005.

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Media TypeOpticle Disc
ReleaseNA: August 15, 2005
EU: October 7, 2005
First-Person Shooter
Development Time3 ½ Years
SalesApproximately 150,000
RatingESRB: M
PEGI: 18
Rereleased Platform(s)None

Geist RenderingThe game revolves around the lead protagonist John Raimi who has been assigned to infiltrate the Volks Corporation in South France.  Volks Corporation specializes in weapons but has been recently conducting bizarre experiments.  Raimi, a civilian scientist and member of counter-terrorism team CR-2 becomes a part of one of their experiments and his spirit is separated from his body.   As a ghost, he must possess other beings to find out what happened to his body before it perishes.

Players begin the game as John Raimi in his human form.   The game starts off as a standard first-person shooter where players can strafe, aim, run, and shoot enemies.   As the game progresses and players control Raimi’s spirit form, the player must possess people or animals to keep from being pulled into the afterlife.  In order to possess other beings, the player must frighten it.  This is achieved by possessing objects in the environment and making them do supernatural like things to frighten the person or animal.

Upon release the game received mixed reviews, with critics praising the game for its unique concepts, graphics and story while criticizing the games sluggish controls and bad animation.  Appreciated for the scare tactics incorporated into the game most critics felt that the scare tactics throughout the game were inventive and fun, however the game suffered by being compared to other first-person shooters of the time.

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Geist review & developer interview

Ted NewmanTed NewmanProducer
Erick S. DykeErick S. DykePresident
Dan O'LearyDan O'LearyProject Manager
Joshua CrowJoshua CrowLead Programmer
Profile PlaceholderTimothy SchwalkLead Programmer
Voice Actor (Additional Voices)
Profile PlaceholderLeon BrownProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderChristopher CammackProgrammer
Justin HareJustin HareProgrammer
Shawn LeafShawn LeafProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderMichael LeboProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderJohn M. MeyersProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderDerek MulderProgrammer
Jeremy NikolaiJeremy NikolaiProgrammer
Sean PurcellSean PurcellProgrammer
Adam SmithAdam SmithProgrammer
Glen McKnightGlen McKnightGame Scripting
Profile PlaceholderThomas J. SearsGame Scripting
Ginger SmithGame Scripting
Maggie WangMaggie WangGame Scripting
Voice Actor (Gigi Volks)
Bradley WeckmanBradley WeckmanGame Scripting
Jaime WojickJaime WojickGame Scripting
W. Randy KingW. Randy KingArt Manager
Jeff OutlawJeff OutlawLead of Characters and Animation
Profile PlaceholderMichael BuddCharacter Modeling & Animation
Peet CooperPeet CooperCharacter Modeling & Animation
Profile PlaceholderForrest CrumpCharacter Modeling & Animation
Jared LindquistJared LindquistCharacter Modeling & Animation
Chris SchroyerChris SchroyerCharacter Modeling & Animation
Amy WilliamsCharacter Modeling & Animation
Drew MorganDrew MorganCharacter Modeling & Animation
Andrew PacigaAndrew PacigaLead World Builder
Will FullerWill FullerWorld Building
Profile PlaceholderRyan HastingsWorld Building
Profile PlaceholderJames J. InzielloWorld Building
Troy JacobsonTroy JacobsonWorld Building
Brian MillerBrian MillerWorld Building
Profile PlaceholderJason Albee MillerWorld Building
Profile PlaceholderJordan WalkerWorld Building
Profile PlaceholderMichael ReedMusic & Audio
Profile PlaceholderBradley MartinMusic & Audio
Profile PlaceholderBob HichbornFoley Direction
Carlos NavarroCarlos NavarroVoice Actor (Captain Juliao)
Soulbrother KevinSoulbrother KevinVoice Actor (Thomas Bryson)
Profile PlaceholderDan StoneVoice Actor (Commander Rourke)
Shannon BurkeShannon BurkeVoice Actor (Alexander Volks)
Profile PlaceholderRussell SmithVoice Actor (Cord)
Savannah BoanSavannah BoanVoice Actor (Keira Wells)
Katherine BrownVoice Actor (Anna Richardson)
Daniel DennisDaniel DennisVoice Actor Crew Chief, Facilitator)
Profile PlaceholderChristopher BurnettTest
Profile PlaceholderGary MeyersIT & Facilities Management
Satoru IwataSatoru IwataExecutive Producer
Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru MiyamotoSenior Producer
Hideki KonnoHideki KonnoProducer
Kensuke TanabeKensuke TanabeProducer
Hiromasa ShikataAssistant Producer
Masashi GotoMasashi GotoInterpretation/Coordination
Tomoaki KuroumeTomoaki KuroumeUI Design Support
Profile PlaceholderTakahiro HamaguchiUI Design Support
Profile PlaceholderHironobu KakuiTechnical Support
Profile PlaceholderShingo OkamotoTechnical Support
Jeffrey KallesJeffrey KallesProduct Coordination
Brett GowBrett GowProduct Coordination
Profile PlaceholderThomas HertzogProduct Testing
Michael LeslieMichael LeslieProduct Testing
Tatsumi KimishimaTatsumi KimishimaSpecial Thanks
Manabu FukudaSpecial Thanks
Jeff MillerJeff MillerSpecial Thanks
Leslie SwanSpecial Thanks
Henry C. SterchiHenry C. SterchiSpecial Thanks
Nathan BihldorffNathan BihldorffSpecial Thanks
Jim WornellJim WornellSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderJeff GilbertSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderColin KastnerSpecial Thanks
Tom PrataTom PrataSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderNicola WrightSpecial Thanks
Mari ShirakawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderToshihiko OkamotoSpecial Thanks

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