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Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness BoxEternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is an action-adventure psychological horror game developed by Silicon Knights and published by Nintendo. The game was originally being developed for the Nintendo 64 but was later moved to the GameCube and released on June 24, 2002. It was the first video game published by Nintendo to be rated M for mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

The game’s setting is centered around a mansion in Rhode Island, the home of the protagonist Alexandra Roivas’s grandfather and the mysterious book known as the “Tome of Eternal Darkness” that Alexandra finds there. The game is presented in a third-person action-adventure perspective in which the player must navigate a number of locations as twelve characters spanning different time periods. The game utilizes unique “sanity effects” to enhance the gameplay.

Though not a commercial success, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was widely praised by both critics and fans, receiving a near-universal critical acclaim upon its release. Eternal Darkness won many awards, including the “Outstanding Achievement in Character or Story Development” and was also nominated for “Console Game Of the Year”.

Eternal Darkness Logo
Developer(s) Silicon Knights
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series N/a
Predecessor None
Successor None
Platform(s) GameCube
Media Type Optical disc
Release NA: June 24, 2002
JP: October 25, 2002
EU: November 1, 2002
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Survival Horror
Mode(s) Single-player
Development Time 4 Years
Budget TBD
Sales 440,000
Rating ESRB: M
Rereleased Platform(s) None

Game Screenshots:

Eternal Darkness Retrospective


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Denis DyackDenis DyackProducer
Tatsuya HishidaTatsuya HishidaGame Play Direction
Hiro YamadaHiroyuki YamadaGame Play Direction
Ken McCullochKen McCullochArt Direction & Content Supervisor
Ryan AndrewsRyan AndrewsLead Artist
Scott DerbyScott DerbyLead Artist
Kevin GordonKevin GordonLead Artist
Raffaele IencoRaffaele IencoLead Artist
Patrick IngoldsbyPatrick IngoldsbyLead Artist
Mike SetoMike SetoLead Artist
Dan TozerDan TozerLead Artist
Rob NelsonRob NelsonAssistant Lead Artist
Melanie McNeiceSenior Artist
Bryan AbadBryan AbadArtist
Peter AndersonPeter AndersonArtist
Dawn BlairDawn BlairArtist
Profile PlaceholderPhil BredehoeftArtist
Profile PlaceholderDavid ChoArtist
Profile PlaceholderJason ClarkeArtist
Profile PlaceholderCarman DixArtist
Profile PlaceholderJohn A. DobbieArtist
Profile PlaceholderRichard DziendzielowskiArtist
Profile PlaceholderDaniel EbanksArtist
Amanda Ennis-SmithAmanda Ennis-SmithArtist
Profile PlaceholderJonathan HodgeArtist
Sanford KongSanford KongArtist
Adrian MigliazzaAdrian MigliazzaArtist
Pamela PagayonanPamela PagayonanArtist
Clove RoyClove RoyArtist
Profile PlaceholderJunko SheltonArtist
Profile PlaceholderJung YoonArtist
Brad FurmingerBrad FurmingerLead Game Designer
Ted TraverTed TraverLead Game Designer
Damian EbanksDamian EbanksGame Designer
Michael Patrick JanesMichael Patrick JanesGame Designer
Profile PlaceholderTodd MacIntyreGame Designer
Profile PlaceholderJohn MacPhersonGame Designer
Randy McAllisterRandy McAllisterGame Designer
David RiganelliDavid RiganelliGame Designer
Ricardo M. VianaRicardo M. VianaGame Designer
Steven S. HenifinSteven S. HenifinMusic
Sound Effects
James O'ReillyJames O'ReillyDirector of Technology
Doug TooleyDoug TooleyChief Programmer
Carey MurrayCarey MurrayLead Programmer
Profile PlaceholderRichard BarnesProgrammer
David CheungDavid CheungProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderGerry EngProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderJeffrey FethProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderGary GoemansProgrammer
Gina GrossiGina GrossiProgrammer
Peter HandrinosPeter HandrinosProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderBlair WilsonProgrammer
Andrew PatonAndrew PatonProgrammer
Profile PlaceholderBarry Keith GrantCamera Research & Content Consulting
Profile PlaceholderJohn MittererCamera Research & Content Consulting
Kris Zimmerman SalterKris Zimmerman SalterVoice Talent Director
Michael BellMichael BellVoice Actor (Peter Jacob)
Earl BoenEarl BoenVoice Actor (Inspector LeGrasse)
Cam ClarkeCam ClarkeVoice Actor (Anthony, Custodian)
Neil DicksonVoice Actor (Dr. Edward Roivas)
Richard DoyleRichard DoyleVoice Actor (Pious Augustus, Defeated General, Liche & all his many incarnations, Ulyoath)
Greg EaglesGreg EaglesVoice Actor (Michael Edwards, Undead Guard, Chatturgha)
Paul EidingPaul EidingVoice Actor (Paul Luther, Monk. Supervisor)
Jennifer HaleJennifer HaleVoice Actor (Alexandra Roivas, Xellotath)
David HayterDavid HayterVoice Actor (Roman Legionnaire 1, Roman Legionnaire 2, Angkor Thom Guard)
Bill HootkinsBill HootkinsVoice Actor (Dr. Maximillian Roivas)
Kim Mai GuestKim Mai GuestVoice Actor (Ellia, Xellotath)
Philip ProctorPhilip ProctorVoice Actor (Roberto Bianchi, Bishop)
Rino RomanoRino RomanoVoice Actor (Karim, Guard)
Neil RossVoice Actor (Dr. Edwin Lindsey)
Paula TisoPaula TisoVoice Actor (Chandra)
Henry C. SterchiHenry C. SterchiNOA Development Manager
Jeffrey KallesJeffrey KallesNOA Development Coordinator
Edward A. RidgewayEdward A. RidgewayNOA Development Coordinator
Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonNOA Testing Coordinator
Manabu FukudaSpecial Thanks
Jeff MillerJeff MillerSpecial Thanks
Kamon YoshimuraKamon YoshimuraSpecial Thanks
Joanne DyackJoanne DyackSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKimiko HorneSpecial Thanks
Yoshihito IkebataYoshihito IkebataSpecial Thanks
Mari ShirakawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderJason BecketSpecial Thanks
Laura BrownleeSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderRyan CallenderSpecial Thanks
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Meaghan MclarenSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderPat O’ReillySpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderTim Kwai PunSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderScott WilliamsonSpecial Thanks
Kensuke TanabeKensuke TanabeSupervisor
Karyn DePetrisAssociate Producer
Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru MiyamotoProducer
Satoru IwataSatoru IwataProducer
Kenji MikiKenji MikiProducer
Hiroshi YamauchiHiroshi YamauchiExecutive Producer
Profile PlaceholderJérémie HallamaTranslator (Finnish Manual)
Tony KaasinenTony KaasinenTranslator (Finnish Manual)
Silke SczyrbaSilke SczyrbaNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Martina TaxisNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Jens PeppelNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Antje RassloffAntje RassloffNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Sascha NickelSascha NickelNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Profile PlaceholderManfred AntonNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Adrian MichalskiAdrian MichalskiNOE Artwork Group (Manual)
Jan MalmsjöJan MalmsjöTranslation (Swedish Manual)
Martina DeimelTranslation (German Manual)
Profile PlaceholderMicky AuerValidation (German Manual)
James HoneywellJames HoneywellUK Manual Localization


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