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DuckTales 2 BoxDuckTales 2 is a platform video game published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System and later ported to the Game Boy.  Released in 1993 as a direct sequel to Capcom’s 1989 DuckTales for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the game is much rarer due to it’s late release in the Nintendo Entertainment System’s lifecycle.

Details on the development of the game are scarce and the game lacks any credits at the end of the game.  Some sources cite Make Software as the developer of the game while other cite Capcom as the developer, however it is most likely that the game was developed by Capcom and co-developed by Make Software.

Make Software developed a sound driver for the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System which Capcom used for their later titles on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The Make Software NES Driver replaced Yoshihiro Sakaguchi’s sound driver which was used for Capcom’s earlier Nintendo Entertainment System games.  Make Software’s sound driver was easier to program and utilized less memory making it more ideal to use for software development.

DuckTales 2 is extremely similar in look, feel and gameplay as the original making it likely that Capcom developed the game while outsourcing the game’s music and sound effects to Make Software and making them responsible for the game’s sound engine.  Like its predecessor the game is non-linear and allows players to choose and complete all levels in any order.  Unlike the original game players can return to previously completed levels to collect more money and items.  The game’s controls remain the same as the previous game however Scrooge can now use his cane to interact with various objects such as levers and cannons.

The game follows Scrooge McDuck’s journey to find Fergus McDuck’s lost treasure.  While in the basement of Uncle Scrooge’s mansion, Huey, Dewey and Louie discover an old piece of paper. When they show it to Uncle Scrooge, he recognizes it as part of his great, great Uncle Fergus McDuck’s legendary treasure map.  The remaining pieces of the map are hidden around the world and must be found to obtain Fergus McDuck’s secret treasure.  Locating all of the map pieces is not required to complete the game but collecting all of them will unlock an optional sixth stage in which the lost treasure of Fergus McDuck can be found.

Make Software
License OwnerWalt Disney Studios
SuccessorDuckTales: Remastered
Nintendo Entertainment System
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: April 23, 1993
NA: June 1993
EU: 1993
Development TimeTBD
SalesOver 1 Million Copies (Game Boy Version)
RatingESRB: E
Rereleased Platform(s)Ports
Game Boy – November 1993

The Disney Afternoon Collection
PC – 2017
PlayStation 4 – 2017
Xbox One – 2017

The game features three different endings which can be obtain by completing the game in different manners.  The first ending occurs if the game is completed without collecting all seven pieces of the map, the second ending occurs if the player finds all pieces of the map and the third ending can be seen by completing the game with no money.

DuckTales 2 was generally well-received when it released for the Nintendo Entertainment System however had a limited production run due to its late release on the system.  Nintendo released the Super Nintendo in 1991 and by 1993 when the game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System many consumers already moved on to the newer home console.  This led to lower sales than the original game and has resulted in the game being quite rare.  The title was ported to the Game Boy later in the year and performed quite well selling over a million copies and becoming a Nintendo Players Choice title.  The Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game has seen a recent release in the form of a compilation along with other Disney games in The Disney Afternoon Collection released in 2017.

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Tokuro FujiwaraTokuro FujiwaraProducer
Ichirou MiharaDesigner
Keiji InafuneKeiji InafuneArtist
Minae FujiiComposer (NES)
Profile PlaceholderAkihiro AkamatsuComposer (NES)
Yoshihiro SakaguchiYoshihiro SakaguchiComposer (Game Boy)

Nintendo Entertainment System (North American Release)

Nintendo Entertainment System (European Release)

Famicom (Japanese Release)

Game Boy (North American Release)

Game Boy (Players Choice)

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