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Drill Dozer is a platform video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance.   The game first released in Japan in 2005 and was localized for a North American release by Nintendo of America’s Treehouse division.  When the game released in North America in 2006 it was one of two Game Boy Advance games to incorporate force feedback by including a rumble feature.

Players are placed in the role of Jill, the daughter of the Red Dozers gang leader.  Her farther was ambushed by the Skullkers, a rival gang who attacked the Red Dozers to steal the powerful Red Diamond.  The Red Diamond was a gift given to Jill from her now-deceased mother and she wants it back.  To retrieve the stolen Red Diamond, Jill mounts a powerful vehicle known as the Drill Dozer.  Players control Jill and her Drill Dozer through seventeen stages which include obstacles and puzzles which require the use of the Drill Dozer’s drilling capability in various ways to advance.

The game was first revealed at E3 2005 under the title Screw Breaker and was later renamed for its North American release in February 2006.  The game received favorable reviews after its release and was nominated for a multitude of awards from various video game media outlet.  Even though the game was well received by critics and was up for awards such as Game Boy Advance Game of the Year and Best Platformer the game did not sell very well, resulting in the European release being cancelled.

A full translation of the Japanese script was completed for European territories prior to the decision to cancel the European release of the game.  With the European localization completed prior to the game’s cancellation allowed Nintendo to easily bring the title to the Wii U’s European Virtual Console in January 2016.

Developer(s)Game Freak
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: September 22, 2005
NA: February 6, 2006
CodenameScrew Breaker
Development TimeTBD
RatingESRB: E
Rereleased Platform(s)Virtual Console
Wii U – January 7, 2016

Game Screenshots:

E3 2005 Reveal Trailer & SNES Drunk Review

Junichi MasudaJunichi MasudaProducer
Additional Tuning
Ken SugimoriDirector
Game Design
Hironobu YoshidaCharacter Design
Voice Acting
Graphic Design
Sousuke TamadaLead Programmer
Go IchinoseComposer
Sound Effects
Satoshi NoharaComposer
Sound Effects
Voice Acting
Profile PlaceholderAkihito TomisawaScenario Writers
Kenji MatsushimaScenario Writers
Game Design
Profile PlaceholderSachiko HamanoVoice Acting
Profile PlaceholderNaoko YanaseVoice Acting
Special Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKeita KagayaProgramming
Yoshinori MatsudaProgramming
Profile PlaceholderDaisuke GotoProgramming
Masao TayaProgramming
Profile PlaceholderHisashi SogabeProgramming
Motofumi FujiwaraGraphic Design
Takao UnnoGraphic Design
Profile PlaceholderHiroki FuchinoGraphic Design
Profile PlaceholderKenkichi ToyamaGraphic Design
Profile PlaceholderTadashi TakahashiGame Design
Tetsuji OhtaGame Design
Profile PlaceholderTeruyuki ShimoyamadaGame Design
Shigeru OhmoriGame Design
Additional Tuning
Takeshi KawachimaruAdditional Tuning
Tetsuya WatanabeDebug
Akito MoriDebug
Profile PlaceholderHiroyuki NakamuraDebug
Profile PlaceholderTomomichi ŌtaDebug
Profile PlaceholderMiyuki IwasawaDebug
Profile PlaceholderNozomu SaitohDebug
Tomoya TakahashiDebug
Mario ClubSuper Mario ClubDebug
Profile PlaceholderShuichi NarusawaDebug Support
Tsunekazu IshiharaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderYuri SakuraiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHiromi SagawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderYumi FunasakaSpecial Thanks
Hitoshi YamagamiProject Management
Azusa TajimaProject Management
Satoshi TajiriExecutive Producers
Satoru IwataSatoru IwataExecutive Producers
Profile PlaceholderThomas ConneryLocalization
Reiko NinomiyaLocalization
Erik PetersonErik PetersonLocalization
Nathan BihldorffNathan BihldorffLocalization Management
Jeff MillerJeff MillerLocalization Management
Leslie SwanLocalization Management
Bill TrinenBill TrinenLocalization Management
Profile PlaceholderYoshinobu MantaniNOA Testing Dept.
Profile PlaceholderShuji HashimotoNOA Testing Dept.
Profile PlaceholderRobert CrombieNOA Testing Dept.
Kyle HudsonNOA Testing Dept.
Eric BushNOA Testing Dept.
Profile PlaceholderSean EganNOA Testing Dept.
Profile PlaceholderJim HoldemanNOA Testing Dept.
Mika KurosawaMika KurosawaNOA Testing Dept.
Teresa LillygrenNOA Testing Dept.
Tomoko MikamiNOA Testing Dept.
Profile PlaceholderPatrik TaylorNOA Testing Dept.
Hitomi RossPackage

Game Boy Advance (North American Release)

Game Boy Advance (Japanese Release)

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