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Disney's Aladdin Genesis BoxDisney’s Aladdin is a platform video game developed by Virgin Games and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis.  Based on the 1992 animated movie of the same name the game is one of several games based on the film.   Another game based on the movie was released the same month for the Super Nintendo which was developed by Capcom and is a completely different game.

Players take control of Aladdin in a side-scrolling platform game with settings and a storyline based on the popular Disney film.  Players must make their way through several levels based on locations from the film.  Starting in the streets and rooftops of Agrabah players will progress to the Cave of Wonders, the Sultan’s dungeon and to the final confrontation in Grand Vizier Jafar’s palace.

The development of the game consisted of a three-way partnership between Disney, Sega and Virgin Games.  Development began in January 1993 with ten Disney animators working on the animation frame for the game, making it the first video game to use hand-drawn animation.  Once the hand drawn animations were completed, they were shipped to Virgin Games to be digitized.  Using traditional animation produced by Disney under the supervision of Virgin’ gave the game a very unique art style which made it standout from other games of the time.

The development team was given the deadline of October 1993 to complete the game to allow for its production to coincide with the home video release of the film.  The game was showcased at the 1993 Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and along with the hand drawn animation the development team incorporated musical arrangements from the film.

The game released on November 11, 1993 to critical acclaim and would go on to sell over 4 million copies worldwide, making it the third best-selling Sega Genesis game behind only Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  Several ports were adapted for other platforms such as the Amiga, DOS, Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

Disney's Aladdin Genesis Logo
Developer(s)Virgin Games (Genesis, Amiga, DOS)
NMS Software (NES, Game Boy)
Crawfish Interactive (Game Boy Color)
Publisher(s)Sega (Genesis)
Virgin Interactive Entertainment (DOS, Amiga, NES, Game Boy)
License OwnerWalt Disney Studios
Mega Drive
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseNA: November 11, 1993
EU: November 11, 1993
JP: November 12, 1993
Development Time10 Months
Sales4 Million
RatingVRC: GA
Rereleased Platform(s)Ports
Amiga – 1994
DOS – 1994
Nintendo Entertainment System – 1994
Game Boy – 1994
Game Boy Color – 2000

Game Screenshots:

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David PerryDavid PerryDirector
Animation Engine
Seth MendelsohnSeth MendelsohnDesigner
Level Design
Tom TanakaTom TanakaLevel Design
Assistant Animator
William AndersonWilliam AndersonLevel Design
Mark YamadaMark YamadaDesigner
Michael Francis DietzMichael Francis DietzAnimation Director
Neil YoungNeil YoungExecutive Producer
Robb AlveyRobb AlveyProducer
Stephen Clarke-WillsonStephen Clarke-WillsonV.P. of Production
Profile PlaceholderShawn McLeanAssistant Animator
Profile PlaceholderClark SorensonAssistant Animator
Roger Hardy Jr.Roger Hardy Jr.Assistant Animator
Profile PlaceholderJeff EtterAssistant Animator
Profile PlaceholderAllyn WeltyAssistant Animator
Profile PlaceholderTodd RobertsonDevelopment Tools
Profile PlaceholderChristian LaursenBackground Art
Nick BrutyNick BrutyBackground Art
Stephen CrowStephen CrowBackground Art
Profile PlaceholderEdward SchofieldPresentation Art
Assistant Animator
Profile PlaceholderLin ShenPresentation Art
Tommy TallaricoTommy TallaricoSound, Music & FX
Profile PlaceholderDonald S. GriffinSound, Music & FX
Steven S. HenifinSteven S. HenifinDigital Sampling
Profile PlaceholderAndy LuckeyConsulting Animation Producer
Metrolight Studios LogoMetrolight StudiosImage Processing
Christina CamerotaProduction Coordinator
Profile PlaceholderDavid BishopDirector of Design
Michael S. GloseckiMichael S. GloseckiAssistant Producer
Ken LoveKen LoveAssistant Producer
Profile PlaceholderCraig WarmsleyAssistant Producer
Debbie HowellMarketing & PR
Focus Testing
Profile PlaceholderRobin KauschMarketing & PR
Profile PlaceholderAdam RyanQA Manager
Jared BrinkleyJared BrinkleyLead Analyst
Profile PlaceholderChris McFarlandProduct Analyst
Profile PlaceholderScott ManningProduct Analyst
Profile PlaceholderPaul ShoenerProduct Analyst
Profile PlaceholderMitch FeldmanProduct Analyst
Profile PlaceholderDavid FriesProduct Analyst
Profile PlaceholderLyndon DoleProduct Analyst
Patrick GilmorePatrick GilmoreDisney Producer
Profile PlaceholderFred WeimerProduction Support
Ronald J. FortierRonald J. FortierTechnical Director
Cathy FortierLicensing Brand Management
Sue FullerLicensing Brand Management
Kirk GreenPublic Relations Management
Tom BisignanoCES Event Management
Spence BoveeCES Event Management
Helen FillmanCES Event Management
Andrew HenryCES Event Management
Will KassoyCES Event Management
R. K. LittleCES Event Management
Chase SengeCES Event Management
John SantosQuality Assurance Leader
Stewart IrelProduct Analyst
Roger KungProduct Analyst
Chris McNultyProduct Analyst
Amy SteinerProduct Analyst
Joe SantosProduct Analyst
John FioritoStoryboards
Barry CookDisney Animation Director
Paul CurasiDisney Animation Producer
Annette LaguerSecretary to the Producer
Ruben ProcopioArtistic Coordinator
Chuck WilliamsProduction Specialist
Tom BancroftDisney Animator
Travis BlaiseDisney Animator
Phil BoydDisney Animator
Tony CiprianoDisney Animator
Rob CorleyDisney Animator
Tim HodgeDisney Animator
Jim JacksonDisney Animator
Alex KupershmidtDisney Animator
Anthony MichaelsDisney Animator
Barry TempleDisney Animator
Jeanie Lynd SorensonClean-up Coordinator
Paulo AlvaradoCleap-up Artist
Brian BeauchampCleap-up Artist
Rachel BibbCleap-up Artist
Elliot BourCleap-up Artist
Sam EwingCleap-up Artist
Tracy LeeCleap-up Artist
Kellie LewisCleap-up Artist
Tamara Lusher StockerCleap-up Artist
Mario MenjivarCleap-up Artist
Monica MurdockCleap-up Artist
Keith NewtonCleap-up Artist
Sherrie SinclairCleap-up Artist
Bryan SommerCleap-up Artist
Jeff DuttonHead of Effects
Michael DuhatschekEffects Artist
Jason FrancoeurEffects Artist
Troy GustafsonEffects Artist
John HaileyEffects Artist
Joe PepeEffects Artist
Paitoon RatanEffects Artist
Tony WestEffects Artist
Irma CartayaColor Models
Pamela DarleyAnimation / Final Check
Pamela Kelly BoogarSega Producer
Product Manager
Kent RussellSega Producer
Ellen Beth Van BuskirkPublic Relations
Stephen PattersonQ.A. Manager
Jason KuoQ.A. Lieutenant
Julio MartinezQA Lead
Anthony LynchProduct Analyst
Dermot LyonsProduct Analyst
Siegfried StangenbergProduct Analyst
Andrew PodestaProduct Analyst
Glen A. CuretonProduct Analyst
Vincent NasonProduct Analyst
Heather MeigsProduct Analyst
Janine CookProduct Analyst
Blair BullockProduct Analyst
David ForsterProduct Analyst
Bill PersonProduct Analyst
Rey AlferezProduct Analyst
Kirk RogersProduct Analyst
Vy NongProduct Analyst
Maria TuzzoProduct Analyst
Atom EllisProduct Analyst
Richard GangwishProduct Analyst
Peter McNabProduct Analyst
Eric RawlinsProduct Analyst
Ivan FoongProduct Analyst
Michael BaldwinProduct Analyst
Todd MorganProduct Analyst
Greg BeckstedProduct Analyst
Conan TigardProduct Analyst
Joe CainProduct Analyst
Simon LuProduct Analyst
Joe GanisProduct Analyst
Jennifer BrozekProduct Analyst
Erik WahlbergProduct Analyst
Sonya SiglerLegal
Carol Ann HanshawManual
Clint DyerScreen Shots
Peter AdeeSpecial Thanks
Martin AlperSpecial Thanks
Richard BransonSpecial Thanks
Ron ClementsSpecial Thanks
Robert DevereuxSpecial Thanks
Shannon GardnerSpecial Thanks
Justin HeberSpecial Thanks
Thomas KalinskeSpecial Thanks
Jeffrey KatzenbergSpecial Thanks
Bob LambertSpecial Thanks
Bob LevinSpecial Thanks
Alan MenkenSpecial Thanks
Steve McBethSpecial Thanks
John MuskerSpecial Thanks
Amy PellSpecial Thanks
Marc TerenSpecial Thanks
Shinobu ToyodaSpecial Thanks

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