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Blast Corps BoxBlast Corps is an action video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. Released in 1997 the premise of the game is for players to use vehicles to clear a path for a runaway nuclear missile carrier. Consisting of 57 levels, gamers must solve puzzles by utilizing different types of vehicles to move objects and bridge gaps in order to allow the runaway nuclear missile carrier to reach its destination.

Code named “Bull Dozer”, development of the game began in 1995 before Rare had any development kits for the Nintendo 64. Development was done on computers with similar specs that were rumored to be contained in Nintendo’s upcoming console. Blast Corps was among Rare’s first games developed for the Nintendo 64 and only had a small development team ranging between four to seven resource at any given time.

The concept of the game was something that floated around Rare for quite some time as the founder of Rare, Chris Stamper had wanted to make a game about destroying buildings for years but did not fit into any of the projects the studio was working on. The development team worked to fit Stamper’s idea into a gameplay concept with a constantly moving object giving the levels a time limit. The concept evolved and the constantly moving object became the nuclear missile carrier that is found in the final release of the game.

The game was first shown at Shoshinkai 1995 (Nintendo Space World) under the name “Blast Dozer” but due to problems trademarking the name worldwide, the name was changed to Blast Corps in North America and Europe. The name Blast Dozer was retained for the Japanese release.

Blast Corps received positive reviews upon its release however did not meet Rare’s sales expectations, selling only one million copies worldwide over its lifespan. The game was included in the 2015 release of Rare Replay, a compilation containing 30 of Rare’s most popular and influential games from their 30-year history in game development.

Blast Corps Logo
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: March 21, 1997
NA: March 24, 1997
EU: December 22, 1997
CodenameBull Dozer
Development Time13 Months
Sales1 million
RatingESRB: E
Rereleased Platform(s)Compilation
Xbox One (Rare Replay) -2015

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Rare employees discuss the making of Blast Corps

Hiroshi YamauchiHiroshi YamauchiExecutive Producer
Manabu FukudaNintendo Producers
Kenji MikiKenji MikiNintendo Producers
Martin WakeleyMartin WakeleyDesigner
Richard WilsonRichard WilsonLead Programmer
Profile PlaceholderGraham SmithAdditional Programming
Rickard BerwickRichard BerwickLead Artist
Profile PlaceholderPaul CunninghamAdditional Artists
Keith RabbetteKeith RabbetteAdditional Artists
Graeme NorgateGraeme NorgateComposer
Profile PlaceholderLeigh LovedayStory and Text
Profile PlaceholderSimon FarmerProject Manager
George AndreasGeorge AndreasAdditional Design
Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderGavin HoodAdditional Design
Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderGareth JonesAdditional Design
Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderMartin PennyAdditional Design
Product Tester
Gary RichardsGary RichardsAdditional Design
Product Tester
Huw WardHuw WardAdditional Design
Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderJamie WilliamsAdditional Design
Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderDavid WongAdditional Design
Product Tester
Chris StamperChris StamperOriginal Concept
Robert HarrisonRobert HarrisonEmulator Programming
Michael CurringtonMichael CurringtonAdditional Compression
Kevin BaylissKevin BaylissAdditional Artwork
Profile PlaceholderDon MurphyAdditional Artwork
Profile PlaceholderHelen CoombsVoice Actor
Profile PlaceholderRobin KrouseVoice Actor
Profile PlaceholderLee RayVoice Actor
Isaac MarshallIsaac MarshallVoice Actor
NOA Staff
Michael KelbaughMichael KelbaughVoice Actor
NOA Product Tester
Erich WaasErich WaasVoice Actor
NOA Staff
Ken LobbKen LobbNOA Staff
Profile PlaceholderRichard S. RichardsonNOA Staff
Henry C. SterchiHenry C. SterchiNOA Staff
Profile PlaceholderArmond Williams Jr.NOA Staff
Grant Kirkhope Feature ImageGrant KirkhopeLive Guitar
Tim BechtelTim BechtelNOA Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderDavid C. BridghamNOA Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderThomas HertzogNOA Product Tester
Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonNOA Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderChris NeedhamNOA Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderBenjamin SmithNOA Product Tester
Profile PlaceholderMatthew BergerRare US Staff
Profile PlaceholderEileen HochbergRare US Staff
Profile PlaceholderScott HochbergRare US Staff
Profile PlaceholderJerry RogowskiRare US Staff
Masashi GotoMasashi GotoNCL Staff
Profile PlaceholderKimiko NakamichiNCL Staff
Eiji AonumaEiji AonumaNCL Staff
Keisuke TerasakiKeisuke TerasakiNCL Staff
Mario ClubMario ClubSpecial Thanks
Joel HochbergJoel HochbergSpecial Thanks
Minoru ArakawaMinoru ArakawaSpecial Thanks
Howard LincolnHoward LincolnSpecial Thanks


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