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ActRaiser BoxActRaiser is a platforming video game with city-building simulation elements developed by Quintet and published by Enix for the Super Nintendo. The game was one of the early Super Nintendo releases and stood out for combining traditional side-scrolling platforming with an urban planning god game section creating a unique experience.

Players take control of a godlike being known as “The Master” and must save the world from evil. Awakening several hundred years after being defeated in battle by Tanzra and his six lieutenants, the Master discovers that he has lost his powers due to the lack of belief in him. During his absence, Tanzra divided the world into six lands, one for each of his lieutenants and turned the people evil.

As the game progresses, the Master defeats the lieutenants and starts to recover his powers by rebuilding the civilizations of his people and communicating with them through prayer. Once all lieutenants have been defeated, the Master sets his sights on Tanzra to defeat him and restore piece to the land.

After completing the game, a Professional mode is unlocked. The Professional mode includes all of the side scrolling platforming parts of the game and removes the simulation elements of the game. The Master begins with maximum health and all enemies have double health. An arcade port was made for the Nintendo Super System arcade in 1992 and featured only the action stages similar to the Professional mode.

The game sold modestly with 620,000 copies sold worldwide and developed a cult following among a subset of gamers. Among many things, the game was recognized for its score, which was developed by Yuzo Koshiro, winning Best Music of 1992 by Electronic Gaming Monthly. Quintet developed a sequel which released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo. However, ActRaiser 2 did not include any simulation elements like the original game.

ActRaiser Logo
SuccessorActRaiser 2
Platform(s)Super Nintendo
Super Famicom
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: December 16, 1990
NA: November 1991
EU: March 18, 1993
Building Simulation
Development TimeTBD
RatingESRB: E
Rereleased Platform(s)Ports
Arcade -1992

Virtual Console
Wii -2007

Game Screenshots:

Super NES Works - ActRaiser



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Yasuyuki SoneYasuyuki SoneProducer
Profile PlaceholderShigeki MaruyamaAssistant Producer
Masaya HashimotoMasaya HashimotoDirector
Yasuhiro FukushimaYasuhiro FukushimaPublisher
Tomoyoshi MiyazakiTomoyoshi MiyazakiScenario
Profile PlaceholderYuki ImaiProgrammer
Ayano KoshiroAyano KoshiroGraphic Design
Masahiko TakaiMasahiko TakaiGraphic Design
Profile PlaceholderAkishi ImaiGraphic Design
Kōji YokotaKōji YokotaGraphic Design
Profile PlaceholderTakashi ShichijoGraphic Design
Yuzo KoshiroYuzo KoshiroMusic Composer
Profile PlaceholderTakao KawaguchiEnix Staff
Keizo MochizukiKeizo MochizukiEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderKouji MitsumoriEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderKenjiro KanoEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderTetsurō ShimodaEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderKeiko ItoEnix Staff
Hideki YamamotoHideki YamamotoEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderEiichi HirasawaEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderTakashi YonedaEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderYuuchi KikumotoEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderYoshie FujimoriEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderJunji YagiEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderMiwako MatsumotoEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderKeiko TagaEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderYasuko SekiguchiEnix Staff
Profile PlaceholderMitsuhiko EndoEnix Staff
Shinji FutamiShinji FutamiEnix Staff
Keiji HondaKeiji HondaEnix America
Profile PlaceholderPaul BowlerEnix America
Profile PlaceholderCherie HassonEnix America
Profile PlaceholderHirotomo MorisadaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderNobuyoshi YoshiiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHironobu TeshimaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKatsuhiko ShibataSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderTomokazu MurataSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderAkihiro YamanakaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderTadahiro KurosawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMitsuru IshizakiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMasaya NomotoSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderSōichi TazawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderHiroshi NakazatoSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderYutaka FusejimaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderToshinari TakahashiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMakoto GoyaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderReiko TakebayashiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderTatsuo HashimotoSpecial Thanks


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