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Super Metroid BoxSuper Metroid is an action-adventure video game developed and Published by Nintendo for the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo video game consoles. It is the third installment in the Metroid series and has seen moderate success in North America with 1.42 million copies sold.

The game was co-developed between Nintendo’s R&D1 division and Intelligent Systems. The development team from the previous Metroid game returned to develop Super Metroid over the course of two years.

Written and directed by Yoshio Sakamoto the game allows players to control bounty hunter Samus Aran, who travels to planet Zebes to retrieve an infant Metroid creature stolen by the Space Pirate leader Ridley. Arriving at Zebes, Samus discovered that the Space Pirate base that she had destroyed in her last visit to the planet had been rebuilt during the years in which the events of the Metroid Prime series took place.

To this day, Super Metroid is universally praised as one of the best video games ever made. The Metroid series became one of Nintendo’s most well known and popular franchises spawning the creation of multiple games to be released on almost every Nintendo home console and handheld console since the Nintendo Entertainment System. The series has been going strong for over 30 years and has been established as one of Nintendo’s most popular and beloved franchises.

Super Metroid Logo
Developer(s)Nintendo R&D1
Intelligent Systems
PredecessorMetroid II: Return of Samus
SuccessorMetroid Fusion
Platform(s)Super Nintendo
Super Famicom
Media TypeCartridge
ReleaseJP: March 19, 1994
NA: April 18, 1994
EU: July 28, 1994
Development Time2 Years
RatingCERO: A
Rereleased Platform(s)Virtual Console
Wii -2007
Wii U -2013
New Nintendo 3DS XL -2016
Nintendo Switch (Online Service) -2019

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Hiroshi YamauchiHiroshi YamauchiExecutive Producer
Gunpei YokoiGunpei YokoiGeneral Manager
Makoto KanoProducer
Yoshio SakamotoYoshio SakamotoDirector
Hirofumi MatsuokaHirofumi MatsuokaBack Ground Designer
Masahiko MashimoMasahiko MashimoBack Ground Designer
Hiroyuki KimuraHiroyuki KimuraBack Ground Designer
Toru OsawaToru OsawaObject Designer
Tomoyoshi YamaneTomoyoshi YamaneSamus Designer
Object Designer
Hiroji KiyotakeHiroji KiyotakeSamus Original Designer
Kenji YamamotoKenji YamamotoComposer
Sound Program and Sound Effects
Minako HamanoMinako HamanoComposer
Kenji ImaiProgram Director
Kenji NakajimaKenji NakajimaSystem Coordinator
Yoshikazu MoriYoshikazu MoriSystem Programmer
isamu kubotaIsamu KubotaSamus Programmer
Mitsuru MatsumotoMitsuru MatsumotoEvent Programmer
Yasuhiko FujiiYasuhiko FujiiEnemy Progammer
Motomu ChikaraishiMotomu ChikaraishiMap Programmer
Kouichi AbeKouichi AbeAssistant Programmer
Katsuya yamanoKatsuya YamanoCoordinators
Profile PlaceholderTsutomu KaneshigeCoordinators
Profile PlaceholderMasafumi SakashitaPrinted Art Work
Profile PlaceholderYasuo InouePrinted Art Work
Mary CocomaMary CocomaPrinted Art Work
Yusuke NakanoYusuke NakanoPrinted Art Work
shinya sanoShinya SanoPrinted Art Work
Noriyuki SatoNoriyuki SatoPrinted Art Work
Dan OwsenDan OwsenSpecial Thanks
George SinfieldGeorge SinfieldSpecial Thanks
Profile Placeholder FemaleKeiko TamuraSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMasaru OkadaSpecial Thanks
Takehiro IzushiTakehiro IzushiSpecial Thanks
Takahiro HaradaTakahiro HaradaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKohta FukuiSpecial Thanks
Keisuke TerasakiKeisuke TerasakiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMasaru YamanakaSpecial Thanks
Hitoshi YamagamiHitoshi YamagamiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderIsao HiranoSpecial Thanks
Nobuhiro OzakiNobuhiro OzakiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderKenichi NakamuraSpecial Thanks
Takehiko HosokawaTakehiko HosokawaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderSatoshi MatsumuraSpecial Thanks
Kenichi SuginoKenichi SuginoSpecial Thanks
Ryoji YoshitomiRyoji YoshitomiSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderYoshinori KatsukiSpecial Thanks
Takeshi NagaredaTakeshi NagaredaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderMasahiro KawanoSpecial Thanks
Hiro_YamadaHiro YamadaSpecial Thanks
Profile PlaceholderGenji KubotaSpecial Thanks


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Super Famicom (Japanese Release)


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