Pop Culture

Game Counselors

The Nintendo Power Line was a video game assistance service that Nintendo offered in the late 1980s through the early 2000s to gamers that needed help progressing in a video game. Nintendo of America hired and trained employees to act as “Game Counselors” to assist their customers with any questions they may have had on a game for one of their consoles.

World of Nintendo

The World of Nintendo was a merchandise marketing program that Nintendo rolled out to major retailers to standardize how Nintendo products were being marketed and sold in retail outlets and department stores. The program featured a store within a store design which carried official Nintendo merchandise.

Pac-Man Cereal

Pac-Man Cereal Pac-Man Cereal is a breakfast cereal that was based on the 1980 hit arcade game Pac-Man.  Produced by General Mills the cereal was promoted as “Chomp Chomp Delicious” and “Now Pac-Man isn’t just a game you play”.  The cereal shipped to stores in 1983, one year after the release of the Donkey Kong …

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SwordQuest Challenge

The SwordQuest Challenge was a video game contest held by Atari between 1982 and 1984. The contest was centered around a new video game series that Atari was releasing for their home video game console, the Atari VCS.


Atari vs. Coleco Lawsuit

Atari vs Coleco was a lawsuit filed by Atari Inc. against Coleco Industries Inc. regarding patent infringement. In August 1982 Coleco Industries inc. released the ColecoVision to compete against the Atari VCS which released 5 years earlier in 1977. With Atari holding the vast majority of the 2nd generation video game install base Coleco targeted the Atari VCS in their advertisements. They boasted that their console was much more advance and was designed with expansion in mind. Shortly after the release of the ColecoVision console Coleco launched its first Expansion Module known simply as Expansion Module #1. The expansion module gave the ColecoVision the ability to play Atari VCS games on its console.

Space Invaders Vitamins

Space Invaders Chewable Vitamins were supplemental vitamins for children that were based on the extremely popular arcade game Space Invaders. Introduced in 1981 by P. Leiner Nutritional Products Corporation in an effort to gain market share in the children vitamin market.

Pac-Man Vitamins

Pac-Man Chewable Vitamins were supplemental multi-vitamins for children based on the extremely popular arcade game Pac-Man. Introduced in 1982 by the Rexall Corporation to gain market share in the children vitamin market.

Stickers and Cards

1980 Fleer Pac-Man Cards

In 1980 Fleer released a trading card set based on Namco’s hit arcade game Pac-Man. It is the first trading card set to be themed after a video game. The set consists of 54 cards containing stickers that could be peeled off and a scratch-off game card.

Nintendo Cereal System

Nintendo Cereal System is a breakfast cereal that featured two Nintendo franchise characters, Mario and Link. Produced in 1988 by Ralston Purina the cereal promoted the Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Ralston named the cereal after the Nintendo Entertainment System as they were looking to capitalize on the massive success the system had in North America at the time.