VG Legacy is a passion project started in September 2019 by one individual who has always been passionate about video games and the history of the video game industry.   Currently the site is in its infancy and being ran by one individual person as a side job.


I have always had a special love for video games and after many years of working in other industries, I wanted to do something that I am passionate about.   With that in mind I started VG Legacy as a side project with the goal in mind to document the legacy of the video game industry.   I want to put together a central repository where people can come to and learn about games, the companies involved in the industry and the creative talent behind the scenes.

I want to be able to piece together the history of video games in a unique manner in which other sites have not done.   Preserving and documenting the video game industry is something that I have been thinking about for over 10 years and have decided I would give it my best go.  I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to leave me your feedback by using the form below under the contact us section.

How to support us

There are a few simple and free ways you can support the site that I would appreciate:

  • Provide your feedback about the site, what you like, what you don’t like and suggestions by using the form below in the contact us section.
  • Whitelist our site from any ad blocker you maybe using.  It is important that the site becomes financially sustainable long term with the cost of hosting services and ads are the only source of revenue outside donations.
  • Subscribe to the site’s YouTube channel and like the videos

If you are really passionate about the site and the cause and would like to consider providing a form of donation, please become a VG Legacy Patron.


Please feel free to contact us at any time by using the online form on the right.   We welcome feedback, suggestions and questions.   We will ensure to read all messages that are submitted to us to help better the site and your user experience.