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Weekly Spotlight


The first 3rd party video game developer

Activision Publish, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products for various consoles, handheld platforms and the PC. Activision’s roots go back to the late 1970’s while four of their founders worked for Atari.

The programmers at Atari became disgruntled with the company for not crediting game developers or compensating them for games that sold well. Many of Atari’s programmers decided to leave the company to form their own independent software companies. Four of Atari’s top programmers David Crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead left Atari in late 1979 to form their own software company. On October 1st, 1979 Activision was founded by Jim Levy, Richard Muchmore and the four ex-Atari programmers.

Featured Game

Super Mario Land

First Mario game to be Developed without Shigeru Miyamoto

Super Mario Land is a platforming video game developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo as a launch title for the Game Boy. It was the first Mario game to be developed without the involvement of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario.

Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo requested that the Game Boy launch with a Mario game to help drive sales and demonstrate what the system could accomplish as this was Nintendo’s first venture into the non dedicated Handheld market. Prior to the Game Boy Nintendo manufactured dedicated Handhelds that only played built in games with there Game & Watch line of systems. The game was meant to showcase the Game Boy along with the bundled in game Tetris.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On September 25th
25 Years AgoMega Man X4 BoxMega Man X4PlayStation1997
25 Years AgoResident Evil Director's Cut BoxResident Evil: Director’s Cut (Japan)PlayStation1997
15 Years AgoHalo 3Xbox 3602007
10 Years AgoDead of Alive 5 BoxDead or Alive 5PlayStation 32012
3 Years AgoMario Kart Tour BoxMario Kart TourAndroid2019
Events That Took Place On September 26th
36 Years AgoCastlevania Box Famicom Disk SystemCastlevania (Japan)Famicom Disk System1986
34 Years AgoZelda II - The Adventures of Link BoxZelda II: The Adventure of Link (Europe)Nintendo Entertainment System1988
25 Years AgoPaRappa The Rapper (Europe)PlayStation1997
8 Years AgoHyrule Warriors BoxHyrule WarriorsWii U2014
Events That Took Place On September 27th
38 Years AgoNaughty Dog LogoNaughty DogFounded1984
26 Years AgoWave Race 64 (Japan)Nintendo 641996
11 Years AgoCastlevania Harmony of Despair BoxCastlevania: Harmony of DespairPlayStation 32011
6 Years AgoForza Horizon 3Xbox One2016
Events That Took Place On September 28th
32 Years AgoSuper Mario Land BoxSuper Mario Land (Europe)Game Boy1990
32 Years AgoRockman 3 (Japan)
A.K.A. – Mega Man 3
24 Years AgoPokemon Red BoxPokémon Red & BlueGame Boy1998
16 Years AgoPokémon Diamond & PearlNintendo DS2006
12 Years AgoDead Rising 2 BoxDead Rising 2PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Events That Took Place On September 29th
32 Years AgoStrider (Japan)Mega Drive1990
32 Years AgoMoonwalker Japan BoxMichael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Japan)Mega Drive1990
29 Years AgoFinal Fantasy Legend IIIGame Boy1993
28 Years AgoChip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (Europe)Nintendo Entertainment System1994
26 Years AgoN64 ConsoleNintendo 64Console Launch1996
26 Years AgoSuper Mario 64 BoxSuper Mario 64Nintendo 641996
22 Years AgoDino Crisis 2 BoxDino Crisis 2PlayStation2000
13 Years AgoKingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysNintendo DS2009
5 Years AgoCuphead Digital CoverartCupheadXbox One
Events That Took Place On September 30th
28 Years AgoDoom IIPC1994
25 Years AgoAge of EmpiresPC1997
25 Years AgoFalloutPC1997
24 Years AgoFallout 2PC1998
23 Years AgoAge of Empires II: The Age of KingsPC1999
23 Years AgoGrand Theft Auto 2PC1999
19 Years AgoHalo: Combat EvolvedPC2003
17 Years AgoSora Ltd.Founded2005
8 Years AgoForza Horizon 2Xbox One2014
Events That Took Place On October 1st
43 Years AgoActivisionFounded1979
35 Years AgoRad Racer BoxRad RacerNintendo Entertainment System1987
23 Years AgoNeo Geo Pocket ColorNeo Geo Pocket Color (Europe)Console Launch1999
15 Years AgoThe Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass BoxThe Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassNintendo DS2007
3 Years AgoAlphaDream LogoAlphaDreamDefunct2019