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Weekly Spotlight

Intelligent Systems

Nintendo 2nd Party Developer

Intelligent Systems is a Japanese video game developer based in Kyoto, Japan. They are closely affiliated with Nintendo and are best known for developing some of Nintendo’s most popular series such as Paper Mario, WarioWare, Nintendo Wars and Fire Emblem.

The roots of Intelligent Systems go back to 1986 when Nintendo hired programmer Toru Narihiro to port Famicom Disk System software to the standard ROM-cartridge format that was being used by the Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan. Their history is similar to the origins of HAL Laboratory where the team soon became an extension of Nintendo by providing supplementary programming.

Featured Game


Action-Adventure game for the NES

StarTropics is an action-adventure video game developed by Nintendo R&D3 and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Unlike most games developed by Nintendo, StarTropics was designed specifically for a western audience and was never intended to be released within Japan.

The game was first released in North America on December 1, 1990 and was later released throughout Europe on August 20, 1992.  Produced, written, and directed by Nintendo Research & Development 3 general manager Genyo Takeda, the game builds upon the gameplay style made popular by The Legend of Zelda and implements its own unique elements.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On May 22nd
42 Years AgoPac-ManArcade1980
29 Years AgoFinal Fight 2 (Japan)Super Famicom1993
22 Years AgoPerfect Dark BoxPerfect DarkNintendo 642000
Events That Took Place On May 23rd
17 Years AgoFire Emblem - The Sacred Stones BoxFire Emblem: The Sacred StonesGame Boy Advance2005
12 Years AgoSuper Mario Galaxy 2 BoxSuper Mario Galaxy 2Wii2010
6 Years AgoOverwatchPC
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Events That Took Place On May 24th
50 Years AgoMagnavox Odyssey Feature ImageMagnavox OdysseyReveal (First Demonstrated)1972
35 Years AgoZillion Japanese BoxZillion (Japan)Mark III1987
26 Years AgoMetal Slug Neo Geo AES BoxMetal SlugNeo Geo1996
18 Years AgoMario vs. Donkey Kong BoxMario vs. Donkey KongGame Boy Advance2004
4 Years AgoBloodstained Curse of the Moon BoxBloodstained: Curse of the MoonNintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
PS Vita
Nintendo 3DS
Events That Took Place On May 25th
15 Years AgoMario Strikers Charged BoxMario Strikers Charged (Europe)Wii2007
12 Years AgoBlurPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Events That Took Place On May 26th
28 Years AgoGreatest HeavyweightsGenesis1994
27 Years AgoSimCity 2000 (Japan)Super Famicom1995
27 Years AgoSpider-Man and VenomSpider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (Japan)Mega Drive1995
22 Years AgoResident Evil Code Veronica BoxResident Evil – Code: Veronica (Europe)Dreamcast2000
16 Years AgoChibi-Robo! BoxChibi-Robo! (Europe)GameCube2006
13 Years AgoInFamousPlaysTation 32009
Events That Took Place On May 27th
36 Years AgoDragon Warrior (Japan)Famicom1986
23 Years AgoMetal Slug XNeo Geo1999
8 Years AgoWatch DogsPlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Events That Took Place On May 28th
30 Years AgoKid ChameleonGenesis1992
22 Years AgoBomberman 64: The Second Attack!Nintendo 642000
21 Years AgoCrazy Taxi 2Dreamcast2001