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Weekly Spotlight

1-UP Studio

Nintendo 1st Party Development Studio

1-UP Studio is a Japanese video game developer that is owned by Nintendo. The company was originally founded on June 30, 2000 as Brownie Brown in Tokyo, Japan as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo. On February 1, 2013 the company rebranded as part of an internal organizational restructure to better support co-development of Nintendo games that were being developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Division, commonly known as Nintendo EAD. As part of the restructure the development studio changed their name to 1-UP Studio Inc., relocated to a new office and Nintendo EAD employees Keizo Kato and Yoshiaki Koizumi were given director roles in the newly restructured company.

Featured Game

Cruis'n USA

Popular arcade racing game

Cruis’n USA is an arcade racing game developed, published and distributed by Midway Games.  Released in arcades in 1994 the game is the first installment in the Cruis’n series.  The courses available in the game are based on United States locations.

The arcade game was designed and released in three different cabinet styles, standard upright, deluxe sit-down and deluxe full motion simulator.  Both the upright and sit-down cabinets supported linked play allowing arcade owners to attach two machines together to enable multiplayer capabilities.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On January 29th
27 Years AgoDuke Nukem 3DPC1996
25 Years AgoBiohazard 2 (Japan)
a.k.a. Resident Evil 2
22 Years AgoPhantasy Star OnlineDreamcast2001
Events That Took Place On January 30th
38 Years AgoIce Climber Famicom BoxIce Climber (Japan)Famicom1985
25 Years AgoCruis'n USA European BoxCruis’n USA (Europe)Nintendo 641998
25 Years AgoSimCity 2000 (Japan)Nintendo 641998
Events That Took Place On January 31st
35 Years AgoWonder Boy in Monster Land (Japan)Sega Master System1988
24 Years AgoSilent Hill BoxSilent HillPlayStation1999
Events That Took Place On February 1st
23 Years AgoWCW NitroNintendo 641999
22 Years AgoVigilante 8: 2nd OffenseNintendo 642000
9 Years Ago1-UP Studio LogoBrownie Brown restructured
and formed 1-UP Studio
Development Studio2013
Events That Took Place On February 2nd
38 Years AgoPinball Famicom BoxPinball (Japan)Famicom1984
34 Years AgoContra BoxContraNintendo Entertainment System1988
28 Years AgoSonic the Hedgehog 3Sega Genesis1994
Events That Took Place On February 3rd
33 Years AgoWrecking Crew (Japan)Famicom Disk System1989
22 Years AgoResident Evil Code Veronica Japanese BoxResident Evil Code: Veronica (Japan)Dreamcast2000
Events That Took Place On February 4th
23 Years AgoTomb Raider II (Japan)PlayStation1999
9 Years AgoFire Emblem Awakening BoxFire Emblem: AwakeningNintendo 3DS2013