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Weekly Spotlight

Nintendo Cereal System

Video game themed breakfast cereal

Nintendo Cereal System is a breakfast cereal that featured two Nintendo franchise characters, Mario and Link.  Produced in 1988 by Ralston Purina the cereal promoted the Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.   Ralston named the cereal after the Nintendo Entertainment System as they were looking to capitalize on the massive success the system had in North America at the time.

Unlike traditional breakfast cereals each box of Nintendo Cereal System contained two separate cereals.   Each box had two separate bags inside containing different cereal.  One side of the box featured cereal based on the Super Mario Bros. franchise and was called the “Super Mario Bros. Action Series” while the other side of the box featured cereal based on the Legend of Zelda franchise and was called the “Zelda Adventure Series”.

Featured Game

NHL Hockey

The first installment in EA Sports' NHL series

NHL Hockey is an ice hockey video game developed by Park Place Productions and published by EA Sports.  The game released in August 1991 for the Sega Genesis under the title NHL Hockey in North America and released for the Sega Mega Drive in Europe and Japan under the title EA Hockey.  The game became massively popular warranting a sequel and spawned an annual franchise for Electronic Arts, making it the first game in the NHL series.

Electronic Arts decided to contract Park Place Production to develop a hockey game for them based off the success they had the year prior when they contracted them to develop John Madden Football for the Genesis.   When John Madden Football released in 1990 it became one of the most successful sports games of all time and they were looking to clone that success with other sports.  The growing independent developer was awarded the project and they began to build the foundation of a hockey game that would match the likes of John Madden Football.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On October 17th
20 Years AgoDevil May Cry BoxDevil May CryPlayStation 22001
16 Years AgoFire Emblem - Path of Radiance BoxFire Emblem: Path of RadianceGameCube2005
4 Years AgoSouth Park: The Fractured But WholePlayStation 4
Xbox One
Events That Took Place On October 18th
63 Years AgoTennis for Two OscilloscopeTennis For TwoIntroduced to the public1958
36 Years AgoNintendo Entertainment System ConsoleNintendo Entertainment SystemConsole Launch1985
36 Years AgoDuck Hunt BoxDuck HuntNintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoExcitebikeExcitebikeNintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoIce Climber BoxIce ClimberNintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoKung-Fu BoxKung FuNintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoPinball BoxPinballNintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoSuper Mario Bros BoxSuper Mario Bros.Nintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoWrecking Crew BoxWrecking CrewNintendo Entertainment System1985
36 Years AgoZapper Grey BoxZapperNintendo Entertainment System1985
30 Years AgoSpider-Man BoxSpider-Man vs. The Kingpin (Japan)Mega Drive1991
27 Years AgoSonic & KnucklesGenesis1994
25 Years AgoMr. BonesSega Saturn1996
16 Years AgoThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series DVD BoxThe Legend Of Zelda Animated SeriesReleased on DVD2005
Events That Took Place On October 19th
13 Years AgoRock Band 2PlayStation 32008
11 Years AgoFallout New Vegas PC BoxFallout: New VegasPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
3 Years AgoLuigi's Mansion 3DS BoxLuigi’s Mansion (Europe)Nintendo 3DS2018
Events That Took Place On October 20th
36 Years AgoSega Mark IIISega Mark III (Japan)Console Launch1985
36 Years AgoHang-On Mark III BoxHang-On (Japan)Sega Mark III1985
12 Years AgoBorderlandsPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Events That Took Place On October 21st
35 Years AgoPro Wrestling Famicom BoxPro Wrestling (Japan)Famicom Disk System1986
27 Years AgoMega Man: The Wily Wars (Japan)Mega Drive1994
23 Years AgoGame Boy ColorGame Boy Color (Japan)Console Launch1998
23 Years AgoMetal Gear Solid BoxMetal Gear SolidPlayStation1998
21 Years AgoPerfect Dark BoxPerfect DarkNintendo 642000
18 Years AgoCastlevania Lament of Innocence BoxCastlevania: Lament of InnocencePlayStation 22003
13 Years AgoCastlevania Order of Ecclesia BoxCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaNintendo DS2008
Events That Took Place On October 22nd
29 Years AgoManiac Mansion NES BoxManiac Mansion (Europe)Nintendo Entertainment System1992
20 Years AgoGrand Theft Auto IIIPlayStation 22001
14 Years AgoThe Sims 2: CastawayNintendo DS
PlayStation 2
Events That Took Place On October 23rd
40 Years AgoFrogger Arcade CabinetFroggerArcade1981
33 Years AgoSuper Mario Bros. 3 (Japan)Famicom1988
29 Years AgoSnatcher PC Engine CD ROM BoxSnatcher (Japan)PC Engine Super CD-ROM²1992
24 Years AgoClayFighter 63 1/3Nintendo 641997