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Weekly Spotlight

Saturday Supercade

1980's Cartoon television show

Saturday Supercade was an animated cartoon television show that aired on CBS from September 17, 1983 to December 1, 1984. Created by Ruby-Spears Enterprises, the show was based on popular arcade games of the time. Each episode was one hour long and comprised of several short segments centered around characters from the Golden Age of video arcade games.

The first season of the show consisted of segments based on five video games, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pitfall! and Q*bert. During the first season the Pitfall! and Q*bert segments rotated weekly while the other three segments were included in every episode. During the second season Q*bert became a weekly segment, Donkey Kong continued as a weekly segment and the Frogger, Donkey Kong Jr. and Pitfall! segments were replaced with Space Ace and Kangaroo segments.

Featured Game


Unique turn-based strategy game

Worms is a turn-based strategy game developed by Team17 Software Limited and published by Ocean Software for the PC.  The game is a 2D artillery game where players control a team of worms in a military battle against other teams of worms.  The game is broken into rounds where players can use various weapons to kill the other team of worms and win the round.

Featuring up to four teams that can be controlled by either the computer or human opponents, players aim to destroy the other teams on a generated terrain.  Teams are made up of four worms with each character having 100 hit points.  The worms die when their hit points reach zero and explode upon death, causing damage to any nearby soldiers.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On November 27th
57 Years AgoKazuaki MoritaBirth of Kazuaki MoritaDirector at SRD1965
34 Years AgoAltered Beast Japanese Mega Drive BoxAltered Beast (Japan)Mega Drive1988
24 Years AgoDreamcast ConsoleDreamcast (Japan)Dreamcast1998
Events That Took Place On November 28th
31 Years AgoSuper Ghouls 'n Ghosts BoxSuper Ghouls ‘n GhostsSuper Nintendo1991
17 Years AgoMario & Luigi partners in Time BoxMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeNintendo DS2005
Events That Took Place On November 29th
32 Years AgoA Boy and His Blob Famicom BoxA Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (Japan)Famicom1990
27 Years AgoWormsMS-DOS1995
12 Years AgoGolden Sun: Dark DawnNintendo DS2010
11 Years AgoAssassin’s Creed: RevelationsPC2011
9 Years AgoPS4 ConsolePlayStation 4 (Europe)Console Launch2013
6 Years AgoFinal Fantasy XVPlayStation 4
Xbox One
Events That Took Place On November 30th
32 Years AgoGolden Axe Mega Drive BoxGolden Axe (Eurpoe)Mega Drive1990
28 Years AgoSnatcher Sega CD BoxSnatcherSega CD1994
27 Years AgoEarthworm Jim PC BoxEarthworm JimPC1995
25 Years AgoWCW vs nWo World Tour BoxWCW vs. nWo: World TourNintendo 641997
24 Years AgoWCW/nWo Revenge (Europe)Nintendo 641998
23 Years AgoCastlevania: Legacy of DarknessNintendo 641999
10 Years AgoWii U ConsoleWii U (Europe)Console Launch2012
Events That Took Place On December 1st
82 Years AgoJerry Lawson FairchildBirth of Jerry LawsonComputer Engineer
Director of Engineering
Founder of Video Soft
39 Years AgoSaturday Supercade Logo with CharactersSaturday SupercadeLast episode aired on CBS1983
34 Years AgoCastlevania Simon's Quest BoxCastlevania II: Simon’s QuestNintendo Entertainment System1988
34 Years AgoZelda II - The Adventures of Link BoxZelda II: The Adventure of LinkNintendo Entertainment System1988
33 Years AgoThe Legend of Zelda Animated Series Feature ImageThe Legend Of Zelda Animated SeriesLast episode aired as part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!1989
32 Years AgoStarTropicsNintendo Entertainment System1990
27 Years AgoEarthworm Jim Mega Drive BoxEarthworm Jim (Japan)Mega Drive1995
5 Years AgoXenoblade Chronicles 2Nintendo Switch2017
Events That Took Place On December 2nd
18 Years AgoNintendo DSNintendo DS (Japan)Console Launch2004
17 Years AgoXbox 360 ConsoleXbox 360 (Europe)Console Launch2005
16 Years AgoWii ConsoleNintendo Wii (Japan)Console Launch2006
Events That Took Place On December 3rd
31 Years AgoPhilips CD-iPhilips CD-iConsole Launch1991
31 Years AgoSuper Castlevania IVSuper Castlevania IVSuper Nintendo1991
28 Years AgoPlaystation ConsolePlayStationConsole Launch1994
28 Years AgoSuper 32X AddonSuper 32X (Japan)Mega Drive Add-on1994
26 Years AgoStar Wars - Shadows of the Empire N64 BoxStar Wars: Shadows of the EmpireNintendo 641996
26 Years AgoCruis'n USA BoxCruis’n USANintendo 641996
23 Years AgoDonkey Kong 64 European BoxDonkey Kong 64 (Europe)Nintendo 641999
21 Years AgoSuper Smash Bros. Melee BoxSuper Smash Bros. MeleeGameCube2001