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Weekly Spotlight


Home Consoles that used vector graphics

The Vectrex is a second-generation home video game console developed by Smith Engineering.   In contrast to other home consoles the Vectrex featured an integrated monochrome CRT monitor capable of displaying vector graphics unlike traditional home television sets.

The console was originally conceived in late 1980 by John Ross and Mike Purvis, employees at Smith Engineering who was trying to find a way to utilize their excess inventory of 1-inch monitors.  Smith Engineering purchased a large amount of small cathode ray tube (CRT) displays from a liquidation surplus store and the engineering team was exploring ways to make use of the displays.  Ross and Purvis came up with the idea for a small handheld video game system that used Vector graphics.

Featured Game

Silent Hill

Konami's psychological survival horror video game

Silent Hill is a survival horror video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, a.k.a. Team Silent and published by Konami for the PlayStation.  Released in 1999, the game is the first installment in Konami’s popular psychological horror series of the same name, Silent Hill.

The story follows the lead protagonist, Harry Mason as he searches for his missing daughter after a car crash.  While traveling with his daughter a cop pass Harry on a motorcycle and when Harry approaches the near by town, he sees the motorcycle laying in the middle of the road.   Amongst the thick fog Harry spots, a woman standing in the road and was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting her.   This causes Harry to react by swerving to avoid the woman and crashing into a railing, knocking him unconscious.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On March 7th
30 Years AgoCastle of Illusion Mega Drive BoxCastle of Illusion (Europe)Mega Drive1991
4 Years AgoNier - Automata BoxNier: AutomataPlayStation 42017
Events That Took Place On March 8th
99 Years AgoRalph BaerBirth of Ralph BaerInventory of the first home video game console1922
33 Years AgoGame & Watch - Super Mario BrosGame & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
(Wide Screen)
Console Launch1988
33 Years AgoGame & Watch - Balloon FightGame & Watch: Balloon Fight
(Wide Screen)
Console Launch1988
31 Years AgoNintendo World ChampionshipsContest Begins1990
Events That Took Place On March 9th
25 Years AgoSuper Mario RPG Super Famicom BoxSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Japan)Super Famicom1996
17 Years AgoMetal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes BoxMetal Gear Solid: The Twin SnakesGameCube2004
13 Years AgoSuper Smash Bros Brawl BoxSuper Smash Bros. BrawlWii2008
11 Years AgoFinal Fantasy XIII BoxFinal Fantasy XIIIPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Events That Took Place On March 10th
27 Years AgoMega Jet Console FrontMega Jet (Retail Release)Console Launch1994
23 Years AgoYoshi's Story BoxYoshi’s StoryNintendo 641998
12 Years AgoMadWorld BoxMad WorldWii2009
Events That Took Place On March 11th
38 Years AgolawsuitAtari vs. Coleco
(End in a settlement)
Patent Infringement Lawsuit1983
26 Years AgoChrono Trigger (Japan)Super Famicom1995
17 Years AgoMonster Hunter (Japan)PlayStation 22004
16 Years AgoNintendo DSNintendo DS (Europe)Console Launch2005
Events That Took Place On March 12th
27 Years AgoFatal Fury 2TurboGrafx CD1994
23 Years AgoDead or Alive (Japan)PlayStation1998
Events That Took Place On March 13th
27 Years AgoWario Land - Super Mario Land 3 BoxWario Land: Super Mario Land 3Game Boy1994
14 Years AgoGod of War IIPlayStation 22007
12 Years AgoResident Evil 5 BoxResident Evil 5PlayStation 3
Xbox 360