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Weekly Spotlight

The Adventurer

Bi-yearly video game magazine published by LucasArts

The Adventurer was a video game magazine that was published bi-yearly by LucasArts from Fall 1990 until Winter 1996.  Due to the increasing popularity of adventure games LucasArts decided to publish their own gaming magazine to provide gamers a publication where they could read about upcoming LucasArts games and interviews with the development team. 

The magazine was distributed free of charge as a marketing opportunity for the video game developer and was often included within game boxes.  Each magazine featured a Sam & Max cartoon comic strip that sometimes parodied Lucasfilm properties such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  Along with the publication of the magazine, LucasArts also published selected articles on their website.

Featured Game

Bionic Commando

Capcom - Action Platforming Game

Bionic Commando is an action platforming video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System.   Originally released on July 20, 1988 as “Hitler’s Resurrection: Top Secret” in Japan for the Famicom the game was modified to remove Nazi references such as Swastikas when it was localized for North America.

Based on the 1987 arcade game of the same name the Nintendo Entertainment System adaptation was drastically different from the original arcade game which was ported to several home computer systems.   The Nintendo Entertainment System game was unique and stood apart from the arcade and its ports.

This Week In Gaming

Events That Took Place On November 22nd
26 Years AgoSega Saturn ConsoleSega Saturn (Japan)Console Launch1994
24 Years AgoTomb Raider PlayStation BoxTomb Raider (Europe)PlayStation1996
21 Years AgoDonkey Kong 64 BoxDonkey Kong 64Nintendo 641999
18 Years AgoMetroid Fusion European BoxMetroid Fusion (Europe)Game Boy Advance2002
15 Years AgoXbox 360 ConsoleXbox 360Console Launch2005
7 Years AgoThe Legend of Zelda A Link Between WorldsThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between WorldsNintendo 3DS2013
7 Years AgoXbox One ConsoleXbox OneConsole Launch2013
Events That Took Place On November 23rd
30 Years AgoBlades of Steel BoxBlades of Steel (Europe)Nintendo Entertainment System1990
22 Years AgoOcarina of Time BoxThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo 641998
19 Years AgoShenmue II BoxShenmue II (Europe)Dreamcast2001
16 Years AgoWorld of Warcraft BoxWorld of WarcraftPC2004
Events That Took Place On November 24th
28 Years AgoSonic the Hedgehog 2 BoxSonic the Hedgehog 2Genesis1992
23 Years AgoDiddy Kong Racing BoxDiddy Kong RacingNintendo 641997
20 Years AgoPS2 ConsolePlayStation 2 (Europe)Console Launch2000
10 Years AgoGran Turismo 5PlayStation 32010
Events That Took Place On November 25th
24 Years AgoKiller Instinct Gold BoxKiller Instinct GoldNintendo 641996
18 Years AgoDead to Rights GC BoxDead to RightsGameCube2002
Events That Took Place On November 26th
34 Years AgoIkari Warriors (Japan)Famicom1986
32 Years AgoSnatcher PC-8801 BoxSnatcher (Japan)PC-88011988
27 Years AgoDr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean MachineGenesis1993
27 Years AgoDisney's Aladdin Super Famicom BoxDisney’s Aladdin (Capcom) (Japan)Super Famicom1993
Events That Took Place On November 27th
55 Years AgoKazuaki MoritaBirth of Kazuaki MoritaDirector at SRD1965
32 Years AgoAltered Beast Japanese Mega Drive BoxAltered Beast (Japan)Mega Drive1988
22 Years AgoDreamcast ConsoleDreamcast (Japan)Dreamcast1998
Events That Took Place On November 28th
29 Years AgoSuper Ghouls 'n Ghosts BoxSuper Ghouls ‘n GhostsSuper Nintendo1991
15 Years AgoMario & Luigi partners in Time BoxMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeNintendo DS2005